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Gamer claims complete console collection

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More Missing

OK, more add-ons than full consoles, but where's the Sega 32X or the Atari Jaguar CD?

No Vectrex either.

Nice collection though, but far from complete

PARIS threatened by the bends

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Paris Hilton

Temp internal support?

What about putting something like dowel inside the straws while skinning? That would give the extra strength during the curing process, and then they could be removed.

Not sure if when you removed the internal support the whole thing would bend up. This assumes that you haven't sealed the ends of the straws up either. I know you'd have a hard job doing the support struts, but "fixing" the main external edges should provide the support.

Paris - dowel, internals...

Alleged pirate fingered for filming film at Harrow flicks

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You want buy DVD?

Student Project! Film film from back of cinema!

Loons speak brains on gov Treasury crowdsource site

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Serious or pisstake?

Can't work out if some of these are genuine fucktards thinking they are sensible suggestions, or (hopefully) people just taking the piss.

The best 2 posted in the last 5 minutes:

Sponsorship or Advertising on Army Tanks

The Poster lesliecowe thoughtfully mentions that "Obviously any advert needs to be vetted so that it doesn't offend Muslim sensibilities." and the implementation suggestion that "Graphics will need resistance to combat conditions"

But greatest idea so far:

Blair/Brown/Mandy cage fight on pay per view

Nine Inch Nails guy scores Facebook movie... bitch!

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Potential Spinoff...

Farmville the Movie anyone?

Future quantum computers could be made of... silicon?

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Further Reading

@ Lou - Try reading Schrodinger's Kittens. It's a little hard going, but does go into how Quatum Mechanics can be used to create encryption keys.

Key Star Trek tri-corder boffinry breakthrough

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Hip Replacements

As long as the joint replacement / pins have been in for a bit (about a month) then there's no problem having a scan with them. Apart from your images look crap, and there's always the risk of some heating.

The Article mentions that 0.7T "is still substantially less than the multi-Tesla fields required for MRI scans" - Not true, there are scanners in the sub 1T field (0.5+) that are in use, such as this one http://www.fonar.com/su_specs.htm although the higer Tesla has it's advantages in most cases.


BSc(Hons) Diagnostic Radiography

Microsoft 'offered sex and drugs to distributors'

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Neither EIM nor Microsoft were able to immediately comment on this story.

Probably too shagged out to bother

New mega offshore windfarms could supply 2% of UK energy

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reading between the lines

[quote]...support up to 70,000 jobs by 2020," added Prime Minister Gordon Brown. "This announcement will...[/quote]

Look favourably on us come election time

Airbus: We'll cancel crap A400M unless we get more £££

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White Flag Shocker

"France has stated that the customers should simply bite the pillow set out for them and pay more for their planes."

Not like the French Military to Surrender to the demands of "the man"

Swindon twins with Walt Disney World

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@ Valerion

[quote] What were the "loser" towns that weren't up to Swindon's level of enchantedness?[/quote]

Bradford & Keighley?


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