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Hey Dixons, you know what's mobile? Your rapidly shrinking sales


Re: 5G Boon?!?

I agree with you , the thing is where do we go from here? sure you can make phones faster , smaller, better displays and that sort of thing, but does it really make much difference?

i have a P10 lite phone, sure it may not be up to the high priced Samsungs in speed, saying that with all the bloat Samsung comes with, maybe it is, the display may not be such high quality, but the phone still does what it is made for.

i can still browse the net, still take photos and videos and to be honest the quality is fine, i still watch a video, screen is too small to worry about super duper hires and 4K. i can still listen to music on it and best of all I can still use it for what a phone is made for, talk to people and message people.

i did get mine from Carphone warehouse/currys, but only because the price was the same as buying it online and i went in knowing what I wanted and did not put up with any sales pitch about insurance and that sort of thing.

i paid outright and i have a sim only contract with a provider i have been with for a few years.

Dixons Carphone smarting from £440m loss as it writes down goodwill on mobile biz


Re: Times change

they still don't have high pressure sales, they do ask if you want insurance, but a quick no thank you seems to do the trick.


Re: Carphone warehouse used to be quite good.

They was no better then, i had a right go at the manager in our store as he more or less said a friend was having problems with her phone because she was a blond. the fact that this blond have more qualifications than he would even know about.


Re: I take it

For most part i agree with you, but last year I got myself a Hauwei p10 lite from our local car phone warehouse inside currys and i went in, told them the phone I wanted, i did not want any extras, no services as I was already on a sim only contract and no insurance.

Got in and out in around 10 minutes. so if you know what you want it is fine.

i only went there as the phone was the same price as online.

Think tank calls for post-Brexit national ID cards: The kids have phones so what's the difference?


it will never happen

not in our time anyway and it would cost too much. Even if Labour got in again, there is nothing in their manifesto about introducing one.

Look how modern we are! UK network Three to kill off 3G-only phones


Three Network here in Hereford is a waste of time, useless it is.

As for 4G here, that is hit and miss on any network.

Time to ditch the front door key? Nest's new wireless smart lock is surprisingly convenient


Re: Bluetooth

My front door is to be honest a pain to open with one hand, as you need to turn the key and at the same time press the handle down. It is a security door, I have no idea why they think we needed one, since this house have had a wooden door with a yale lock since it was built.


Re: Not just Google

Which is why I said "sure there are ways to get into some of them, but I still prefer my key to some electronic lock."

the old locks are still more reliable and can not be hacked.


Not just Google

To be honest, would you trust this type of lock who ever produced it? I know I would not, the lock and key goes back centuries and is a tried and tested security product, sure there are ways to get into some of them, but I still prefer my key to some electronic lock.

Two's company, Three's unbowed: You Brits will pay more for MMS snaps


They still charge extra for MMS? Wow.

3 is a waste of time around here, signal is awful in the majority of places around here. Vodafone is the best, but far to expensive and a awful customer service.

Use pluisnet nyself on the EE network, it does what I need, I do not know if they charge for MMS, but then I do not use MMS, only SMS.

BBC extends Capita Audience Services contract to 25 years


I have not had a Tv licence for 3 years now, I do not miss the BBC, not one bit.

BT to slash landline rentals by 37%... for the broadbandless


Re: Mmmmmm, thanks, BT.

I think he means wireless not Wi-fi, the one I used had transmitters on churches, I linked to one on the cathedral


Re: Mmmmmm, thanks, BT.

I did that a few years ago, before we had FTTC here, it was fine, a good 10Mb/s, which was fine for my needs,. but then it started falling apart after a couple of years. they could not cope with the amount of traffic, So when FTTC came here I reluctantly changed to that. the company that was doing the wireless broadband have now stopped doing it, I still have the equipment on my roof, Is a good talking point. I am sure some people think I am a spy :)

Still have a VoiP as well, not that I use it much these days, maybe i should get the number transferred to my landline.


Re: Seriously

The two cheapest at the moment is Vodafone and Now TV, both a lot cheaper than what I am paying with Plusnet. In contract at the moment, but I will certainly look at others. the only problem with Vodafone and now TV is that they do not like you using your routers.

Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'


Re: Win 10 Stupid Edition

Yes, Win98Se was pretty good and certainly better than Windows ME that followed it.

'A sledgehammer to crack a nut': Charities slam UK voter ID trials


Labour was going to bring in an I.D card when they was last in power, they spent millions on it and yet when the Tories got in it was scraped. So many was against it that it would have cost even more to go after the people who would have refused to register and that would include me.

While the Tories did say they wanted to bring in a voluntary I.D card before they lost power to Labour it never happened.

I think it will be many years before the U.K have an I.D Card system, if it ever does. Now that we are leaving the E.U, it will become less likely, because to be honest I had visions of the E.U forcing one onto E.U countries.

We have managed without I.D cards for years and we do not need them now.

