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Equal Employment Commission sues Tesla for racist discrimination, retaliation at Fremont plant

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...and this surprises you how, again?

Something about a fish rotting from the head down.

I mean, is it really that hard to understand that a company fronted by the cheerleader for the Make America Hate Again movement would turn a blind eye to such behavio(u)r?

Yelp sues Texas for right to publish actual accurate abortion info

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Re: Pure performative politics

We really do not imprison enough politicians at both a local and national level.

There's the possibility that that precedent will be broken on this side of the pond. Stay tuned!

Getting to the bottom of BMW's pay-as-you-toast subscription failure

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Re: What is unclear with these "shops" in cars

Well in the case of BMW at least, it appears to be: "Look behind you...there's the line!"

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@Neil Barnes -- Re: coccyx-centered comforts in cold climes

"Soylent Green is ..."

Chap blew up critical equipment on his first day – but it wasn't his volt

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Re: Should this be so easy?

But...but...but...Fudd's Law clearly states that if you push something hard enough, it will fall over.

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Re: "They're able to plug any lead into any socket."

Or how about plugging a USB-A lead into an RJ45 socket? At least there will be no damage....

Probe reveals previously secret Israeli spyware that infects targets via ads

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Hungary? Turkey? Israel (by dint of Netanyahu basically disabling its Supreme court)?

Activist investor to GoDaddy: Cut costs, improve sales, or sell

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Re: "activist" investor

If an "activist" investor thinks it can run the business it should take it over completely and prove it.

There is actually a precedent for that. Karl Ichan(fuckupanycompanyanywhere) thought he could do a better job running an airline than those who actually could, so he took over TWA and ran it (or tried to). It did not end well...TWA went bankrupt with 3 years, and is now a legendary "fallen flag" in that industry.

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Re: Sorry guys...

I use them to host my domain. There is no web presence; but I've held this domain for several decades, and I basically use it for e-mail.

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Bingo, Bingo, BINGO!!

Get your cards ready, mates, for this toothsome morsel that could only come for the orifice of a practiced financial parasite:

"When combining the opportunity to rationalize certain Technology and Development expenses with other growth and margin improvement opportunities, we believe GoDaddy should commit to delivering a growth and profitability metric of at least 40 percent by the end of 2024. This goal would position GoDaddy to be in line with peers' targets on a similar timeframe."

Somebody call a Waaah-mbulance!

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Oh, for fux sakes!

"Unfortunately, despite each of these opportunities remaining, over the last 18 months we have been disappointed by GoDaddy's operational, financial and stock price performance," the letter adds.

Take your "disappointment" and shove up your ass/arse, you parasite! Or better still, how about you be so disappointed that you sell your shares and leave your disappointment behind, so that adults can continue to run this company successfully.

"Starboard Blue", eh? Dumbasses, everybody who has even the slightest marine experience knows that starboard is green!

Airbus takes its long, thin, plane on a ten-day test campaign

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Re: "leaving airlines to decide if they want to cram passengers in"

Shhh! You're giving Ryanair ideas! Stop it, now!!

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Re: in a 3-3 economy class configuration.

Well, since this is upposed to be for "big boys", how about the 4-8-8-4?

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Re: in a 3-3 economy class configuration.

Sounds like manna from heaven for Ryanair...

Microsoft to kill off third-party printer drivers in Windows

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@Nick Ryan

Microsoft had an opportunity to do a good thing with printing, but they chose not to. [...]

Not so much chose not to, but more like were incapable of doing so. The myth that Micros~1 was this engineering powerhouse has recently been exposed as the lie that it is, but it has been a myth for decades. The fact that printing is soooo messed up on Windows machines today is simply a reflection of the fact that those asshats simply don't know how to do it, and haven't know for basically forever.

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Re: by 2027 – except for security-related fixes – no printer driver updates will be allowed

Noticed that Brother (the only printer manufacturer worth a shit these days) is not part of the Morphia Mopria "consortium".

Wonder what that means?

IBM Software tells workers: Get back to the office three days a week

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...or maybe the pub down the road?

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"I'm gonna code me a minivan!"

Get ready to say hello to new Windows and goodbye to an old friend

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Re: I'll miss the dialog

"...by looking into a mirror."

If you like to play along with the illusion of privacy, smart devices are a dumb idea

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xkcd has an answer for this

I actually used this once at my daughter's house, which is connected via Alexa -- inadvertently of course, as I was explaining the comic. You should have seen the panicked look on daughter's and son-in-law's faces as they scrambled to tell Alexa to ignore last request. /me was all smiles....

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Buttons. And switches! And Knobs! Oh, my!!

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I very much doubt many people use their phone if the bell rings when they're at home.

Terry 6, meet my daughter and son-in-law....

