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PC owners borg into the most powerful computer the world has ever known – all in the search for coronavirus cure


I have been doing seti and boinc for more than a decade. But putting it on clients system is asking for serious criminal charges (you are stealing their electricity). Please do not do this, apart from anything else it will give other distributed@home a bad name.

Microsoft faces Dutch crunch over Windows 10 private data slurp


Re: "Telemetry"

I use Spybot Anti-Beacon from Safer Networking. SN have been around for years with various good freeware.

Quick and easy.

Speednames 'fesses up, admits customers' emails are borked


NetBenefit good, Speednames not so good

More than a decade using Netbenefit to host/forward mailbox my domains, never a glitch (or not a noticeable one of more than a few minutes), total reliability/ Speednames arrives bang down goes email within a few months and for hours.

Anyone got any recommendations for ultra reliable alternative, mainly just need them for forwarding to my single collection email address (Gmail)


China's supercomputing whizzkids: Busting out a 8.224 teraflops cluster? Guilty as charged


Re: Not sure what you mean....

Acronym :-)

Samsung Mega 6.3: Enter the PHONDLESLAB


Battery Life

Give me a normal sized phone with 2-3 days battery life like the Mega and I will buy it. For me this phone is too large but damn I wish my S2/3/4s would go for at least a couple of days of usage (I do mean full usage, never seen the point of a smartphone with all the good bits switched off)

Galaxy S4 way faster than iPhone 5: Which?


Battery Life

The speed is already fine, give me more battery life.

In space, no one can hear your laptop Blue Screen

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Great Stuff


Build a BONKERS gaming PC


Re: And some folks just build these.....

A valid point, but some of us build just because it interests us, and the other good thing about being so far ahead on the curve is I can use it for a year or so, then pass it down to the children for another year or so, then add it to my folding farm and in all that time it is doing great service.

There again I am the sort who has a folding farm :-)

Windows XP update fails in infinite .NET patch loop


Removal works

I removed all versions of .net which solved the problem. Nothing on the PC stopped working so .net was probably left over from some old and now removed program.

No help for anyone who needs it but might be worth checking anyway.

Waste of Blxxdy time though, 1 hour of messing around with a PC that had worked fine for years.

Ten... freeware gems for new PCs

Paris Hilton

Libre or Open Office ?

I was under the impression from most reviews that Libre was a cleaner and more mature package than Open Office.

Or is Open Office back to being the main alternative ?

Any comments welcome

Motorola beefs up rugged Android smartphone


How good is the Defy at making calls ?

I had a Droid and liked the phone but found the speech very muffled both rcv and tx. Had lots of complaints from customers so switched to Nexus 1 then a Desire both of which are great.

Because of the Droid I am a bit wary of Motorola, has anyone found problems with the original Defy ? I know there were a lot of reported problems in the speech quality of the Droid (But I was an early adopter so did not see them :-( but I have not seen much bad about the Defy apart from Speed and the new Defy+ seems to sort that out.

Very Happy with my Desire and Nexus One but thinking about Android Phones for the (Very Clumsy) Wife and Children :-)

Thanks for any info


No, iPhone location tracking isn't harmless and here's why

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You answered what I was about to ask.

Upgrade-hungry office drones ponder PC prangs


But if you are the one paying

as I am, I just look at what they really need, Firefox, Skype, and Open Office running on Ubuntu needs nothing more than some old Athlon XP2000/1800s with 1gb of RAM.

I changed one chap to a dual core (ran out of old Athlons) and he did not even notice the difference.

They all run 20" LCDs with a good keyboard, but who cares about the box these days for basic Office operation. (And my laptop is an old T42 so I do not have one rule for them and one for me)

But they do all get HTC Desire phones.

Duke Nukem Girls give it some on video


Bring it On

Probably going to be disappointed but should still be good for a laugh.

Nintendo 3DS


Running down the ZX81

The ZX81 had a great keyboard (Compared to the ZX80)

First reports on XM-25 Judge Dredd smartgun in A'Stan

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Well Put

Nice to hear someone actually spending money on soldiers rather than squids and flyboys.

Sounds an excellent weapon, not holding my breath for when UK troops will get it.

Google man: 'Honeycomb' only for fondleslabs (so far)


I wish they would release 2.3

To my Nexus one handset. They keep promising (remember one of the points of the Nexus one was as a developers handset)

Come on Google, give me 2.3, maybe it will cure the lack of auto switch between WIFI and 3G that 2.2.2 killed.

Antique Nimrod subhunters scrapped – THANK GOODNESS!


