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Ubuntu man responds to GNOME 'coattail' claims

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Good for us...

Linux newbies. I never used Linux before earlier this year and honestly, never cared to because I was happy with Windows as it did what I wanted. I installed Ubuntu in or around February and it really is a nice segue from Windows into the Linux world, even if it's not the most hardcore Linux experience out there.

Google pulls trigger on 'Instant' search engine

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Switching off...

I guess it's just about time to complete my switch over to Startpage.

Ubuntu 'Maverick Meerkat' erects own App Store


@ Games:

It's too bad RTSs and pretty much all other point and click games are absolute garbage when using a controller over mouse & keyboard. First person shooters, too.

I wonder what the market truly is, though, for Linux gaming beyond the small/casual stuff.

Lady vicar tells Anglicans to learn from Black Sabbath


May I recommend...

Becoming the Archetype? It's some extremely good stuff.

Google patents search that tracks your mouse moves


Prior art?

Isn't there already a sort of prior art in this case seeing as how there's lots of informational sites out there that have words in their text as links and as soon as you hover over them, up pops another ad?

I suppose also I might as well stop hoping to own a dev shop someday because by the time I have a product, every line of code we write will be covered by at least one patent troll.

Can I patent the hello world example?

3D films fall flat



..once they start putting on shows that I want to see that don't cost an effin' fortune (see: Spamalot & Young Frankenstein). I've seen a few that I like, but I only saw them because the tickets cost $20 or they were given to me.


Isn't this the future?

I'm tired of the heavy, nose hurting, headache inducing 3D glasses technology in use today. Perfect actual 3D technology and give us truly volumetric holographs where the movie is actually taking place around us, instead of in front of us. While they're at it, I want my flying car and nanobot toothbrush.

Mine's the one with the copy of Sega's Time Traveler in the pocket.

Blizzard exposes real names on WoW forums


Here's your effin title

If you've actually read the WoW forums, I don't know how you can say it's more so the instantaneous nature of speaking online. WoW, both on the forums and in-game is full of better-than-thou idiots who actively try to be elitist jackoffs. Now that I think about it, the "instantaneous nature" of posting online is rather not, but it gives the poster ample opportunity to refine their post without spewing verbal diarrhea.

Google Street View whacked by German prosecutors, Czech data watchdog

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So, with that logic, it's cool for me to read all your mail that's sitting in your mailbox because you didn't go out of the house and take it directly from the mail person?

'Completely useless' Windows 3.1 hits Google's Android

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Broken record...

It's amazing how many people seem like they can't be bothered to even read the first couple comments and continue to repost "3.1 didn't have long file names!".

Google now owns location advertising


Forgive me if I'm wrong...

but doesn't this seem to be blatantly anti-competitive? I didn't read the patent (don't have time for patent speak), but in order to get local customers, companies must now advertise w/ Google or just luck out that another online agency happens to show their ad to someone who lives close?

Ballmer preempts Jobs with tablet slate trio


Not necessarily a gimmick

Tablets, as much as I hate them, are being used seemingly often in both education & medicine. I know there's a big push in New Jersey to get tablets to both teachers & students as it makes for easy organization & retention of information while still being able to write & display said information on the fly. I would assume mostly the same reason for doctor's offices & hospitals. This one in particular may very well fail, though. No telling until it's on the market.

Recession forces software escrow releases to jump by 150%


Dubious value?

If a software vendor were to go bust and a client company was given their source, they could hire a consultant(s) to read/document/re-code the applications internals if it was absolutely necessary.

As for why the company wouldn't make their own app, it could be a staffing issue. I work for a small company as a network administrator, but I'm a coder by passion & education. I could easily understand the code of some of our LOB apps, but there's no way I would have the time to build anything to that scale whilst I have all my other responsibilities.

Microsoft cops to webcode theft

Gates Horns

A payoff isn't enough

It seems like time and time again MS just pays off the offended company and all is good.

Is it just me or does it seem like the governments never get involved and actually punish them for breaking their copyright laws? I'd like to think they'd be a bit (but not too much) more hesitant about neglecting copyright if they were hammered every time it happened.

LHC pulverises previous record: 2.36 TeV surprise collision!

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That made my day. Thank you.