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Apple is making life terrible in its factories – labor rights warriors


Re: If you own an Apple product, then you are the problem.

you are partly right but the trick always was to remove from "our/your" eyes the consequences of your behavior.

You see the shinny product, you don't see the suffering, it is so far anyway, and one can rationalize "it was like this here before" (that's a lie but whatever).

But how can we think that the same way earth resources are infinite, cost can go infinitely down and so on and so on.

And it is not like just giving 10% more to suppliers would destroy Apple profits but it would make a world of difference to the workers (supposing some would be passed to them but lol)

And the last fallacy about "customer demands" is that we would have a choice :

Can you buy a smartphone not made in china ?

Is google better than apple ?

Sony than Microsoft ?

Competition is a fallacy in the modern "capitalist" economy. There is no diversity of practices, sames rules leads to the same consequences, the destruction of rules lead to the same jungle everywhere.

Civilization IS rules.

Windows 10 still free, even the Anniversary Update, if you're crass



You pay with your data and constant spying (sorry monitoring) and M$ is, as this the "anniversary update" show free to botch your computer anytime and you CAN'T refuse it (update is mandatory)

So please stop saying free the right word is "Privacy Paid"

RIP net neutrality? FCC mulls FAST LANES for info superhighway


Re: An open question to the anti-net-neutrality crowd:

Great answer and explanation, but the obvious seems to be unreachable to most now.

We ALREADY PAY ISP and TELCO as customers.

They DO make profits, so how come a "two sided market" is "needed".

Besides this http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/04/washingtons-revolving-door-cellular-lobby-and-fcc-have-traded-leaders/ explains most of the thing

FCC current chairman spend years at the head of BOTH telco/carriers lobbying groups ...

As did nearly every FCC chairman for years sometime going BACK to those groups after being FCC heads ....

Democratic values, a nice concept in lack of any substance lately.

MtGox chief Karpelès refuses to come to US for g-men's grilling


Re: Something is Bad Wrong

Thanks for the explanation of US laws.

There is still one thing that would gave me pause though if I was in his "shoes" (not saying he is guilty or not guilty no opinion here).

Since the Patriot Act no one who is not a US Citizen can have any real protection or guarantee of having even its basics human right respected, you CAN disappear forever (indefinite) without reason, appeal or lawyer.

You can be on a "list" without cause, reason and secretly and you can't even fight that inscription on the list, or even talk about it.

For any foreigner, the US is akin to any authoritarian regime in the world, with no protection at all, and that is a big problem for the "first democracy".

PS: I don't care if the lists are well or not well "curated", mistakes happen, angry people avenging with impunity happen, political bend happen, the reasons advanced societies have law, due process, defendant rights and contradictory processes of law with some transparency should be clear to anyone by now. Obviously they aren't (even to US lawmakers).

No, we're not in an IT 'stockapoclyse' – boom (and bust) is exactly what tech world needs


What you do and most of elReg "analysts" do theses days has a name ...

it is called "cognitive dissonance" : trying to make senses of things that don't have sense to avoid confrontation with an unpleasant truth.

And the vacuity of such reasoning is apparent in the pseudo universal underlying argument :"that's the way it is" A.K.A. : I want to be irresponsible A.K.A. changing things is so hard, why don't we put up with the crap and a a few other names.

War is horrible : necessary evil, men always kill each other

Inequality are growing faster than wealth grows : that's the way it is, have and have not

The market it chaotic and meaningless : the market is magic and no harm can come from the market

"fast trading" (who is obviously not a trade since nothing change hands) : let's invent a role for that shit (market balancing whatever) and go to sleep again.

etc etc etc ...

El Reg has become a conservative (I.E. : the system is has it should, the people are wrong) outpost wrapped into a science, IT and technology "mordernist" candy.

I used to like you so much.

Puking! protester! forces! Yahoo! 'techie! scum!' to! ride! vile! bile! barf! bus! to! work!


"Perkins said the situation in the Bay Area was simply market forces in action, and argued San Francisco should get used to being a suburb of Silicon Valley. The octogenarian multimillionaire advised Google and others to hang tough and keep the buses running. "

Since it is "simply market force in action" everyone should bow and accept it and even thinking to do something about it is anathema...

We are so far in madness it is not even called madness anymore.

EVE Online erects mashed-up memorial to biggest space fight in history


Re: False sense of achievement maxed out...

"""I wonder what those people would do if they would meet in the streets wearing their war colors..."""

Well THEY DO, every year, often in Iceland.

