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Drupal looks beyond open source zealots


Drupal 7 is going to be great.

@franklin: There are contributed modules for that. http://drupal.org/project/page_theme is one of them.

@Jeff 11: More OOP would have been nice yes. Drupal is moving in that direction. The new database support, based on PDO, is OOP for example.

@Anonymous Coward: Please learn to read, it wasn't one year it was from April. Plus, it is 114 critical issues. Some bugs are easy to fix while others are much more difficult. Drupal is a big project and there are also almost 7,000 modules for it.

Other than that, I have been running my personal blog, http://www.nutshell.nu, on Drupal 7 alpha 5 for almost two months now without a hitch. Including posted a lot about the experience about it.

It works really great, but there are still things that needs to be ironed out. The upgrade path from Drupal 6 is what prevents it from going beta right now. It is almost there so with a little bit of luck there will be a beta within a few weeks.

I have also followed the development of Drupal 7 very closely. The community is doing a fantastic job making it rock solid. I believe some of the delay is about that we want it to simply be perfect. But since Drupal is gaining momentum in the enterprise world I prefer a small delay compared to rushing it out.

Speculative Googlenetbook specs surface


ARM, but of course....

Of course Google select ARM instead of Intel or AMD. That way it wont be possible to run Windows on it, and wond Google love that! t all down to world dominance :)

Microsoft acted on Opera's modified browser proposal?


Not random

It seems the browser order is more based on market share than randomly as the author seems to think.