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Android, Steve Jobs, and Apple's '90%' tablet share


Win for Apple and Google - fail for everyone else

Of course Android will gain more market share over iOS - as has been said, it's a free OS that is the easy option for manufacturers and carriers looking for a customisable OS. Also as was pointed out above, a lot of people will get Android phones "by default" as they'll be offered one for free (or very cheap) and like the look of the large touch screen and use it without even thinking about using it as a smartphone.

But the bottom line (as always) is money. Apple earns money from 100% of the iOS devices it sells, where as all the other manufacturers (HTC, SonyEricsson, Samsung, LG etc) are competing with each other - it's very unlikely any one company will have a bigger market share than Apple.

2009's Top Personal Media Players


8GB iPod Touch

Umm - I wouldn't recommend the 8GB iTouch as it's basically last years model with the new firmware. Only the 32/64 GB versions have the new faster innards based on the 3GS.