It is called EvE fanfest (http://fanfest.eveonline.com/en/default), where they HAVE FUN, drink beer, listen to satanic music (Metal and electro ;) ), and elect their consultative player parliament to represent them to CCP.


Can DirectAccess take over the world?

IT Angle

Like exchange right ?

"Most of the confusion surrounding DirectAccess stems from the fact that it is no more a single technology than Microsoft Exchange is. What we think of as Exchange is a large collection of highly interdependent applications. These in turn are dependent upon applications that we usually think of as entirely separate, such as Internet Information Services (IIS) and certificate management."

We think about them separate because they ARE separate, and Direct Access is just another locking in path and nothing more, not a new technology, not a new concept, just a bundling of tied in and tying in proprietary tech with a nice "graphic interface" and no way to understand what happened when it fails ...

But yes it will be, as usual, easier to sell, probably a bit easier to manage at first in a 90% windows environment and in the end cost 5 time the cost of well designed separate solutions; but he,y they do lock you in for a reason right ?

Number of cops abusing Police National Computer access on the rise


Nothing you EVER did should be forgotten, EVER ?

Or are you just glad you were not caught ?

Oh you probably think that you never did any wrong, but it is just a matter of defining wrong ... crossing close to a pedestrian passageway, smoking in THAT place, being ill and vomiting in THAT street (DRUUUNNKK).

You are a frightening and unfortunately more and more common kind of individual.

And a true menace to everything that make our democracy something more than a hollow word on toilet paper, oh wait ...

Industry upstart: You know what high-end HPC needs? More DAY-GLO


But the MATTER is really interesting ... just to say ;)

Gov report: Actually, evil City traders DIDN'T cause the banking crash


Right the default swap crisis never happened nor the Subprime mortgage crisis it was all "traditional banking" and nothing to do about it.

And no banks do not lend only what they have collected, bank run would be less problematic then because the value being there, a bigger bank or a state could provide a fallback and get the "assets" (if only when the state were bailing out the private banking sector they would get shares .... but no)

Right, let's continue exactly the same there is nothing better, "free market" is the ultimate end of history, right.

iPads in education: Not actually evil, but pretty close


Re: Any real reporting here?

Defines "real reporting" besides "what pleases you and don't offend your Apple gods ?"

And this is an opinion piece and labelled as such AND for once, all the points are valid and logical.

But in the face of obviousness, deny reality is the only way right ?

Schools are not a place to learn to consume it is a place to learn to critics, build, be a citizen, build oneself, have the world opened not virtually but in "physical reality" (from sports to museums, from concentration on difficult topic to the joy of being supported (when you are) in you difficulties and surmount the obstacles thus gaining confidence in yourself ..)

Schools are not worker drone factories, thank you.

Nokia deflates Google's video codec thought bubble


Re: Competition is good in certain areas

There IS area that should not be exposed to competition, utilities, healthcare and such and it has even been demonstrated within the own narrow confines of economic studies (that tend to always forgot whatever is not monetary value).

Second you are mistaking competition with privatization, you can have competition with public non patented knowledge and product, and in fact 99% of the "private patents" found their roots (and not 10 level remote, direct roots) in some public or publicly founded research.

Patents are a nonsense.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn't know how to use HTML5


Besides the fact that html5 is a mess of adhoc solutions to mostlly proprietary problems, what we are talking here is much more about JavaScript "done the right way".

And the whole point of the article seems to contradict its conclusion :

It is NOT a good time for web "developer" (read HTML, that were never a language to begin with anyway).

What Sensha demonstrated and what their framework is bringing to the Javacript world is that you need more "traditional" developer skills to do it right (modularity, delegation, separation of concerns, a **proper** object model, documentation, etc ...) than just 'php +html thrown on a page" skills.

Not to say that Facebook is only that, but obviously the html5 team was ...

Stallman: Ubuntu spyware makes it JUST AS BAD as Windows


Re: Bearded man has informed opinion

you are unfortunately confusing opt in and opt out. ;)

And of course a service that could work WITHOUT a potential opt-in will be forbidden if you don't opt-in, so you ARE paying with your identity, privacy and such.

It stops to be free, you become the product.

The people that poured code into Linux make another choice, that choice has to be respected.

If amazon search is such an amazing product, canonical should try to sell it without Ubuntu, let's see how much people want it ... won't happen, small steps of blackmail are still blackmail

Huawei: Inside the lair of the not-so-hidden dragon


Re: Iran

Iran is close to have the nuclear bomb AND launchers AND has a really crazy leadership AND has swore to NUKE ant least another country AND has ties to many "terrorist" group he could provide dirty ABC stuff too (whoever fostered or otherwise helped those terrorist groups is not the point here).

