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UK's 'homebrew firmware' Chinooks set to be usable a mere 16 years late

Will 20

Nimrod MRA4.

<Mike Drop>

Admins in outcry as Microsoft fix borks Group Policy

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This is true - however it's a significant change into the behaviour of group policy, and given how often Microsoft push out patches, there might have been a better way to manage the change in behaviour.

Calgary uni pays ransomware criminals $20k for its files back

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I can't believe people are still paying out these crypto-ransomware extortion deals. Get a good back/DA plan. Put it into place. Test it. If you have a fire in your server farm you won't get to pay a ransom.

Virgin Atlantic co-pilot dazzled by laser

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Have some laser detection gear, and fire a more powerful laser right back - probably enough to discourage any more tagging...

Apple's chip, firmware security demands behind HomeKit delays

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Seems Apple are being very sensible. None of the manufacturer's name is on the kit. It's APPLE Home kit. You are entrusting APPLE with your home automination. Apple will be selling it to their customers and will be getting the shit if it goes wrong.

Emergency-service comms omnishambles worsens as HP dives for the door

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Re: dual-mode TETRA/4G

My *limited* understanding, is that because of the frequencies used, you require less nodes for coverage on TETRA than you do 4G. Assuming the new comms solution is going to be airgapped from public networks, they're going to have to install a hell of a lot more masks to give coverage. Unless you use TETRA for comms, and commercial 4G for data, as and when you need it. (As long as you use appropriate security)

A quarter of public sector IT workers have never used the cloud

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What's wrong with getting the Government Communications Headquarters to set-up a little private 'cloud' set up for UK government to put things that need to be shared, yet have some degree of security?

Ditch crappy landlines and start reading Twitter, 999 call centres told

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Text / Social Media could be a way of scouping up non-urgent jobs, but anything requiring a flash priority response, needs to be bi-directional call. If you can side channel gps/video, that's great as well, but you really need to be able to get the specific details quickly, provide advice, and give dynamic updates to the people responding to the call.

AdBlock aims to send filthy malverts on one-way LSD trip

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Re: Maybe it's me...


Police pen shortage threatens Irish public order

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Re: Re. Saves the pen issue straight away!

The reason an electronic pad is used, is so that the custody record can be sent straight to NICHE rather than scanned into the computer, and then added laboriously as a scanned document, with the details typed into the computer. The pads are usually embedded in the custody desk, which means all the crims can do is rip away the stylus

'MacGyver' geezer makes 'SHOTGUN, GRENADE' from airport shop tat

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>>Security? Talk to El Al. They've faced real terrorists.

UK Security Forces have been dealing with terrorism now, for about, forty years, and guess what - the vast majority of the practises that the TSA use are the same or similar to what the Israelis and British security use.

Which is really unsurprising given that they train together all the time, learn off each other all the time...

Android in FOUR out of 5 new smartphones. How d'ya like dem Apples?

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How useful a statistic is it? Apple's eco-system isn't just hinged on physical device sales, for example, but also appstore & itunes sales. Also, what are the margins like, between a fruity device and a roboty one?

Let police track you through your mobe - it's for your OWN GOOD

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Yes, they should do it. Think of your loved one, lying there after a heart attack. Not breathing. Unresponsive. You can do CPR, but you don't know where you are. Good CPR is hard work. Every second that ticks away, is a second longer you have to work. A second less your loved one has. All because you don't know where you are.

The 999 operator tracks your phone. They give the ambulance your location. They say - don't worry help is on the way. Get on with CPR. They tell you that your nearest AED is at such location.

It will save lives.

If you don't want to be tracked - leave it at home. Personally, when I shout for help, I'd rather people know where I am!

Snowden journalist's partner gave Brit spooks passwords to seized files

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Re: I wonder if...

Under UK law you always have the right to remain silent

'You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence, if you do not mention something which when questioned/now you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence'

However, inferences can be drawn in court if you do choose to remain silent either in court, or when you were questioned by the authorities.

(the only time this doesn't apply is when you have been questioned with the restricted caution)

Will 20

Re: Will 20 Salts What if...

I don't really recall supporting it. The security forces have been given a task, the prevention of terrorism (amongst others), and a piece of legislation (in this case, the Terrorism Act, 2000). They have a duty to prevent terrorism, using the terrorism act. If people see a problem with this, then the right people to talk to, are the politicans, who seem to be diving away left right and centre! The act has been in force for around 12 years now, so they can hardly claim they haven't had a chance to review it.

It isn't the job of the security forces to make policy. It is the job of the security forces to enact the policy of the government, which has ultimately been selected by the people.

Will 20

Re: Salts What if...

Which is precisely the power granted under Schedule 7 - IE to determine whether a person fits the profile, as defined by Section 40(1)(b). An unauthorised person carrying Official Secrets of the five-eyes which would be useful to a terrorist organisation certainly warrants an investigation, as to what is going on - which is entirely the point of schedule 7.

