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Soz, switch-fondlers: Doesn't look like 2013 is 10Gb Ethernet's year

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"They're quite cheap when it comes to 10G pricing"... so, a $25k switch with a cost of $500+/port (Juniper QFX3500 48-port) or a $40k switch with a cost of $825+/port (Cisco Nexus 3064 48-port) is "cheap"? Compared to a Mellanox MSX1016X-2BFR 64-port for $12k with cost of less than $187.5/port (multiple sites listing this switch at under $12k) or a SuperMicro SSE-X3348SR 48-port for $16k with cost of less than $350/port.

Canadian man: I solved WWII WAR HERO pigeon code!

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Re: Can I Play?

I'll grant you that one (as a Canuck)... only good whiskey comes out of Scotland.

UN telecoms talks FOUNDER as US, UK, Canada and Aussies quit

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Re: The spam thing

Actually, I can quite easily see "How can anyone compare a Skype call with 'sunsolicited bulk electronic communication'". Telemarketers and Telephone scammers could quite easily start using apps such as Skype (if they are not alreay) to make VOIP calls to physical phones, or using Text Messages (SMS).

BOFH: Hasta la Vista... luser

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Re: Fond(ish) memories of...

Would also help if Oracle would make the updater installed with 64-bit Java actually install the newer 64-bit version instead of installing the 32-bit version at the latest release level alongside the older 64-bit build.... :S

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review

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Re: Wow, 16gb storage upgrade for only £80

Really... 40 Pounds... crazy... the upgrade difference from a 16GB to a 32GB Nexus 7 here is $30 CAD.

I just LOVE Server 2012, but count me out on Windows 8 for now

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Re: Here is how to get rid of the "Metro" design and return to the old-fashioned desktop


That hack doesn't function in the RTM builds (tried in both HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE). As I recall, this was the hack that only worked in the earliest beta builds of Windows 8.

Craig, Connery or ... Dalton? Vote now for the ultimate James Bond

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Best Bond

Connery, after him, I'm split on Brosnan and Craig... past that... meh

Watch out, Apple: HTC ruling could hurt your patent income

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Re: Great - but more is needed....

Unless they are significantly more specific (and maybe even if they are), there is prior art - Windows XP (perhaps even Win 2k/Me) Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel....

Password flaw leaves MySQL, MariaDB open to brute force attack

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Re: Simple security

Actually, you only really need 80 and perhaps 443... I would suggest that SSH should either be on a non-standard port and/or only accessible via an internal interface.

I need to multitask, but Windows 8's Metro won't let me

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Re: Metro is not aimed at us

@AC "Metro is not aimed at us":

What you fail to realize is that we are still forced to navigate through Metro Start to launch programs, the various Metro-esque side-bars triggered off of hot corners for certain task switching elements, and in the situations where it comes up, Metro apps when some developer decides they are going to build their new version as "Metro only", abandoning development and/or support for the old "desktop" mode version.

Microsoft really do need to provide an option for "desktop mode only", even if it's only a configurable option on Windows 8 Ultra-Expensive Edition.

Google to FCC: Protecting Street View coder didn't derail probe

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Re: Kismet


Yes, SSIDs are generally unique to an area (provided somebody has bothered to re-configure their's from the defaults).

However I'm sure this could have been gathered by simple scanning for broadcasting SSIDs, without slurping all traffic on any unencrypted WiFi network within radio range.

Windows 8: Thrown into a multi-tasking mosh pit

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Re: The sky is falling (part 2 reply)


What you've missed here is that the "Windows + insertletterhere" commands do not properly translate through nested layers of remote support applications such as Remote Desktop/VNC/TeamViewer/etc.

Welcome to the latest forum features

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Star Wars fans want Sony sued over game shutdown

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RE: The Old Republic

Much as the concept of being granted license/subscription into The Old Republic in lieu of continuing the service of Star Wars: Galaxies might be a happy dream for those who don't want it to die, this WILL NOT happen.

Sony Online Entertainment is the current licensee of Star Wars: Galaxies. Bioware is the licensee for Star Wars: The Old Republic. These 2 companies are completely independant of each other. How can you remotely expect a different company who has invested significant resources into developing (and licensing for) a new game to offset the death of another game by a separate company because that other company has decided not to renew their license (or been told that it won't be renewed - this has happened to other companies in the past when dealing with LucasFilm, notably Decipher regarding Star Wars: CCG).