Relativism is another form of stupidity and a bad hide for cowardliness, NOT all things are equals, definitely not.

Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app


But the most AMAZING is

that they are not ALLOWED to install Google Maps back because it is **forbidden** to offer through the "apple tax and monopoly not so a market place" product "competing" with Apple craps :)



RBS IT cockup: This sort of thing can destroy a bank, normally


I love how you conclude "No, please, I don't want to hear anything about 100 per cent reserve banking, or the way that banks create money out of thin air. Whether all of this is true or not (it isn't, the banking system as a whole creates credit, not an individual bank's money) is irrelevant"

Because pushing aside what would show that your reasoning is, in current banking reality, partial is not making a good point for your analysis.

Bank do create "money" (not value) out of 'thin air' (scriptures) and the liquidity ratio is one thing, but the debt to capital ratio is another one and much more important.

If 100% of your debt is capital somewhere there is a good chance another bank can lend you liquidities to cover a bank run. That bank ru would then dry up probably by itself since the fear would be unfounded : people get their money back, the bank run-ed bank get less profit or some small (interests) debt.

Now if you are a bank this an abysmal debt/capital ratio : i.e you have created scriptural debt much over what you can truly either access or own from you own resources then the bank run is a completely different beast. Because the confidence your customers had in you WAS unfounded, you were just hoping there will not be a bank run .... and that is exactly the trouble with the banking system.

I would like to had that since the banking system privatized the money creation power by lobbying for central bank "independence" a major regulating tool for nation and states, the loonies are in charge.

P.S. : central bank independence does not mean that those "central bank" can set their policies as independent power separate from judicial, legislative and executive (that idea is already troubling to me, as if economy had an existence outside the body politics and society but I digress), no the real meaning of "independent central banks" is that they are now forbidden to use the state treasury as a guarantee, they can't make them print money to lend, in simple term. They are then mostly running on the same "flawed confidence" system as private banks.

To me the whole piece is interesting as another demonstration of taking one thing for another : talking about what bank **should be about** while being blind about what they are truly about now.

Who's adding DRM to HTML5? Microsoft, Google and Netflix


Re: Re: Re: Who the hell do they think they are?

This is AWESOME :

"marketing, distribution, legal teams, advisers and so on."

All people that only exist because lock in (and now DRM) and IP right are the way they are.

These people do not provide ANY value to the creative work (no a song is not better because it is "marketed", neither is a painting or a movie, more successful, maybe, better no).

Parasites that ask to be fed on the back of the creator(s)., who incidentally are gets the LOWEST share of the retribution...

In a "logical" and "fair" world you would pay 1/10 of the price you pay now (and yes I'll do it even if I could copy it, not all of us are undiscriminated thieves) AND the creator(s) would be retributed 2 to 4 times what they are now.

And yes the "marketing, distribution, legal teams, advisers and so on." would have to find another job or work for another kind of product where maybe this has value, and maybe they would be creating wealth and the whole society would benefit from it (through a mechanism call taxes, among a few other that are designed to spread the wealth and sow the society).

Dream on ?


Re: Try that at a theater sometimes....

Because you get it all wrong.

The theater is supposed to offer me other services than just the movie, the place, the screen, the sound, they have invested in real estate locally, they don't have a zero reproduction cost business.

And give me non transferable IP, meaning all proceeding always go to the creator, and I might agree with you, this is not the way it is, the one profiteering from the IP have close to nothing to do with the creators, from authors to technician, at least in the share of the benefits.


Re: This is a tough one.

OR the alternative could be the by law interdiction of walled gardens and the artificial creation of scarcity, a real change.


Re: Re: Regrettable perhaps

Why would they let you do it ? then they could have you register and unregister a limited number of computer (say one), and force you to pay and pay again ?

If they COULD prevent you to share the joy and think they could cough a bit more of money out of you WHY would they not do it ?

If it is possible and nobody fights it, it will happen.


Simple solution, if they don't want the content seen and spread

They should not release it.

Honestly I am so fucking tired of this artificial creation of scarcity benefiting always the same people and screwing all the others, artists included.

Ofcom: ISPs can cripple the web as much as they please


Who needs freedom and rights when you can have rigged competition and market "pressure" ? :)

Rigged : because how come that all ISP offers the same pricing and soon filtering policies being : "whatever we want when we want".

