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Babel fish? We're getting there. Reg reviews the Timekettle X1 AI Interpreter Hub

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Re: This functionality will be free in video calls soon...

Did I detect an elided <sarcasm> tag?

Users rage as Microsoft announces retirement of Office 365 connectors within Teams

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Re: Where's the Plan B for companies

They should have their own "Plan B". It is a basic matter of competence.

Hmmm...Corporate Mifepristone. What a grand idea!

Breaking the rules is in Big Tech's blood – now it's time to break the habit

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Re: Free Microsoft software, anyone

What happens if I train an AI on this software to modify it to remove the registration/copy protection?

Surely that's fair in Microsoft's view of the online world?

Hmmm...How about this: train the AI on Windows, and have the AI produce a version that does not phone home? Or has a solid, stable, properly working UI? Or actually fixes some number of the myriad bugs that Micros~1 can't/won't fix?

TReko, you may be on to something there!

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Re: killing music...

However, this has resulted in a great increase in the volume of music being produced - a quick glance indicates that there's roughly 120,000 new songs released to streaming platforms every day.

Citation, please.

RIP: WordPerfect co-founder Bruce Bastian dies at 76

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Re: Nice write-up

As I recall, quite a few competitors "fumbled" the transition to Windoze. M$ were very fortunate during that time . . .

Fortune had fuck-all to do with it. What had more to do with it was a cunning misdirection by BillG of the WP developers to develop for OS/2 (which he also had a hand in), and of course the Hidden Windows APIs (ref: Undocumented Windows: A Programmer’s Guide to Reserved Windows API Functions by Andrew Schulman, David Maxey, and Matt Pietrek).

Hanlon's anti-razor: Never attribute to incompetence that which is accurately explained by malice.

An arc welder in the datacenter: What could possibly go wrong?

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Re: Blame-shifting gone mad

A friend of mine often threatened to weld the tuning machines of a recalcitrant 12-string guitar he had that just refused to stay in tune....

Windows: Insecure by design

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Re: Win11 designed to wear you down.

I would install Linux as some sort of duel boot but not sure how to do it. Internet seems devoid of info in 2024.

Ignoring the slap at the interwebz and 2024 (of course the "internet" doesn't have that stuff anymore, you have to ask Chat GPT! but I digress....), all you have to do is download the ISO of a Linux distro of your choice (I chose Mint, YMMV of course) and install it. In the ISO were instructions on how to set up a dual boot w/ this utility called "grub", which is, I'm sure an acronym for some geeks' inside joke. I did it on a new machine that had Win 10 pre-installed. It just worked, and with a small amount of noodling around, I managed to get it to read the NTFS Windows partition, so I could get their fonts. That is basically all I have ever used on the MS partition (I really ought to repartition the disk, and clear that dead weight out of the box. Still looking for that round tuit....)

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Re: "Hallelujah" all my gripes with MS in one handy article.

I will eventually reach the end of my patience and kill all MS crap with great 'joy & abandon' ...

And great relish (and a little mustard...)

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From the article:

OPINION I've been pointing out Windows security bugs since Windows for Workgroups showed up in 1992 and I showed how you could steal data from your coworker's spreadsheets using Object Linking and Embedding (OLE). You'd think Microsoft would have figured security out by now.

Why in the name of all that's holy would anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature think that?

I'll hang up and listen for my answer....

Half of Dell US staff reportedly opted for remote work

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We know who you are AC...just look a couple of posts above...

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A Dell brain-drain could (likely will) result in it looking much like Micros~1, with insufficient numbers of quality workers to properly design and create their products.


Lessee now, how does that go? Ready...Aim at foot...Fire...Reload...Repeat as desired.

systemd 256.1: Now slightly less likely to delete /home

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Look what you went and made me do! - - - ->

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Re: Redmond crisis meeting

* Apologies to a certain Mr. McCartney.

That's Sir McCartney to you, sir!

Techie installed 'user attitude readjustment tool' after getting hammered in a Police station

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Re: needs must

Might be...my memory isn't what it was at one time...

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Re: needs must

Track 9-3/4?

