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French privacy cops snarl at websites over crap EU cookie warnings


Re: BULLSHIT! [was:: CNIL? Yeah, follow your own rules, dumbasses!]

I see 3 cookies set on initial page load before I've agreed to anything.

2 that appear to be session related and 1 named 'tartaucitron'

Nom, nom, nom.

Beer mats to tout tat to mobiles over wireless NFC



If the beer mats are laminated, doesn't that make them useless for their primary function. They're used to mop up split beer and absorb the dribbles of condensation that run down the side of a glass on a hot day.

Surely this is a coaster to protect your veneered table top from damage by the hot beverages, which is fine if you are drinking a nice cup of tea.

Barclaycard slaps pay-by-bonk plasters on mobes


Am I missing the point?

I thought the reason for having an NFC enabled phone was that the software could be told what was going on and you'd be able to audit your recent transactions on the handset? This isn't an NFC enabled phone, it's a fancy sticker.

Microsoft and Oracle lose among open sourcers

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MPs to go clubbing in cocaine inquiry


Mass Spectrometer

Ok, I had to go and check what an "Ion Tracker" is. Turns out it's a mass spectrometer. I assume it's the same device they use at airports for checking for explosives, when they swab your bag and then stick in a machine.

Seems they might be a little too sensitive according to this article, where a welsh assembly member asked for a demo and tested positive to canabis himself, as did another assembly member.

"You could pick it up from anywhere couldn't you?" she said.


So does that mean when they do the swab thing in the airport they'll know that I've been touching weed the night before? Or they just ignore that spike on the graph and only stop me if the semtex one is high?


Drug Scanners?

Huh? There are scanners that detect drugs? Surely the scanners are just metal detectors checking for weapons. Can you really detect a bag of chaz that's stuck in someone's shoe/bra/underpants?

So people are happy that they can safely get their tablets/powders inside without having a normal body search. And there won't be a nutter with a blade in there either.


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