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Sci-fi series withdrawal

Tim K

Re: Sci-fi series withdrawal

Person of Interest

The least stressful job in the US? Information security analyst, duh

Tim K

Not surprising, security jobs are the most boring jobs in the world. It's all policy and paperwork.

Cisco email accidentally sent to 1000s of employees causes message list MAYHEM

Tim K

Re: Brings back memories

The guy was fired for that? Really? That is 100% the sysadmin's fault there - a ban isn't worth the paper it's written on unless it's been technically implemented.

The LINUX TABLET IS THE FUTURE - and it always will be

Tim K

"Having used a Samsung Windows 8 tablet for a few months, I have a theory as to why: you think you want a full desktop computer on your tablet - I certainly did -- but you don't. It simply doesn't work."

Then why does nearly everyone agree that the opposite is true - that I want a tablet OS on my desktop? This idiotic trend has ruined just about every linux distro, and now Windows ...

Honour for Queen's IT manager

Tim K

Now that Field / Air / Space Marshall Charles is in charge,

... maybe the UK will finally invade Iceland?!?

And the worst film NEVER made is...

Tim K
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While I applaud the selection of Avatar, most of this list is blockbusters, most all very recent, and contains no bad classics. Where is Death Wish III? Penitentiary III? Nine Deaths of the Ninja?

Shuttleworth: Ubuntu rockets up at enterprises

Tim K

Re: Problematic comparison

I fairly surprised at the article title, then to learn that it was about public facing web servers, which is not what the title "Ubuntu rockets up at enterprises" suggests. Does anyone really care about public facing web servers? Now, as much as I wish it were true (it is a better distro than RHEL) the support just isn't there. There are hardly any applications for Ubuntu, all the enterprise apps are for RHEL and it seems most hardware vendors have never even heard of it.

If Shuttleworth wants enterprise traction, he needs to stop spending his time breaking the desktop and start courting hardware and software vendors.

Pictures of Ubuntu: Linux's best photo shots at Windows and Mac

Tim K


The real issue is that people are taking too many damn pictures.

Microsoft clutches open source to its corporate heart

Tim K
Gates Halo

I love how ...

I love how all these business types first have to rationalize an idea as "good business sense" for it to be acceptable to them. I almost get the feeling that the only reason they also don't do things like eat children, engage in wanton murder and rape is because it's 'good business sense" not to.

Tim K
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Those cards have worked fine forever, without any support from the vendor, as have almost all 2d cards.

Oracle prez admits 8 1/2 years with billboard woman

Tim K



How does one say "I love you, YaVaughnie" with a straight face?

Pig plague alert: Avoid missionary position

Tim K

What on earth?

Reverse cowgirl is strictly a porn position. Does anyone actually try this more than once? Probably the most unsatisfying and uncomfortable position ever.


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