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Mixing network traffic types on Ethernet


No good will come of this

Thus the reason why I detest the idea of intermixing "disk" traffic across the normal data LAN. I've already had to endure countless shouting matches over who gets what priority QoS wise, endless "marking" mashups and resisted the urge to throttle someone in a never ending meeting because of the insistence on 'converging' all of our services upon one poor wire. (or fiber).

Separate LANs especially within a data center were created for a reason. Piling them all onto the same switching network even with independent VLANs is just asking for trouble as far as I'm concerned.

Now, where's my stone tablet and chisel? I've got an email to get out.

Cisco drives epic Chinese surveillance network, says report


No local bidders?

Cisco? What a Huawei network isn't a case of "close enough for government work" copy?

Maybe it's just a plot to import tons of new current Cisco gear so it's easier to duplicate.

Nah, they probably already have all the information on those they need.

'Friends with Benefits' sex does no psych harm - profs


Where are all these Friends?

With the benefits? Certainly I'm feeling left out of this phenomenon.

No wait, would that be old ugly fat friends? Nevermind.

Beer for....well.. the not so friendly ones.


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