Not that any of the parties in this country are worth voting for anyway, all a waste of space.

UK mobile customers face inflation-busting price hike


Re: Abuse

Yep, I paid outright for a new phone about 3 months ago and I use plusnet as the provider, for £7.50 a month I get 1,000 minutes of talk time, unlimited text and because i am with plusnet for broadband I get 2GB of data, normally 1GB. but £7.50 for goodness shake.

Also no contract, so I can leave at any time.

My old Nexus 4 lasted for almost 5 years, in fact it still works but the battery is not great and the USB connector is a bit iffy.

So if my new phone lasts as long then i am still quids in, I will never have a contract again for a mobile phone.

TalkTalk to splash £1.5bn laying full fibre on 3 million doorsteps


The provider i use now do not do IPv6, it makes not one difference to me what so ever.


Re: Good Idea.. but..

Agree with you about not using Talk Talk, even without the hack I would not use Talk Talk.

Full fibre is fine for people who needs the speed, i am fine with 38Mbs to be honest, so even if full fibre came here unless the price was the same as what I am paying now i would stay as I am.

TBH, if ADSl could offer me 8Mbs at least I would go back to that.

Reliability is more important than speed. for me, but I do need a certain amount of speed to watch HD video.

BT, Sky bury hatchet with deal to sell each other's telly channels


Re: Pay TV

i have not had a Tv licence for over a year now and have not watched any normal Tv in that time. I watch Netflix and now TV, now and again i will watch something from the catch up from Channel 5 and 4.

I went for almost 3 years without a TV licence and not watching terrestrial TV, I did not miss it, the only reason I went back to it was because I was ill off work for 11 months, so I thought it would give me something different to watch, bad mistake.

So for me, netflix and now Tv can replace terrestrial TV, plus you Tube.


Re: But can I get F1 on my BT account

F1 got boring, electric car racing is better and that is free on Channel 5. come to think of it, kart racing is better than f1.



Re: BT + TV? Why?

B T and price reduction should not be in the same sentence. Anyway if it costs too much change suppliers.


Makes no difference to me, I am not a sporty person and i certainly have no interest in that game where people kick a ball around a field, then again I do not watch TV, no TV licence here. I do use Netflix and pay for now Tv now and again.

I doubt this deal will make watching sports cheaper and it will be all about football as it normally is in this country.

Hello, Dixons Carphone? Yep, we're ringing from a 2015 handset. Profits down 60%, eh?


Re: Worst company ever

You got to know what you want and stick with it, I went in, pointed to a phone and said I want that, I know you have it in stock, I do not want any insurance, no sim as I am happy with the package I have got. I just want the phone. I was in and out in 10 minutes and 5 of that was them going to get the phone out of the warehouse.


Re: Color me surprised

That was the only reason I got my last phone from CPW, I do not really like the company to be honest, but they had the phone I wanted for a lot less than Argos and was slightly less than Amazon. So buying from a shop on my doorstep makes it easy to go back and kick their backside if need to.

but now I will not bother to buy another until this one goes belly up, my Nexus 4 lasted almost 5 years and to be honest i know a few people who are keeping their old phones and going for a sim only contract or even changing to something like Giff Gaff.

ATM fees shake-up may push Britain towards cashless society


Cash for me

I prefer cash, apart from when I have to use the stupid self scan machines, they give change in 10s and 5 pence pieces. maybe another way to get people to use cards.

I do not have a contactless card, I told my bank to send me a normal card and that is what they have done, not sure how long they will keep doing that. I used Android pay on my phone once, just to see how it works, but I now taken it off my phone deregistered my card.

i can spend cash anywhere, something you can not do with a card or phone payments.


So we have something to hide because we want to keep our life private. i am so glad you trust our government, the police and local authorities, myself, i would not trust any of them as far as i can throw them.


i do not mind doing some shopping online, if i can not get it localy, but I prefer to do proper shopping. i seen people doing online food shopping and to me it is more of a hassle.

Age have nothing to do with it, I know some people in their 20s and 30s who do not do online line shopping.


Re: My partner hates me..

It is not possible to disable contactless,, well not officially anyway and a lot of banks will chuck contactless cards at you and will not give you an option of not having them, thankfully my banks does, at the moment anyway.

Estonia government locks down ID smartcards: Refresh or else


Not really voluntary then if you need it do get benefits and driving licence, unless you don't want those things. The problem with voluntary is that it soon become compulsory, The tories in the UK wanted a voluntary one, but then Labour got in and they wanted a compulsory one, then the Tories got in again and shut it all down.

Labour spent millions on an I.D card that never cam,e to anything and was not required. thankfully I do not think we will have an I.D card in my lifetime, even less chance now that are getting out of the E.u

Outlook, Office 2007 slowly taken behind the shed, shots heard


And yet, there is still very little software that uses the ribbon, so we are still going between to different menu systems. Not that i really use the ribbon anyway as i do not use office.

