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Reddit blackout planned over app-killing API prices


Re: it's all about API monitisation

There's a new-ish term for that: enshittification

Will Flatpak and Snap replace desktop Linux native apps?

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Pardon my language but there's a well known quote very appropriate for this question:

"You there: F*ck off. And when you get there, f*ck off from there too. Then f*ck off some more. Keep f*cking off until you get back here. Then f*ck off again.”

Redhat and Ubuntu can whip their dead horse "packs" and "snaps" till the end of time, but no self-respecting sysadmin's gonna allow those things onto a enterprise server. I've only ever seen it once on a corporate instance, but it was only allowed as no one would have to support it and no one cared if it stopped working. As for desktop, it feels largely irrelevant as Linux on the desktop has such low usage, but do people really want a system that doesn't work anything like a normal server? Half of the point of Linux on desktop is to give you a place to develop on a like-to-like system.

Bosses failing to offer hybrid work lose out in recruitment


Complete Nonsense

Oh please. Why does anyone still think Gartner is relevant? I'd bet a shiny coin that someone paid for for that propaganda piece. These dinosaur CxOs want to get some value from their expensive leases.

In my field (DevOps engineer / Cloud Architects), as far as I can tell we're about 75% remote, and most people forced to go "hybrid" are looking elsewhere.

Mozilla tries to silence add-on developers' scream

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Why not actually read the article?

All the posters here need to buy a clue. They're not talking about extensions. They're talking about the back door injection of code through the "components" directory.


Re: Hmm...

As I said in another comment, no one's talking about extensions here. This is how software makers would install dll's into the components directory to get around having a properly tested and approved add-in.

YouTube strips page clutter with 'Feather'


What ads?

Youtube has ads? Heh heh. Why do they bother nowadays? Surely no one can see that kind of junk anymore.