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Gadgets give granny disease to kids

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I am now a chronic RSI sufferer

Rome: Total War was what tipped me over the edge. As a software engineer in the day and a gamer in the evening, I was fine until I wasn't. That is the problem, I cannot get rid of it now and can't use a mouse. Almost constant low pain which can make you feel sick. People do need to be warned about what they are storing up for their kids and make sure they don't use the computer too much. On the industry side, hopefully some of the great developments around alternative inputs and voice recognition will start to take hold in the next few years.

Murdoch's paywall: The end of the suicide era?


Micropayments will move things on

I liked your article but we have to consider the new context in which Murdoch is doing this (and I'm not a supporter of his by the way). He is clearly focussing on the iPad and other devices which will support a micro-payment model. Previous subscription payment services have faltered because payment wasn't easy. In this new era of 'it's only a quid for this app I'll have it' - click through and it's on your phone bill, people will be naturally more inclined to sign up.

Having said that, the Times has to *really* outshine other (mostly free) outlets in it's offering. On the news-stand you are attracted by a headline, then get hooked into the paper. He'll have to solve that problem somehow.I wouldn't be surprised if we see a free iPad with a year or two year's subscription to the Times in a month's time.

BONDI is all beachy with W3C



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