In addition, for SOE to continue service for Star Wars: Galaxies in any form likely would require continuance of the Star Wars license from LucasFilm, and would also require a significant continual investment in the resources for providing the online service, which if the game is already dying why would they bother to do?

Foxconn fires back at abuse allegations

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RE: Interesting Wording

Neoc, you really need to RTFA....

EICC call for no more than 60 hours PER WEEK including Overtime

Foxconn reports that AVERAGE MONTHLY OVERTIME was 57.3, 59.7 and 63.1 hours.

These translate to <16 hours Overtime PER WEEK, or less than 56 hours total work PER WEEK.

Nothing succeeds like XSS

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RE: Re: re: ad server

Rather simple solution for that: website hosts the ad images/flash/whatever, and all the links be non-JS that goes through a URL on the ad providers site.

Apple iPad – the 'Tickle Me Elmo' of 2010

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@Buy a laptop

I think you confused your terminology somewhere along the way.... a notebook is completely useful to you, as it is a "laptop" - just the more modern name for them. However, a "netbook" would not serve the role of a notebook, as it doesn't have room for an optical drive built in and does not have the performance capabilities of a decent notebook either.

The other option then becomes a Tablet, which takes a smaller notebook/netbook, and adds a flippable display and touch-based input (via either pen or finger, dependant upon the device in question).

Dell sandboxes Firefox to boost corporate security

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...title required...

Ok, here's a question.... where's the 64-bit support?????

Seagate announces ugly diskless NAS filer

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RE: You pay for convenience

Dave, you make a pretty big assumption regarding the physical build of the sub-$500 NAS boxes (probably even the more expensive ones too...) actually using a true hardware RAID controller and not just using md on random linux variant. For a 4-bay box that MSRP's for $400USD (after markup, etc.).... good luck on that having a real hardware RAID controller in it.

The art of desktop deployment

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RE: Windows confuses people ...


In regards to "Not quite. My near quarter of a century old Sun 3/470's CDC WREN IV hard drives are mirrored on more modern SATA drives ... and the 3/470 is perfectly happy booting from them, across the network. Likewise, my Bridgeport mill can boot DOS 3.3[1] from paper tape ... Wait, you're not thinking that the desktop box is called "a hard drive", are you?":

I believe the point was that with older imaging utilities the disk had to match in terms of CHS layout and be the same capacity in order for the disk to be duplicated. Newer utilities (and LBA) certainly have made a lot of headway in regards to this no longer being required however.

The Remote Access arsenal

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RE: TeamViewer on Linux

Not entirely certain if you've noticed, but they did recently release a Linux version of TeamViewer (albeit it is still in Beta at the moment).

Peter W.

RE: Where's logmein? / Dont forget

Do remember that specifically stated in the article was the following statement "picking apart three of the most common implementations". Thus, yes, there were going to be certain omissions for brevity sake, and that this is not just a discussion of remote work solutions but also of remote user support solutions as well.

Where to use Remote Access

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RE: Telnet

The only real problem there would be in the cases of doing Desktop Management, where you don't want to interfere with the GUI... the minute you RDP in you're going to interfere with the GUI unless they are running Windows Server (highly unlikely for a Desktop system given the licensing costs).

Hackers crack Ubisoft always-online DRM controls

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BF:BC2 PC Demo

Admittedly they may not have a PC Demo (though one may be in the works - hard to say, as they do have both X360 and PS3 demo's)... they did run a beta for about a month or so prior to release which you could have participated in to get a feel for the gameplay. It was actually quite decent.

Apple in shock public attack on Adobe

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Yes, actually. When Apple contractually locked Adobe into only releasing their products on the Apple platform for a number of years in the beginning, it did seriously affect the uptake of Mac systems. If Adobe had been free to develop their software for both platforms at that point, do you really believe that Macs would have had as much market share as they did over the past 20 years (particularly over the earlier 10 of those)? It's only recently (last 5 years) that Macs have really started to see major upswings (basically, when they moved over to OS X + Intel was the major shift in market).

Also, you're now referencing consumer grade programs which have only been available for perhaps 2 years to professional industry standard applications which have been around for decades.... Well played :S

Smut is OK, says Montreal prof

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Poll size

Obligatory comment about small sample sizes