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Nintendo trades blows with The Sun over 3DS returns


That rag

Start with the assumption The Sun are liars, and go from there.

Nintendo 3DS contains £60 in bits


Pretty standard

price on launch of a new product = 3 times the bill of materials? Sounds about standard to me.

Amazon to sell Kindle through Currys, PC World


Rip-offs subjective, anti-competitive practices factual

1. The point is taxes are used to encourage/discourage behaviour. I don't see the argument for taxing e-books and not paper books - I imagine the VAT-exemption is to encourage learning, plus there's the the added benefit of saving trees. Convenience is a poor argument for taxing it.

2. Publishers ARE fixing prices on Kindle. Amazon are not allowed to set the price as they would with anything else they sell. This seems to be abusing the market to push their own e-book formats, hence anti-competitive.

I don't have any issues with paying a fair price for the knowledge or enjoyment - I paid £23 for an e-book last night. Saved £8 on the hardback and didn't have to wait for stock to arrive.

Christians vs metalheads in FB flame war



Catholics protesting against bizarre rituals to please make-believe entities? Irony fail?

Orange mobile data chucks punters


Yeah right!

It's Orange, I'm actually impressed their call centre knows about it. Usually they deny all knowledge of network problems and just offer the 'turn your phone off and on, remove and reinsert the SIM' mantra.


Not the first time

Ooh, must be all of about 6 weeks since the last nationwide data outage on Orange, though that one only lasted half a day.

Back to Vodafone in 9 months time.

O2 extends iPhone 4 return-for-refund window



Sale of Goods Act gives more rights than the EU Directive. Neither give a 'warranty' that you can get a full refund beyond a reasonable period to inspect the phone, which is what O2 are interpreting as 14 days. If it was faulty, you could still return it up to 6 years later (after 6 months you'd have to prove it was a fault rather than them prove it wasn't faulty when they sold it) but they'd be entitled to offer a repair or replacement, so O2's offer does not screw you on your rights at all.

Heathrow security man cops perv scanner eyeful


Lying rag

I'm more willing to believe the Sun is lying than MPs

Two jailed for smutty texts


Religious exemptions again

It's not illegal, but how about trying going shopping in a balaclava and see how far you get.

iPhone app transforms speech to text

Thumb Down

US only

I'll gladly add it to my app pile......when it's available outside the US