Seething CEO shoulder surfed techie after mistaken takedown of production server

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Re: Labelling production

There is *nothing* that's offensive enough for everybody, unfortunately.

That is true, but tRump orange should go a long way toward meeting that criterion...

Study finds a quarter of bosses hoped RTO would make employees quit

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Re: And the interesting thing is...

My partner's daughter works for a company who did just that. They finished an ofice [sic] move pre-COVID and spent the next few years WFH, followed by an immidiate [sic] and mandatory RTO. The stated reason was the real estate.

There, FTFY

More layoffs at Microsoft: What's really going on here?

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Re: Am I missing something here?


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Go ask CoPilot -- I'm sure it will come up with an answer.

Whether that answer bears any resemblance to the facts on the ground is anybody's guess. I suppose we could go ask CoPilot...

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Re: "Measured in executives, Microsoft is laying off about four Nadellas"

Micros~1 might do well (better) to lay off 4 Nadellas....

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Re: Security memo was just playing to the gallery

Azure's security is a mess, Microsoft should be putting everyone they can on it to go over it with a fine-toothed comb instead of firing people to meet a target on a balance sheet.

What? You expect Micros~1 to actually fix something?!? Shirley, you jest!

Analysts join the call for Microsoft to recall Recall

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Re: "letting the user scroll the archive of snapshots"

I mean the same clown who (publicly!) lamented that s/he couldn't write code because ChatGPT was down.

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Forensic Efferdent

Yeah, but this is Micros~1, after all. Micros~1 is to security (and privacy) as fish is to bicycle.

Millions forced to use brain as OpenAI's ChatGPT takes morning off

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O M F-ing G

And for the developers out there who have come to use suggestions from the chatbot in their coding? One remarked: "who took down openai i have code that needs to be written.

Ghod help us all....

Screwdrivers: is there anything they can't do badly? Maybe not

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Re: Not screwdrivers but...

The bottom drawer however is more like a data warehouse, where documents containing scraps of info that could possibly be of use one day get stashed in a completely unstructured manner [...]

The physical manifestation of a set object, then....

Thanks for coming to help. No, we can't say why we called – it's classified

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Not that I've been to Dallas, but I'm fairly sure you wouldn't need the software to notice something like a Submarine trundling down the high street there.

It's Tejas we're talking about here, folks, where a large portion of the populace wouldn't recognize a submarine anyway, and where ostentatious excess is lauded.

Hey! That 'ere low-rider looks an awful lot like a submarine, don't it?

Was there no one at Microsoft who looked at Recall and said: This really, really sucks

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Seems to be that again you'd want a stripped down, bare-bones OS that users can run their apps on.

What you want, and what Micros~1 wants, are (again) two entirely different things.

And guess who gets what they want?

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Re: Whoever came up with this idea

Yeah, but you can't do that to SatNad...

UK PM Sunak calls election, leaving Brits cringing over memory of his Musk love-in

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Re: Disappointing

BREXIT Roe v. Wade was 8 50 years ago, it's time to grow up and live with what you have got, move forward and build the the future you want instead of living in a bygone age of nostalgia.


Funny how Republicons (and those of their ilk) couldn't possibly arsed to take their own advice, especially when the shoe is on the other foot.

ASML could brick Taiwan's chipmaking machines in case of uninvited guests

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Re: They never learn

We *would* have if Congress had half a brain between them.

Congress, brain or not, cannot regulate U.S. Corporate Greed.

Not that Republicons would try to....

NYC Comptroller and hedge funds urge Tesla shareholders to deny Musk $50B windfall

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What is not said...

Lander and co cited a litany of reasons as to why Musk shouldn't get the billions of dollars.

Probably not on the list, but still close to front of mind, might be that Musk is an inveterate, flaming peckerhead who has done nothing to deserve it. But you can't say that in a financial filing, now can you?

Hm! Boeing union just ran whistleblower rights training

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Re: Whistleblowing can be hazardous to one's health

This may be purely coincidental but its the kind of coincidence that not only fuels conspiracy theorists but also scares the pants off anyone else [...]