Norway court upholds miniscule fine against Meta for flouting privacy rules

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Re: Just goes to show

Have an upvote (and one of these) for the Burning Man reference. - - - ->

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Are you assuming that regulators are scared of companies they are supposed to regulate? They need to be "emboldened"? Oh...

Oh, stop it already! Meta's approach (as correctly pointed out above) is taken straight from the NRA playbook. And regulators do count on precedent before they make moves (if that were not the case, then the NRA scorched earth approach would be a dismal failure, and they would have been bankrupt fighting litigation on 51 fronts. (OK, 48...it's not likely that Alabama, Mississippi, or Montana would ever do anything to regulate firearms...but I digress).

Microsoft to kill off Outlook REST API v2.0 in 2024 – for real this time

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So the never ending march toward the monopolist's Total Lock-in continues, unabated.

At least, the Marketing Dept. is still being funded, with the same assclowns running the asylum. Witness:

Microsoft would much rather developers used something a bit more modern instead – Microsoft Graph [...]

I guess, in a sense, lock-in is "modern".

Yeah, the quote came from the article, not from Micros~1 Marketing...directly. I doubt that Mr. Speed would make the determination of modern-ity without some...er, prompting.

Mozilla calls cars from 25 automakers 'data privacy nightmares on wheels'

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Re: It just keeps getting better

Yes, and TL;DR, but how much are these fines different from the standard "cost of doing business"? From what I have read (mostly here on El Reg) for a given company, the fines are indistinguishable from CoDB.

"No officer's bonus or shareholder's dividend were harmed in the paying of this fine."

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Re: A long time ago...

In countries with sensible consumer protection rules, [...]

I think those countries include Shangri-la, Atlantis (OK, that's a continent...but I'm sure there are countries within it somewhere), and of course, Absurdistan.

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Re: It just keeps getting better

GDPR, that toothless, clawless bear I keep hearing references to.

Not sure which is better: A ghost law that purports to protect consumer privacy, but is unenforced (and likely unenforceable), or the Wild West approach of the States, where there isn't even the pretense of consumer privacy protection.

Well, except for the oh-so-earnest protestation that, "We take your privacy seriously", usually bleated out when some fatass corporation is caught with their hand in the privacy cookie jar...

UK air traffic woes caused by 'invalid flight plan data'

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Re: How about unicode?

How about a non-breaking space (U+00A0), perhaps? Or a word joiner (U+2060), or maybe a figure space (U+2007)?

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I would suspect that the redundant/backup/second system should have been powered up without being exposed to the troublemaking flight plan...

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Re: Resiliency – we've heard of it

If you find your invariants are broken, what else can code do but sound the alarm and wait for help?

Constants aren't, variables won't.

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Re: Expertise

How do you do that in S/360 assembly language?

Seriously, why would anybody care?

Official: Microsoft unbundles Teams in Europe

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Re: Regulatory pressure

"This concession by Microsoft shows that, when faced with regulatory pressure beaten about the head and shoulders with the hammer of a credible and severe threat that will likely cost them money, it can be persuaded to do the right thing," Secretary General Francisco Mingorance said in a statement sent to The Register.

There, FTFY

Twitter says it may harvest biometric, employment data from its addicts

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Musk said over the weekend he considers LinkedIn's "cringe level … so high that I just can't bring myself to use it."

So, as to not be outdone, Muskrat intends to raise Xwatter's cringe level to a level higher than that of this potential competitor.

One could surmise, then, that there is a minimum "cringe level" that a site must maintain for Muskrat to be comfortable to use it.

We all scream for ice cream – so why are McDonald's machines always broken?

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Re: Don't Forget

Commented source? Shirley, you jest!

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Re: Wait, their milkshake maker works like an HP printer ?

But with obscure fault codes which remove agency from the user, the operator wouldn't know that solution was something like "Stirrer motor overheated, power down for 1 hour, then reset. If problem remains call maintenance" (and consider checking you're not blocking the vents) or "power supply overload. Do not use machine. Call maintenance"

But having a display capable of displaying that (as opposed to "EC402" in a 7-seglemt LED display) would probably add, say $2.00 to the build cost of the machine, and well, we can't have that, now can we? Won't somebody think of the margins?

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Re: Limiting choice is anticompetitive

There is NO reason governments should allow this. Governments should set the rules.

They are setting the rules. These rules implicitly (and in many cases, explicitly) allow for large, well-connected, fatass corporations to turn the repair of slipshod, crappy designs and implementations into a profit center.

Those that permit this behaviour are protecting big business profits rather than representing the people.

Well, DUH!! Can you say "Republican"? I knew you could...

Musk's latest X-periments: No more headlines, old posts vanish, block gets banned

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Of all the things we already know he's no good at...

