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2008's top three compact cameras

Michael J Evans

I bet the Canon has no power level indicator

Does this Ixus along with some or all of the other Ixus models also not have a battery level indicator? A small irritation which every reviewer strangely fails to mention, usually through incompetence. I had an Ixus 800 which I tossed after a few months because not knowing how much charge was left forced my to buy and carry around spares. I thought this was a one off oversight but a work colleague bought a recent model a few weeks ago and brought it in to play with. I asked did it have a power level indication and he was somewhat dismayed to find that it didn't. Again, you'll be hard pressed to find it mentioned in any reviews.

Would you buy a car without a petrol guage? So why do Canon think it's clever and desirable to omit a power level indicator? Bloody idiots.

HP shatters excessive packaging world record

Michael J Evans

RE baboshka boxes....... and a dumbass

baboshka boxes

By Anonymous Coward

Posted Friday 18th July 2008 13:17 GMT

2 sheets only!

1 large box, sixteen smaller boxes where each of the sixteen boxes is smaller than the last, and the last box containing only two sheets.


(16 x 0) + (1 x 2) = 2


LOOK at the photos and the small boxes inside the big box - then come back and tell us who's the dumbass

Be the first millionaire on your block to go Tiltrotor

Michael J Evans

RE If an engine fails

More specifically, I meant what happens if an engine/rotor fails during a vertical take off or landing. When in the horizontal flight mode, yes, I'm sure it would handle like a normal plane. But VTOL?

Michael J Evans

What happens if........

In all the years this thing has been around I have never read anywhere anybody saying or asking what happens if one of the engines/rotors fails?

Software outfit keeps Vulcan airborne

Michael J Evans

4 min warning scramble

I grew up around them in the 60s and 70s when my uncle was at Finningley and Waddington. We used to go to the Battle of Britain displays where four of them would do the nuclear strike 4 minute warning scramble take off. If you think one sounds good then imagine four of them closely following each other down the runway. They were given dispensation to take off on three engines should one fail to start, so as not to spoil the display.

During the Red Flag bombing competitions in Nevada, my uncle told me that if a B52 lost an engine on take off they were in trouble, but a Vulcan could take off fully fuelled and bombed on two engines. He also said that going supersonic was not a problem and easily achieved.

Ohio table-shag man gets six months

Michael J Evans

Shouldn't that be....

"pleaded no contest to "inseminating harmful material......."

Sony chews the Blu-ray fat with Microsoft

Michael J Evans

Laserdiscs anybody?

I used to be an early adopter. £400 for dvd player, £4000 for 42in plasma, £300 for dvd burner and plenty more besides. Not any more. The £3000's worth of laserdiscs at £30+ each boxed up in a cupboard will stop me touching anything to do with BR at their current prices for a long while to come.

Mike E

Not happy with PC World's customer service?

Michael J Evans

It's my local PC World too

The PC World in question is also my own local store. As one who hates to be harrassed by sales people and borders on becoming hostile ("No, I don't need any help. If I do I'll ask") this store is a dream to wander around in total peace, with barely a sales person in sight, let alone stalking you.

The 'Customer Service' desk is a different matter though. Often a crowd of irate people waiting and waiting.

Strange spoofing technique evades anti-phishing filters

Michael J Evans


"Barklays" Barklays??? Have you people been reading too many scammers' pages?

Indian dealers are squealers over Microsoft piracy raids

Michael J Evans

Double standards......

"Moreover, if they want to do business in India then they should change their prices and policies according to the Indian market." said the SITA president. A pity the Indians don't follow their own advice when hosting westerners in their country.

Last year when I visited on holiday they charged me, as a western tourist, twenty times the local rate for entry to their cultural sites. When I tried to book a low cost internal flight which would have been much less then £100 for a resident Indian, it suddenly shot up to £450 when they found out I was a westerner. I have no doubt that should a westerner try to purchase a PC in India, every attempt would be made to charge them a western price.


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