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Google reCAPTCHA service under the microscope: Questions raised over privacy promises, cookie use



Had the same problem with the Guardian sent them a hissy email and had a soft-soap answer, a great way to reward subscribers.

Dido 'Queen of Carnage' Harding to lead UK's Institute for Health Protection because Test and Trace went so well


Re: Why bring in Putin?

Harding - Jockey Club - Paterson - Randox. Join the dots.

Analogue radio given 10-year stay of execution as the UK U-turns on DAB digital future


Re: Thank fuck for that

Absolutely, DAB useless if you want to listen to classical music with its wide dynamic range.

Too hot to handle? Raspberry Pi 4 fans left wondering if kit should come with a heatsink


Re: Easy cooling

So quiet you only know it's onwhen the LED changes colour.


Fan of fans

Why bother with a heatsink when the fan for Pi 4 from Pimoroni works fine and is cheap. Can program it to come on at whatever temp you fancy (65C is suggested) and one can see it rapidly cooling the chip. So quiet you don't know it's cut in unless you notice the LE changing colour. Fits over the first few pins but they're stlill available.

Firefox armagg-add-on: Lapsed security cert kills all browser extensions, from website password managers to ad blockers

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Re: If I remember correctly

Ghacks was very quick off the mark with this one -- I was alerted to the problem before it hit me and so didn't waste time trying to figure out what happened. The screen garbage that appeared when deprived of UBlock and other essentials was a revelation.

What a meth: Elderly Melbourne couple sign for 20kg shipment of drugs, say cops



There's a George Pelecanos novel about this dodge -- spoiler, it doesn't work out well!

Are you able to read this headline? Then you're not Julian Assange. His broadband is unplugged


Past his best-before date

Bad day for Putin's useful idiot.

Germany slaps ban on kids' smartwatches for being 'secret spyware'



Mine's the one I wind daily, And increases in value as it ages,

Two drones, two crashes in two months: MoD still won't say why


At least he doesn't have to worry about it any longer!

This is one thing Fallon (now politically RIP) won't have to worry about. Always look on the bright side of life!

RBS debit card payments have gone utterly TITSUP


Used fivers

The only way.

Ad flog Plus: Adblock Plus now an advertising network, takes cash to broker web banners


'Acceptable ads' -- oxymoron.

BBC detector vans are back to spy on your home Wi-Fi – if you can believe it


Re: I wonder...

How about these anti-burglar devices that mimic the patterns of a TV?

Tech support locker scam poses as failed Microsoft Update


Note that one of Bisson's 3 preventative actions is install an adblocker.

Remain in the EU and help me snoop on the world, says Theresa May


Re: I quite like the "remainic"coinage.

English nationalists.

Mozilla slings web push notifications into Firefox



Crashed twice on Amazon last night.

Russian Pastafarian wins right to bear colander


I can't help noticing that the DL of this rather nasty state doesn't include its flag - - as recently pushed onto UK licences despite protests of Scottish and Welsh parliaments.

Microsoft steps up Windows 10 nagging


When the trust is gone

This is Microsoft's Volkswagen moment -- while we anoraks knew they were evil, naive users didn't know and trusted them. Now the trust is gone and can never be restored. During the last fortnight I have installed GWX control panel and Spybot anti-beacon on 9 machines owned by elderly computer users who were on the brink of a change they didn't want -- and many of whom had had 5 or more gig of downloads foidsted on them.

Terrorists seek to commit deadly 'cyber attacks' in UK, says Chancellor Osborne


Joined-up thinking

Massive cyber attacks anticipated -- but black hatters probably waiting until smart meters forced on UK homes. Is Osborne aware of the new opportunities this daft measure will create?

Flying drug mule crashes in Manchester prison


Re: Official phrasing

Clearly a job for Biggles in his trusty biplane.

175,000 whinge to Microsoft about phone tech support scams


Re: 3.3 million people caught by scammers.

Seems low when you see the amount support Trump garners.

NatWest and RBS' mobile banking apps go TITSUP


Slightly off topic but useful

You need to set up Power of Attorney while you're compos mentis. Ideally everyone should do so. Unfortunately, in my experience the main problem then is that bank staff are not well trained to deal with PofA users.

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Chana masala



For a real street-food experience follow the onion etc recipe -- and add chopped raw red onion, green chilli rings and fresh mint/coriander just before serving.

Norton Internet Security antivirus update 'borked Internet Explorer'


At last a rationale

Probably the most useful thing NAV ever did.

Now Samsung's spying smart TVs insert ADS in YOUR OWN movies


Re: Register Pot, meet Samsung Kettle

What are these ads whereof you all speak? I don't see them. Why do you expose yourself to them?

Google, Amazon 'n' pals fork out for AdBlock Plus 'unblock' – report


Re: I'd rather have subtle adverts... than have to pay a subscription fee

Subtle adverts? Oxymoron.

SURPRISE: Norks' Linux distro has security vulns


Where is it?

Nice picture of Fatboy being helped to find the 'Any' key.