Since when the society came out of the jungle ? When we decided the jungle was not the best way to foster, all of us. Not only the "strongest ape".

Future Firefox to slurp updates silently

Thumb Down

What is the definition of a program that :

installs itself as a "chron/scheduled" task

installs itself as a service

installs itself as a startup program

re-install itself in those locations each time it is started

Download stuff silently from the internet

Send stuff silently to central servers ?????

For me that was the very definition of a malware and that is exactly what chrome does. And the fact that the installer is "open sourced" is a big lie since I don't control what is really bundled with the chrome installer.

And now Mozilla want to do the same thing ?

As for prefetching it is again a very bad decision that means longer boot and startup times (loading potentially never used DLLs), more memory consumed, more caches misses, it is dumb and I go all the way to remove each of such pre-fetch / fast load programs (adobe, office, open office, and so on and so on ):

And as mentioned above by others, I don't want downloads to happen "silently", sometime I am on a bad link, a costly one or whatever, as far as i know Mozilla, Google and al don't PAY for my net BILLS

At some point I just want to say "HEY GUYS YOU DON'T OWN MY COMPUTER !!!!"

And playing copycat is always a loosing game, the chrome interface is a fail and forcing it to the gut of users in FF6 infuriated me to no end ....

I still like the browser and its add-on mentality, but Mozilla has lost touch with reality.

Visual Studio infected with HTML5 by 'rogue faction'

Thumb Down

Will somebody tell them That HTML is not a langage

That HTML is not a langage (not turing complete) and that it is not even standardized yet

Will somebody tell tham that Javascript is a crappy langage unfit for serious development ?

Will somebody tell them that nobody in its right mind truly think that "their" HTML+Jvascript will be any useful without proprietary extension, because at some point, you have to address the operating system to do specific stuff, and that there is no point in having the immaturity and crapiness of Javascript coupled with the proprietary ?

They had a wonderful solution to the web pains with silverlight IF only they were ready to truly open source it and let the technology go for later build on it new tools and better solutions.

What we needed was a well thought out in browser virtual machine for dynamic languages that would have helped us out of javascript and back into serious languages and the tools we build the last 30 years (namespaces, packages, rich types, serious debugger, serious ide and such ...)

Stand by for more big, windfarm-driven 'leccy price rises


Did you forget already

"Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate"


biased beyond redemption

Mozilla slips SpiderMonkey into Dev Platform of the Future™


It is great to see the worse most unfinished and rushed out langage

be pushed were he should never even have been considered.

Javascript is, in its current state, one of the worst langage to do serious development, no packages or modules , poor typing, no namespaces, no threading support, entire langage constructs you should NOT use (for in ..) and such, it is just a rushed out langage that happened to be the only solution to a non existent problem.

I fully know of all the "function and prototypes" trickery that have been invented to makeshift the missing functionalities, but those ARE hacks. And the fact that everybody has to re-invent them is a sure proof that it should have been in the langage at first.

All those energies should be dedicated to build a decent modern virtual machine allowing us to use ANY langage we want inside the browser, and with decent development tools.

But, hey, it is more man hours trowed at debugging bugs that should never have bee there in the first place or building libraries to do what is standard in pretty much every langage designed in the last 20 years ... more money creating false value, and more time lost, project late and such...

Awesome rationality.

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future


Mr Lewis

Mr Lewis, you are right on every account, it is just the rest of the world who disagree with you.

You can't be wrong, no fact can contradict you, no logic can impede you.

You define truth.

You are a god.

Can you please disappear in a puff of smoke now ?

thanks you.


All those are "human resources"

Barely people.

Let's tuck them in an abstract column in a report filled under "acceptable losses".

Perspective is everything you are right indeed.

Mozilla 'cloud' code editor breaks with Lando Calrissian


yes you obvisouly

love to obfuscate your code have an awkward object model, and favor compact code over readable one, because, you know,. it is faster ;)

All the langages you cite are notorious for being unreadable, obfuscated, sometime verbose at the same time (jave with its inverted noun/verm model) and none of them has been created for what it is used. (Java was created at first for embedded development, C++ is the bastard child of a glorified macro processor called C, perl is well .. perl lol (there is more than one way to do it wrong, and an object model even larry criticize ), and PhP is the langage that must be shut down every invocation, was never conceived to be used as it is now, hence the growing pains (PHP 6 ? ) )

You are truly a curly brace developer. Through and through.

I am not.


good ideas and very wrong direction since the beginning

The idea of collaborative editing is a GREAT one, something that only the mac "subethaedit" application does properly till now.