TBH, i do not think any software I use have a ribbon menu system.

BBC Telly Tax petition given new Parliament debate date


Re: If you have issues with the Telly Tax...

i listen to two things on radio four, both panel shows and that is it, I would not pay the TV tax for that, anyway, radio is free to listen to, no need to pay TV tax.


Re: I have no issues with the Telly Tax

Well you should, because Capita is an awful company and not fit to run anything.


If you do not have a TV you do not have to pay, in fact even if you have a Tv you do not have to pay as long as you do not watch live Tv or use Iplayer for T.V.

you can still use Iplayer for radio,


Re: If you have issues with the Telly Tax...

I do not pay the TV tax, at least someone who prints it for it is, well done the Register.

I watch Netflix, some stuff on you Tube and I can still legaly watch catch up from the commercial channels.

so plenty for me to watch without paying for the BEEB.

The award for worst ISP goes to... it starts with Talk and ends with Talk


Re: Someome needs to tell

I am glad I am not the only one who think they are aggressive, I saw one chase someone in town to get their attention. When they approached me once I told then I could not use a company which was hacked by someone so young.

I would not go with Talk Talk if they was the last provider in the UK.


Re: "We strive to give customers the best possible experience...

i can not believe SSE is number 3, heard a lot of bad things about them. I am with Plusnetg and had a major problem a few weeks back, still have a problem, but at the moment it is working fine. Plusnet customer service was pretty good the problem is more to do with a BTOR network problem.

I have been with Plujsnet for over 2 years and to be honest most of the time they have been fine.

Er, Ofcom, please tell us more about Murdoch's £11.7bn Sky bid


Not an alterntive

Sky is not an alternative to the BBC as you still have to pay the TV licence even if you do not watch the BBC.

Yes it is possible to have Now Tv which is owned by sky and not have to buy a Tv licence for that, but that is a small part of sky.

70% of Windows 10 users are totally happy with our big telemetry slurp, beams Microsoft


Re: 29% Windows users

But do they work?


Re: Still not going there

Easy enough to stop it on Windows 7 and 8, but it is integrated into Windows 10. there is software that say they stop it on windows 10, but I wonder if they really do.


Re: No need to change the default settings! Erase all of WIN 10

The problem here is that as much as I like Linux, the software is not there and even if there is software to do a task, it is not always that good.

Blender is great if you are into 3D and there are some good audio software, but sadly Linux lacks on Video editing.

I do have Linux on my laptop and it is fine for what I use that for.

TalkTalk posts 3% sales drop, says Openreach should walk the WalkWalk


Re: TT's TV Adverts

Their sales reps are a pain int he neck, the ones in our town centre was almost running after people when they said they was not interested. I have not seen then for a few weeks, so maybe they have given up.

If Talk Talk want more customers then maybe it would be a good idea if they offered a decent service and good customer service.

Intel's Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs have nasty hyper-threading bug


I am glad i stayed

with AMD, saying that the thought of changing to intel was only in my mind for a couple of hours and that was only when I was thinking of going from windows to a Mac.

My Ryzen machine is running just fine

Ad 'urgently' seeks company to build national e-ID system


Re: Enrolling children

That is if they have a passport.

You'll soon be buying bulgur wheat salad* from Amazon, after it swallowed Whole Foods


never heard of them

Whole foods that is not Amazon,

but nope, I do not think I will bother.

Does Microsoft have what it takes to topple Google Docs?


Re: if I'd start a new company

Depends on what the company is doing and how big it is and what market it is in. I know someone who runs a small business and they do not use any Microsoft software and that includes the OS as well. They use Apple Macs and Libre office. They have done ok so far.

They do use Adobe software as well

I also know of someone who also runs a small business and while they do use MS Office, they do not use office 365 or any online storage, they prefer to store stuff locally, a bit like myself really.

Sainsbury's IT glitch spoils bank holiday food orders


Re: First world problems

Oh you poor thing, i feel so sorry for you.


Re: First world problems

Agree 100%, even when I was ill after my op and on chemo I went and did my own shipping, true I did have help from my next door neighbour taking me, but i still did it myself. My Dad is 86 and yet still does his own shopping in his buggy.

I acknowledge that there are some people who can not go shopping and that online food shopping is a blessing for them, but i do think that a lot of people just do online shopping because they can not be bothered go into a shop and do their own.

i saw someone do online shopping once and it looked like it was more hassle than going to the shop and picking my own.

A lot of it is laziness and people can come out with all the excuses they want, but when people who live virtually next door to a supermarket and have their shopping delivered even from the same supermarket they live next door to then that is pure laziness.


Beeb hands £560m IT deal to Atos. Again


Glad I do not pay

I am so glad I do not have a Tv licence, one of the better things I have done is scrap it.

Dyson celebrates 'shock' EU Court win over flawed energy tests


I can see his point

As much as I do not like Dyson products, I do see his point of view.