As Malcolm Nance is fond of saying: “Coincidence takes a lot of planning.”

Techie invented bits of the box he was fixing, still botched the job

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You lost weight and your watch ran backwards?

Sounds like the opening verse to a country song...

HR expert says biz leaders scared RTO mandates lead to staff attrition

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The bean counters who signed large and long leases with lots of personal kick backs are now in the firing line [...]

I saw what you did there....

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Re: Ain't nothing going on but the rent

Now on the other hand, if everyone were within commuting distance, it may make sense to have perhaps a day a week in the office together, but even then - probably not that frequently as there is literally nothing we need to do face to face that can't be done remotely.

Well, there's always the Team Lunch....

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Re: And HR make up the rules!

Two weeks after starting at a new company, I lost my Dad. Company benefits (such as sick leave, vacation, etc.) did not kick in until having been there for a month. Figured I'd have to take the time off w/o pay, but my manager also told me to take what I needed, and even sent flowers to the memorial. My pay was not docked.

[...] there are decent companies out there.

Yes there are. They are not easy to find, but the do exist.

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Loss of the perception of power is powerful deterrent...

There, FTFY.

Return to office mandates had senior employees jumping ship

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From the article:

Overall, the general experience level of Microsoft employees declined.

Just exactly what the world needs now.

Texan construction workers put a rocket up Team SpaceX over 'unpaid bills'

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How fucking dumb do you have to be to believe this bullshit ?

Florida Man?

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Re: This opinion will not be liked.

When will people realise that he's the Trump of the tech world?

So a tRump/Muskrat ticket in November '24, then?

Nix forked, but over politics instead of progress

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Re: Snap.

...something about advanced technology and magic...

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Does it surprise anyone...

...that a system dedicated to obfuscation and making its internals unparsable by a human brain would also come up with a name that is unparsable by a human brain (and unpronounceable by human lips)?

German plod defend Tesla gigafactory from eco-warriors

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Re: Could someone please explain ?

Just like fusion is "about to work".

Or Flying Cars. Or, "It is estimated that no underware will be worn by the year twenty-twenty."*

*Those Firesign Theater guys were not real good at prognosticating, so maybe we won't count that last one...

Stack Overflow simply bans folks who don't want their advice used to train AI

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Re: There are people who do it for money

Maybe Torwalds [sic] and others should create own AI-clones, with their personal moral values embedded, then driving their projects forever.

An AI with "personal moral values", eh? Is it just me or is that the dumbest goddammed idea I've heard all week?

I just can't wait for the inevitable AI with the "personal moral values" of t'pineapple....

Investment analyst accuses Palantir of AI washing

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Whazzat, again?

On the same call, CEO Alex Karp said Palantir did not have AI competitors in the commercial or government markets. "I think that's the reason Ukraine and Israel bought our product. We are differentiated because in order to actually make AI work, you need an ontology. No one has an ontology," he said.

That's true. I certainly don't have an "ontology", but I'm gonna pencil one into at least one of my buzzword bingo cards right now.

Transport watchdog's patience wears thin as Tesla Autopilot remedies may not be enough

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Re: Simple Test

Hey, a Tesla fire truck isn't likely to run into the rear end of ... another fire truck.


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You just have one massive cluster [...]

But...but...but...isn't that the case now?

Has Windows 11 really lost marketshare to Windows 10?

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Re: Just a *few* obscenities

There's also WINE, which may work for your purposes...or not.

I found that TurboTax seems to hunt down the version of Windows you're using, and will summarily refuse to run if it doesn't like what it sees. WINE may or may not fool it (haven't tried it yet), but your VM may have to be a Win11 VM, if this trend continues and/or applies to your specific package.

...which would sort of defeat the purpose of the VM exercise, I wot...

Palantir's CEO calls 'woke' a 'central risk to Palantir, America and the world'

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Re: Thin pagan religion

He's bigly mad he can't be a racist asshole in public.

There, FTFY

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Re: Thin pagan religion

But nobody back on Jan 6th wanted to hang the Vice President. Nope, nobody there would evah think of doing that. No, siree!