Doing it "online" as long as you can run your own server could be a great plus.

But this project has been re-spined, re-defined and re-named too many times.

And a project that rewrites any part of its code base in another langage (and "inferior/inadequate", python is way more readable and robust to extend than javascript) for the sake of "code continuity / purity etc" is a sure sign of people laking practicality and common software project management wisdom and skills. In other words, people that have good ideas, great theoretical skills, probably coding brilliance, but no capability for long term planning and the unpleasant and sometime boring part of a project : i.e lab people.

I predict a slow but sure fail.

A pity, I had my eye on this project for a while.

Russian spy ring bust uncovers tech toolkit


How did they get the informations in the first place

Would love to know that too ;)

Google vanishes Android apps from citizen phones

IT Angle

So you like to be treated as an ignorant irresponsible money bag ?

Because there is no reason for them to REMOVE the app.

They could, for instance flag it to display a message at launch explaining the potential problem and asking for removal or not, THAT would be talking to me like an human and respecting MY property.

Again, that would you say if your car dealer came into your house, cracked open the garage and took whatever he wants in "your" car ? (he is covered it is line 18 of your 25 page "contracts" that says that you pay for the care but he still owns it, you know the one ? )

How come that the fact it "seems" immaterial makes any such thing acceptable ?

Something that is build is mean to be used, or you don't build it.

And humans there NEVER able to resist using anything they built, so .... it will be used and used and abused.

Again the problem is that with people like you quitting from exercising any responsibility and judgment and happily delegating judgment about what is "good" or "bad" to a third party (here a business company), and even saying thanks when they are invaded and stolen from, people like "me" and all the ones that can't tolerate such things have their basic liberties more and more eroded every day.

So if you could please remember that you are a citizen and not only an infantile consumer, I would be glad.

as if you cared of course.


Googlegate: Mapping a scandal of global proportions


You don't care but you still defend it ? weird

If it was useless why record it ?

And if you don't know the difference between randomly eavesdrop and systematically record, well you don't need privacy at first.

You don't care ? that's ok but why fight the one who care ?

Unless you WANT to be tracked ?

My trouble is that people like you and destroying MY privacy rights.

So please if you don't care, REALLY don't care.

Google readies 'late fall' Chrome OS release


if somebody could

explain to me what the f... hell means a "native WEB OS", I'd be glad to learn how to make my brain believe in oxymorons.

So tired of this "lying and misleading is just normal marketing" thing.

Pirate Bay co-founder hopes it will die


As long as you assume than one "pirated copy" means one sale lost ...

... you'll feel like that.

But it is wrong, has been prooved wrong and don't stand scrutinity.

I don't know what games you do but there is a HUGE chance I was never exposed to them EVER. It is about the long tail.

And if your game was on TPB there is a big chance you had some sales from that too.

I for one, have bought game I played at friend or was handed as a copy.

And I am not alone doing that around me.

Even if I don't play much lately.

The sure thing is that I'll never buy a 'protected' musicCD or one of the new "'not online / no play" game sold by ubi soft.

Instead I recently bought Warband, $30, great gameplay and a tad of trust in the customer went a long way.

Microsoft's Office Web Apps - Google killing not included


nice try to lock us in DOCX

when we are barely out of .doc hell.

DOCX is ultimate lock in.

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban


Is it not illegal to refuse a sale or discriminate customers in the US ?

It is in Europe atthe very least in France.

And how come they store your credit card number after the sale and link it to your product ?

Privacy laws ? who cares

Freedom of trade ? who cares ?

Welcome into the new world


You are wrong

If you are in a retail business you can't refuse a sale and the exact displayed price in cash.

You can't in most countries in the world.

Something that is for sale MUST have a price displayed and CAN'T be denied sale at least against cash.

You can't offer a product at your whims and likes or dislike of the customers.

And that's good.

Amazon sues US state on customers' privacy


Maybe the problem is simply about how come these information to be retained in the first place ...

How come they store so much private information in the first place ?

Yes the state as no business knowing that but he would not be able to ask for it if those datas were not stored "forever" in the first place.

I don't trust the people at Amazon to respect my privacy any more than the people working at any state agency or anywhere else.

Because it is not a question of trust, it is a question of right. These data have NO USE for the transaction they were disclosed for now and should be deleted after a few weeks or months.

And it should be the law.

In a democracy you don't track your citizens by defaults. Only if a criminal investigation is needed not beforehand.

Die Panopticon.