Will 20

Re: Salts What if...

If I were the suspicious type, I'd say it could have been a provocative action.

Will 20

My understanding - which could be wrong - is that David Miranda was stopped on his way to meet a film-maker who makes films about the NSA. He is also the partner, of Glenn Greenwald, who is the first point of contact with Edward Snowden, who is responsible for leaking top secret US/UK files.

I think it would a dereliction of duty if you were not to investigate what David Miranda was bringing across the border, and what his intentions were.

Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes, turns young woman into 'burnt pig'

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Re: What's the proper way to put out a lithium fire?

Lithium reacts Gently in water, fizzing. It's Sodium that has an energetic reaction to Water. Lithium reactions in Water create Hydroxide and Hydrogen.

Depends on the amount of Lithium. The actual amount in a Laptop or Mobile phone battery, means that using water to fight one of these isn't that bad an idea - the amount of hydrogen released isn't probably enough to cause a major danger.

Ideally, Dry Powder should be used, and then CO2, water/foam.

Eric Schmidt defends Google's teeny UK tax payouts - again

Will 20

If you want to make Google pay fair tax, change the tax law.

Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac

Will 20

How do you prove that the Hidden application is installed on your computer, and that you didn't crack your way into someone elses machine, install it, and then claim that your computer was stolen?

On a side note - anything of value easily removable - record the serial numbers!

Python-lovers sling 'death threats' at UK ISP in trademark row

Will 20

I was considering using Python for a client for cloud backup solutions. Now the website is dead. That's now not going to happen, and I'm glad that I hadn't signed the contract on behalf the of the client.

Very nearly VERY embarrassing for our own company too...

Star Trek saviour JJ Abrams joins the dark side: Star Wars VII

Will 20

I hate JJ Abrams for Star Trek 09. I thought Lost and Alias were a waste of time. I'm amused he won a Razzie for his screenplay for Armageddon. I think he lacks talent, and vision, and believes he is better than he is.

But it could be worse.


That is all.

The 10 best … Windows Server 2012 features

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Re: Hmm...

I'll be using Server 2012 as a Remote Desktop Server, so having a GUI on it for the lusers is actually quite important to me...

UK armed forces could be 'fatally compromised’ by cyber attack

Will 20

Costing around £200 per smartphone, a ruggedised Android device made in the UK. And GSM technology is tried and tested. The present (wo)man radio used by the Army costs around £8,000 EACH. Compared to the modern Android smartphone features, these £8,000 radio's are crippled. Base stations can be duplicated and placed in several 'hard' vehicles so if one gets knocked out, the rest carries the load.

Cell phones needs base stations to operate properly. They are magnificently easy to DF, and Jam. Bowman doesn't need the base stations, it isn't easy to DF, and much more resilient to jamming.

The best smartphones for Christmas

Will 20

I don't want a big smart-phone!

If I wanted a big smartphone, I'd get a tablet. No more than 60mm wide please.

(Currently, I'm thinking, a Sony Xperia P)

Adobe demands 7,000 years a day from humankind

Will 20

I remember some legal mumbo jumbo from a while back claiming that EULA's were completely unenforceable under UK law as the term - 'agreement' meant that both sides had a chance to write their terms. Since EULA's only give a chance for the company to offer it's terms, and the only option is to disagree (especially when you've already brought the software) , there is no agreement, and no enforceability.

At least, that will be my defence in court...

Why is solid-state storage so flimsy?

Will 20


Seriously, if you haven't mastered backups by now, all hope is lost.

PayPal drops into McDonalds, begs meat-guzzlers to give it a bonk

Will 20

I want NFC to have nothing to do with my bank account.

Call me paranoid, but yes, I am.

Woz: Cloud computing trend is 'horrendous'

Will 20

The Cloud - or as I put it to my bosses - the new word for 'outsourcing'

They passed.

'Biologically accurate' robot legs walk like an Egyptian

Will 20

I feel a bit of Python humour is obligatory:


Met bobbies get CSI kit to probe perps' mobes

Will 20

I don't have a problem with them reviewing the data - after all, that data is in your possession, and under the law as it stands, they have the right to search for evidence of crime and criminality. The problem is, retention when no crime or criminality has been detected - just as the retention of DNA has been ruled unlawful, I can bet that at the ECHR, this will be ruled unlawful too.

Cameron's F-35 U-turn: BAE Systems still calls the shots at No 10

Will 20

1. If we have US aircraft carriers - they'll have to constantly go back to the US to be worked on. Every time a ship comes back from Sea, they do some work on it - and there isn't much in the way of UK military ports that'll take a ship the size of a US aircraft carrier.

