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Foxconn closes iPad factory after explosion deaths


In other words

more iPad 2 delays :(

Motorola Xoom

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Oooh, all these iPad 2 wannabes. Its such a shame that they cannot even fathom the concept of the iPad, what it is, what it is meant to do or why it even exists. All these copy cats are just a shot by the manufacuturers at stabbing in the dark and hoping to get lucky. Nice try moto but try again.

And the rest of you people should stick to your netbooks.

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iPad is £329

Right now, you can either buy an iPad or an iMatator. Its a well known fact that Android is 2yrs behind iOS. Here's my personal buying guide.

1. If you're on a micro budget, keept your Windows XP PC/lappy. Do NOT buy a tablet.

2. If you have a few bob to spare for for some fun, head down to maplins and buy a £79 Android 1.6 tablet.

3. If you've saved some beer money, for under £200, go crazy over an Android 2.0/2.1 tablet.

4. If you hate Apple and love WinTel Flash, but a netbook. I hear these things go for sub-£200.

5. If you hate Apple and wanna put your money where your mouth is, buy a tab or Xoom. Flash 10.2 is teh awesome! All the other sh1t you wont notice and will happily tollerate. BBC iPlayer in WebOS FTW!!!

6. If you wave the cash to flash and want it just to work, buy an iPAd 1. Its £329 and will give you 10hrs of continuous use. No it doesnt support flash, but it has apps for all the relevent uses, BBC news, iPlayer, 4OD, Sky player and the adult sites. Right now its iPad or bust, apps galore, very many big media players have apps for most functions, all built from the ground up for YOUR device. For me this is the most popular choice. Either spend £29 on an iPad or carry on saving your pennies, Its either and iPad or its not.

7. For anyone wanting to push the boat out, buy an iPad 2 for £60 more. Double the CPU, double the ram, 9x the graphics.

iPads have a great resale value. You could easiily buy it now, have a good time and selll it in time for iPad 3 for little loss.

Nintendo to whack Wii price by 28%

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Not good enough

It was already selling for £99 over Easter at Asda and Game

Arcam FMJ BDP100 Blu-ray Disc player


The Arcam FMJ BDP100 Blu-ray Disc player was not built for Beggars

It was built for choosers.

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Dear Reg, please stop reviewing such high end luxurious consumer products.

Your readership cannot appreciate a wonderful device that does a world class job of its primary function for a price that sits fairly with its target market. No doubt if they ever inheritted a £10k telly, they'd rush off to Tesco to pair it up with a £49.99 blu ray player on Easter sale. As a connoisseur of many high end consumer electronics, my decision making process is not to simply compare crude a spec list with price. Im sure a lot of those people would be counting the exact number of tinned beans and extra mileage of petrol a cheaper supermarket player would buy you for the price difference. When I buy a high end (luxury?) device, I want it to perform its primary function to a world class standard. That represents true value.

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Foxconn staffers cuffed for leaking iPad 2 design in 2010


If you do the crime

you gotta do the time

Five amazing computers for under £100


Five ancient nostalgic junk for under £100

Take off your rose tinted specs for a moment.

Who would seriously invest £100 in any of those devices today.

There are far better modern computers that can out perform any of those devices for a £100.

Like others have mentioned, take the San Francisco, root it, install a custom OS, emulator or Android 2.2 and you have a very pocketable computer that does practically anything your old cobweb encrusted junk does.

These devices deserve huge, huge, HUGE credit for being the forerunners for all the amazing tech we have today but who, under the age of 30, with any dignity would buy a Psion off ebay today on a £100 budget aside from the nostalgia value when you could get so much, much MUCH more bang for buck elsewhere?

This article is just nostalgic sentimental wank.

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Nintendo details 3DS roll-out


Same price as a PS3 console then.


Google aims Nexus S smartphone at US, UK


And the biggest hardware leap between this and the Galaxy S is ...........

.............what exactly?

Tesco touts Samsung Android tablet


Should also be

Half the price

The return of the Psion-sized PC


Wintel = Expensive Fail. Armandroid = Win

Arm CPU % Linux/Android OS. Price = low price, high functionality & excellent battery life.

Wintel = low performance, over priced, redundant hardware.

I guarantee that in 12-18 months we will have a viable non-Wintel system with high functionality for pocket money. Either this will be Arm Android or even Apple iTablet. Give this system a miss guys, far too little, far too late.


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