Sarah's Law review skewed by handpicked sample


So it is ...

No big deal then :)


Your right should be

Your right should be to have a relationship and share custody with your kid, so that you know she is well and can SEE and feel she is ok and happy.

Not to have a third party check on your ex partner choices.

The fact that you first think about her choosing a "Charles Manson" to live with means more about your inability to let go than her ability to rebuild her life, besides she picked YOU before right ? So what would that tell about you then ? Shall we check ?

Apple strips top shelf, leaves corporate smut in place


And it is too dangerous to challenge the "well known"

Because they might retaliate, cry censorship, free speech and such and go to court were Apple practices could be condemned and the whole control of Apple over the Istore would vanish .

Not something Mr Jobs want to even consider.

So that way it is so much better : less smaller publisher that can't prosecute means MORE business for the well know that will not want to prosecute ...

And again the f...king children argument, do your kids NEED and IPhone ?

Do you want to live in the Moomin Valley forever ? I don't and as a kid, when I decided I wanted to know about sex, believe me I was as motivated to get my way as I was un-interested a few months before ... And I am sure I am not the only one .... ;)

Google's MapReduce patent - no threat to stuffed elephants

Thumb Down

How can you have a patent ...

On a math recipe, an idea, something SPECIFICALY and EXPLICITELY excluded from all and every IP laws and international treaties about IP.

Not that those treaties are great but THAT is forbidden EVEN by them ...

Experts reboot list of 25 most dangerous coding errors


Maybe just suppressing the LAWS that prevent COMPANY to be responsible

Would do a GREAT deal of good.

It is like these developer are working in a vacuum ... not hired by anybody that does not impose them the langage the schedule the training.. just evil incompetent devils ...

Remember the DMCA and such .? they BEFOREHAND remove software company from liability something we would not accept from any other industry (Toyota mess anyone ? )

Maybe THEN we will see a move to memory managed langage that would remove 80% of those bugs and vulnerability, and see a better emphasis on doing it RIGHT before doing it NOW.

NOBODY asks you to do it right in a development team, the security and quality is something you have to shove in yourself on top of the workload even if that quality would pay down the road in support and maintenance it has ZERO priority so it is like blaming the rail worked for the route of the railroad : he could put the rail more solidly in the ground sure but only IF he was not asked to do it on sand.

And to have those thing changed, software shops need to be responsible of the damage they cause like any other industry.

I need NONE of the "new" capabilities of office 20XX I would prefer to have it more logical, simpler to use and safer, and that goes with Operating systems and all the rest.

Drop C and C++ for christ sake, this is NOT a professional langage, just a glorified macro assembler.

Microsoft made a phone, and I hate it already


I know math are hard

but you should add to your minus X the cost of 24 times your monthly plan, assuming you don't have hidden costs of course(not like your telecom provider would want you to pay extra mind you), I doubt your total cost on 24 months will be in the negative.

In fact I am quite sure it won't.

The good thing is that what you just argued is EXACTLY how they want you to think ...

good boy.

Warner Music gives up on free streaming services


Maybe that are not interested in YOU discovering music,

Maybe that are not interested in YOU discovering music, because it means they have to support variety invest in many genres and groups and artist : here is better business model

* control what your "customer" can have access

* spend on publicity (those are your party friends anyway)

* sale millions on as few arttist as possible, plus the more you narrow the genres the more you model "customers" tastes so it is all a win for the next 'artist'

* rince and repeat.

They are not in the music business they are in the sale business

Traffic reports for the wrong country? There's an iPhone app for that


I am sorry

I am French and I am sorry for the undue trouble my country is always causing :)

It is all "delusion of grandeur" now since we have that mad president.


Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy


This guy like most "edulcored" totalitarian oriented would be doo-gooders..

Forgot that the basis of democracy founded by Greek a few thousand years ago was what we call now the presumption of innocence and the necessity of the the accusation to bring proofs and solid ones recognizable by other citizens to prosecute.

But anyhow the thing is what he calls good is what serves him, the question is would he do what he think is good when his business money is on the line ? We know the answer.

And maybe that Chinese democracy activists are "doing bad" when google rats on them ?

And as was said before me, let's have full access to Google data FULL access and have some fun with the nasty secrets THEY have, let's start with Eric smith FULL account, I am sure we'll love how good he is.

Another proof we CAN'T and SHALL not trust corporation and build political failsafe and cross examination in every aspect of our society, accountability and responsibility.

I hate this guy.

And I don't use its services, I'm glad I don't