So do I

Quiet was not how I recall them either.


A reasonable arguement

This whole program from beginning to end has been an enormous waste of taxpayers money.

In the 80s the argument was we did not need the super capable US AWACS so we should build our own cheaper version. Oddly enough these ended up being more expensive than the AWACS (when all BAE costs were added in) but were so bad that I often used to get orders to stop flipping frequencies so fast (this on an old RAF 70s design Radar) as the Nimrods could not cope during testing. This latest lot seems to be the same story repeated.

It makes no sense to try and custom build these sort of solutions, we just re invent the wheel and it is always the taxpayers who get royally screwed.

Google Nexus S Android smartphone


Battery Life

Most of the other reviews I have seen are critical of the Nexus S battery life, PC Pro did a Smartphone review and the Nexus S was near the bottom.

Are you sure you are right ? I am trying to make up my mind between the Desire and the Nexus S and battery life is one of the main criteria for me.

Colonel who slammed Afghan HQ PowerPoint culture is fired



(As already said), the term in the British Army in the 80s was Rear Echelon Mother F*****s

Classic story of the brass not liking the truth being known.

Judge trounces Register.com in Baidu.com hijacking case

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Not often I support the Chinese but after reading sex.com it is nice to hear some of these registrars getting a bit of their own medicine.

Whatever happened to the email app?



Just been playing around with opera mail to a gmail account. Really fast search but the main reason I would not swap from Thunderbird is I could find no way to sync with google contacts.

Import/export yes and fine, but Zindus on Thunderbird is great and easy.

Anyone know of a widget for opera mail similar to Zindus ?

Good article though.

US Navy SEALs' new airlock minisub - made in Blighty


"Oil Rig of Terrorists" comment

raised a good smile (on this wet and cold Friday evening)

Nice to see UK engineers at work without a bunch of government or union toadies getting involved.

Motorola Droid - the not quite iPhone killer


Indeed you are right

I found the iphone 3GS 16gb for 429 without contract. I then found the Milestone for 199 without contract.

I am sure the iphone is better, but that is like saying an S class Mercedes is better than an E Class. Yes, but they can both do the job very well, and one is cheaper (a lot) than the other.

I have not owned an iPhone but am very happy with my Milestone and glad to be rid of my Windows Mobile phones :-)

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My Browser supports multi touch

Sorry I guess my Milestone is different from your Droid. Got mine on Friday and it certainly supports Multi Touch on the Browser. I have not installed anything from the Market (yet) so I must be using the native browser.

But I would highly recommend the Droid/Milestone just for "snappiness" compared to HTC HD/HD2/Pro2 all of which I have used in the last month. Flipping through hundreds of jpgs is fast and easy compared to Windows Mobile. The web pages open much faster, screens flick around, and programs open faster (No not very scientific but I have never been into benchmarking) avi videos open quickly, and the call volume and ringer volume are great.

And zooming in and out of web pages (with 2 fingers opening or closing) is brilliant. The HTCs are all so slow (Opera or IE) you would simply not both trying to zoom.

Not tried an iphone as they are 800 UK Pounds (without a contract) versus 400 UK Pounds for the Droid/Milestone. From what I have seen the iPhone is not twice as good.

Guess it is not an iPhone killer but for 50% of the cost I am happy.

MS botches Office 2010 prices, hikes Professional by £30

Gates Horns

Time for Open Office

Says it all

US sorority girls in booze-fuelled orgy of violence



I have taught both my children (one boy, one girl, daughter one year older than son) that what matters is not to hit first.

But if one hits the other the game changes, as I always tell them "for every action there is a reaction" :-)

How can we say everyone is equal then change the rules on some things. Sounds a bit "Animal Farm" to me. We are all equal regardless of any crap spouted by people with an agenda to push.

I used to hire Engineers regardless of sex/colour/religion, then get some cretin from Personnel calling saying I had more Female/Black Engineers than any other department and would I like anything. Reply was always the same you get good/bad engineers, nothing else counts.

Going to get my coat now as I am sure someone will take offense. I have been asked to leave Parents group for daring to argue against the accepted norm.

Mozilla lights fire under Thunderbird

Gates Horns

Great news

I use Thunderbird now instead of my beloved Forte Agent (I needed IMAP) but even something as old as Agent still looks very finished compared to Thunderbird.

Good to hear that development is speeding up, it is (slowly) coming to be a decent Outlook replacement.

And it stops me having to pay the MS tax and have a piece of software that tell me where I have to store the data.