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'The inmates have taken over the asylum': DNS godfather blasts DNS over HTTPS adoption


Re: Where do the keys come from?

"Is the key connected to the DNS server itself? In that case, you could identify all contact to the DNS servers"

They're not /just/ DNS servers.The provider side of this in practice is a large organisation with a lot of useful stuff being served over https; for example Google or Cloudflare.

So an attacker can identify that there's an HTTPS request going to Google or Cloudflare, but that's it. And it turns out that most organisations don't want to clock the entirety of Google or Cloudflare, because if you do that then an enormous amount of stuff breaks.

Very much the point here is to mix the DNS traffic that ISPs etc. want to mess with indistinguishably into something so big and vital that they can't just block it all.

Dongles pricey and pointless, says Bluetooth SIG


Supported by Vodafone

--- In fact there is no broadband-like data add-on which allows computer usage on at least O2 and Vodafone ---

Of course, that's not a fact. Vodafone call their's 'Mobile Broadband via the Phone' and the deals are similar to the dedicated dongle ones; i.e. two levels at 3Gb/month and 5Gb/month.

Nokia N900 Linux smartphone


Not at the top of the learnign curve

--- but once you're in the menu, there's no obvious way to get back to your home page, until you realise you need to press the power button ---

You don't need to do that; just click on an empty bit of the background and it'll take you straight back. It's not obvious, but once you've got it it's very easy.