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Gizmodophone may have forced Jobs' hand

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Upgrade cycle broken?

Maybe the real reason for St. Steve's ire is that the 'lower spec' 4G was going to be introduced first, and then followed about 9 months later by the 4GS! Another <poor pun> case </poor pun> of the perpetual push to get the fans to upgrade early and often!

Met launches net café spy operation

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Big Brother

Title ... is required

Welcome to the 21st century surveillance empire ... you know we're watching you!

Do YOU know who you're watching?

Vodafone confirms HTC Android 2.1 duo

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All HTC handsets gone!

As of this weekend, Vodafone Ireland are not offering ANY HTC handsets on their web-site. O2 also seem to have gone the same way.

Has the Apple got anything to do with this?

'Health and safety killjoys' kill cheese-rolling race

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Paris Hilton

And in breaking news ...

... a government spokestwerp announced today that getting out of bed can seriously damage your health!

Paris, cos she knows how important it is to stay in bed!

Science czar calls for openness on climate questions

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Good luck ...

Let me be the first to wish Prof. Beddington good luck in his future career ...

We all know what happens to NuLab advisors who speak their minds and promote open discussion of medical or scientific issues.

Mine's the one with a NuLab guide to open communications in the pocket ... oops!

Guinness to hit three quid a pint

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@John 90

Why is it more expensive here in Ireland? Are we just happy (aka pi**ed) to pay any old price without complaining, or too stinkin' proud to complain that the price tears the hell out of our pockets?

Mine's the one with the (even more expensive) pint bottle of Bulmers (Magners) in the pocket!

Mouse nest found in London copper's paperwork

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I presume ...

... that the concept of the paperless office hasn't yet reached our guardians of law and order.

When it does, I expect we will be reading Elreg reports of 'mice' and have seized up either after years of idleness, or stuffed full of crumbs that weren't eaten by the live mice.

Mine's the one with the ferret in the pocket ... perfect for keeping my paper piles pest-free!

Nuke-bunker-nobbling US megabomb delayed

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"...one of them" ?

Which armed fanatic state are you referring to ... I can think of at least three, only one of which is in the Middle East!

Ooops! I nearly forgot about the lapdog state which is also nuclear-armed!

Hubble probes deepest universe

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@louis sancho



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