Now we find out that the Muskrat doesn't know shit about GUI design, either.

Microsoft teases Python scripting in Excel

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Re: Pandas and Anaconda

R is nice. It is even more readable then Perl!

Rather low bar there. The only language I have come across less readable than Perl is APL.

Well, there is SNOBOL2, and RPG, but neither one of them really qualify as "languages" per se...

Leak of 75k employee records was insiders' fault, claims Tesla

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Re: That rogue engineer...

More likely they weren't told not to by Sir Muskrat.

Taking initiative is rather frowned upon in a Muskrat-led enterprise...

OpenAI's ChatGPT has a left wing bias – at times

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Re: An undesirable objective

According to various wingnuts (including at least one running for US president), we already have: the Covid-19 vaccine.

Florida Man and associates indicted for conspiracy to steal data, software

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Re: The smell of desperation

The lawfare argument is the many legal attacks to try to harm and stop Trump Hillary...and Hunter.

There, FTFY.

Hey, this 'whataboutism' game is fun...I can see why so many of the wingnuts like to play.

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Re: The smell of desperation

I say from a distance and without a vote to cast - but as an increasingly stunned observer of US politics which from down here looks to be dominated by ideology rather than a genuine interest in governance.

+1 - insightful!

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Re: Election Integrity

The ones committing the violence in the name of politics is the far left.

Soooo many Lefties were found (and arrested) at the Jan 6 Capitol insurrection.

You know, just because you say a thing doesn't make it a fact. (Although doing that does appear to be a hallmark of fascists in general, and MAGAts in particular.)

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Re: I like Americans…

How are we funny? Do we amuuuuse you?

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Re: @ codejunky -- The smell of desperation

Nope. In blind isolation to just this case would be ignorance of the lawfare effort against him.

OK, bring it on, junky. Where's the evidence of the newly neologized phrase "lawfare"? Per wikipedia, the term means the "use of legal systems and institutions to damage or delegitimize an opponent, or to deter individual's usage of their legal rights." Well, show me the money. For example, explain to the class where Florida Man's legal rights are being deterred? One could easily make the case that he is getting special treatment beyond that over which you and I would be afforded in similar, or even lesser, circumstances. (No travel restrictions, still got his passport, no ankle bracelet GPS tracker, no monetary bond, etc.). Or, perhaps you'd like to take a shot at the crux of your claim, that the shady "deep state conspiracy" (or, if you'd like bonus points, you could use proper names), is primarily out to "damage or delegitimize" Florida Man. To do that, you'd have to demonstrate that F.M. was not guilty of any of the things he's been charged with1, and that these were indeed trumped-up charges (see what I did there?). All the while ignoring the fact that he continues to poll very well with the MAGAts, and certainly has not been hobbled in his fund raising efforts, either.

So you'll pardon me if I'm not willing to believe your cry of "lawfare" on face value. Now if you could come up with some credible evidence of lawfare, we could have a conversation at a level that transcends the "Neener, neener" level that you seem to want to degrade this to. But in the absence of any such evidence, one can only perceive that your bumper-sticker responses are merely the bleatings of one whose hero has been shown to not be of the character and moral fiber that one so desperately insists his hero must have.

Looking forward to your response, junky. Will be interesting to see if you can indeed meet the challenge. (Popcorn is at the ready, incase you can't).

1But, of course, that is the job of a jury to determine. Do you not have faith in the American system of justice; that you would supplant it with your own dictums?

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@ codejunky -- Re: The smell of desperation

"How about...". "What about..." But didn't they...". Blah, Blah, Blah. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

This has nothing to do with Hunter, or Hillary, or Dianne, or Nancy, or Richard M., or (either) George, or whatever weak straw- or bogeyman you wish to present. It has to do with Donald, (a.k.a. Florida Man), period. A salient debate would be as to whether he did the things he was charged with, and what the evidence shows about this case, and no other. So you trolls could raise your game, and dig into that. That you won't, but insist on playing the "look over there...Squirrel!" game, tends to imply that you can't. Go ahead, prove me wrong by raising your game, and providing cogent debate. I'll hang up and listen for my answer.

80% of execs regret calling employees back to the office

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Re: unpopular opinion: no, WFH and WFO are not the same.

What about blacksmiths & carpenters?

Straw man much?

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There is a world of difference between a 15 minute bike ride in Silicon Valley, and a 15 minute bike ride in Chicago.

Or, if you want to take the "big city" aspect out of it, a 15 minute bike ride in Naperville, IL...

Charging your iPhone literally costs Apple millions as Batterygate saga slams shut

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Wow, 65 whole Dollars!

Or, otherwise known as lunch for 3 at Jimmy Johns.