2. Cats and traps involve throwing a very heavy aircraft at a very high rate of acceleration (or deceleration) off a carrier. It isn't just a bit of welding, and we'll stick these on here. Since we don't have a nuclear engine to generate steam, it'll have to be EMALS to launch. EMALS is so brand spanking new, that the Yanks have just started to get it to work, and not even on a boat yet.

3. F-18 is an inferior aircraft to both Eurofighter, & F35. Indeed, on of the strongest areas of the F-35 is its sensor package, which is really useful fighting the kind of wars we are fighting, and will be fighting.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Will 20

Well, at least it's less of a copy of a macbook air than the lenovo offering.

But I still won't be buying one....

Lenovo U300s Ultrabook

Will 20

I've got a load of toner to deliver to Raleigh, NC?

8,400 email addresses spaffed by Student Loans Company

Will 20

I'm not surprised. They're a cowboy outfit, unfit to be in charge of a paperclip, let alone have a monopoly on student finance.

iPhone 5 gets a 5in screen

Will 20

I still have an HTC Wildfire - although thinking about an upgrade to the Desire S - if I wanted a fondleslab (and I have to admit, I do!) I'd go with a full size tablet, rather than something between the two...

Samsung opens up the Ice Cream Sandwich

Will 20

No help to me

Galaxy S2? Galaxy nexus? What happened to small phones! I don't want a phone big enough to surf on - I want a small, smart one, that'll fit into any pocket - if I wanted a tablet I'd buy one...

Pub landlady's footie sat-TV battle moves law's goal posts

Will 20

Simple laws

I lost the will to live halfway though the article. These laws need to be simplified so the ordinary man in the street who might run a pub can know what is legal, and what isn't.

Windows 8: Sugar coating on Microsoft's hard-to-swallow tablet

Will 20

So, I finally got my email working on the Windows 8 CP, and it looks like Fisher Price "My First Email"

I don't get the whole thing. I'm doing this and that and the other with the trackpad, not really knowing what I'm doing, and sometime the laptop does what I want. I like to think that I'm not so much "using the laptop" as "taming it"

Will I be installing it on a production PC? No. This is a tablet only OS.

Pirate Bay AND its users violate labels' copyright - judge

Will 20

It's not up to the judiciary to decide how to prevent piracy - merely to determine the legitimacy or lack thereof.

And I think they've ruled quite well on this one.

Feds to carmakers: 'Rein in high-tech dashboards'

Will 20

Good - a car is not your second office. If you require your car to be a second office, get a driver.

Android devs get schooled on style

Will 20

To be fair

Most of linux seems to suffer this problem. Computing - by geeks for geeks, rather than by geeks for everyone.

Ubuntu Linux shop reveals 'TV for human beings'

Will 20

Can Ubuntu

Finish making an OS with a decent GUI before they turn their idea to other projects? Just a thought.

That Brit-built £22 computer: Yours for just £1,900 or more

Will 20

"Why do you think Lego Mindstorms does so well?"

Add in the old favourite Logo, and something new called Scratch, and you've got the traditional programming taught it schools.

Yes, you can teach very low level programming in a specific assembly language, but do you need to? In many ways its mostly pointless - if you take a KS4 student, in their first year, assuming they do KS5 and a 4 year degree, your talking at least seven years before they walk into their first programming job.

The language is unimportant. The skills and theory of programming is what's important. And many 'IT' teachers don't have the programming know how - their degrees which qualify them to teach secondary IT may or may not have included an understanding of programming.

Will 20

Computers aren't the problem. Schools have computers going out of their ears. We don't have room for any more computer rooms, so we by laptops, and safes, and wireless access points.

The problem isn't the computers. Its finding staff who are capable of teaching programming.

And it's also teaching about teaching technical IT at KS3. How to use IT, is core at KS3. How to make, build, design, whatever IT isn't, and is rarely taught.

Will 20

Waste of Time

If you want to teach UK school students proper IT skills, reform the IT syllabus - get rid of ICT (which is basically, learning all about Office), which should be delivered cross-curriculary, rather than as a discrete subject, and teach technical computing.

I think very few schools will buy the Pi. And half will buy the Pi saying is such a good idea, and in six months time, they'll be forgotten in a shelf, in a store room.

Been there. Done that.

Stallman: Did I say Jobs was evil? I meant really evil

Will 20

Could say the same about evil

And Stallman's said it. Blame him, not me.

Will 20


Colonel Gadaffi, was evil. Saddam Huessin, was evil. Adolf Hitler, was evil.

Apple doing something that you don't fundamentally agree with, isn't evil. Certainly, part of Apples motivation for wall gardening their iphone/pads is to protect their revenue stream, but it also helps to protect their users - both providing security, and by making the user feel safe.

Richard Stallman, calling Apple evil, depreciates the word "Evil", and makes me listen to him less, and believe he is increasing irrelevant.

Brit boffins' bendy bamboo bike breakthrough

Will 20

I'll consider buying one when the knock off a "0" on the RRP.



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