Welsh council rapped for covert spying on sick leave worker


Re: A Morons perspective

Caerffili and 'protect public money' are words that don't normally turn up in the same paragraph. A little Googling will reveal some very iffy activities! See 'What you are all missing' below and follow up the links.

BBC Trust candidate defends licence fee, says evaders are CRIMINALS


Re: Harassment

I have had an amusing few minutes each month for several years when I receive the latest scum-mail from Crapita -- it goes in a cycle, reaching a climax of 'what to expect when you're in court' and then bathetically subsides to the initial communication. Provides me with one useful fire-lighter per month.

Mae Microsoft yn addysgu Swyddfa, Bing, siarad Cymraeg*


Re: They got agreement on this?

Until late in the nineteenth century French was actually a 'minority language' in France itself -- it had more speakers than any other of the languages within the geographical area, but fewer when these languages were aggregated. It took a massive -- taxpayer financed -- effort by central government to bring about the current hegemonic status of French. Similarly in Wales large sums of taxpayers' money was employed to promote the English language. Now that there is a little redistributive justice there's a surprising amount of bleating about the alleged costs of this -- often, in my experience, from those of an UKIPish disposition.

PS Students of language have a good joke 'What's the technical term for someone who can speak only one language?' 'English'.


Re: Welsh for Office already exists...

After thus disadvantaging their offspring, these parents will bleat that jobs in Wales go to Welsh speakers?

Broadband Secretary of SHEEP sensationally quits Cabinet


Re: "UKIP are the only real option in the next elections"

Better than Farago and his fraudsters.


Re: The needle returns to the start of the song...........

Farage is a Tory reject -- repeatedly turned down as a candidate, now he's pissing into the tent in the hope of getting his hocks in the UK trough just as he's been plundering the MEP trough. And unlike Miller, who at least turned up in Westminster, Farage and his cronies are simply lining their pockets while not doing the job the sheeple sent them to do. UKIP are politicians like all the others, with just the same self-serving ends.

Windows XP is finally DEAD, right? Er, not quite. Here's what to do if you're stuck with it


Hang on long enough and the problem will go away -- who's writing malware for Win 3.11 nowadays?

Why can’t I walk past Maplin without buying stuff I don’t need?


Fatal attraction

Online there's Proto-Pic -- like being given the key to the sweetshop. And your order arrives in a useful plastic box.

The UNTOLD SUCCESS of Microsoft: Yes, it's Windows 7


Win 7 is good enough. Why spend on new OS? Microsoft's idea -- we'll come up with something that means you have to unlearn everything for a decade or more -- and for non-touch desktop owners is incredibly inconvenient. This is our usp. We can't be bothered to implement improvements in speed, stability or security (Win 7 SP2) And now they wonder why Win 8 is seen as a rat sandwich (and death to many PC manufacturers).

The truth on the Navy carrier debacle? Industry got away with murder


Remember Skybolt -- supposed to be the future of Britain's deterrent -- then the USA abandoned it -- as they could the F35.

'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

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Upgrading -- so called

Win 8 isn't upgrading, that's the problem -- ok, faster start-up, better security (but you get both of these with Linux) -- dreadful interface will kill it. Bring on Win 7 SP2.

Twitter airport bomb joke conviction binned in common-sense WIN


How much has it all cost?

So let's know what this farce has cost the taxpayers, just because the CPS is manned (personned?) by dimwits.

Microsoft to announce new Office version on Monday


It'll be a great marketing bonus for Open/Libre Office. I switched to OO when Office 2007 came along -- does everything I need and throws in a DB package.

Google plonks reCAPTCHA on Street View, makes users ID your house

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Evil, evil, evil.

BT to fibre-up another 114 exchanges

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114, just 3 in Wales -- same as last time, no geographical discrimination here is there?

Does Cameron dare ditch poor-bashing green energy?

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Fusion fiction

And always will be - just over the horizon

Four months' porridge for 20-minute Facebook riot page


Daily Mail lapdogs

Sentence a grotesque waste of public money --wholly inappropriate, judiciary clearly influenced by howls of gutter press. Note that those who made off with over 25 million in a boiler-house scam have just received some 5 years each -- 2.5 years with remission for several million £s -- where's the deterrent? Sorry, forgot, sentencing is by idiots.

Yahoo! downs! mail! servers! for! essential! and extensive! work!

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New Yahoo mail the pits

The new yahoo mail doesn't work for me with FF4.1, Noscript, Adblock & Better Privacy (appropriate permissions set). When I told them, had a generalized answer which didn't help.

London's Olympic clock claps out


Olympic fiasco

Epitomizes the whole ghastly affair. Romans had bread and circuses, we'll just have the circus as pioneered in Berlin in 1936.

Polyglot 419 scammers target German and Welsh speakers


Welsh 419s

The message's Welsh is rather worse than the English of an English-language scamdoc. For a modest consideration I'd compose a better one -- provided Mr 419 sends me his bank details ...

Two councils hit with big fines for laptop blunder


Fines not fine?

Fines -- if high enough -- might help alert councils to their responsibilities. The ideal solution -- but this will be when pigs take wing -- would be for these fines to become surcharges on councillors -- that's where the buck should stop.

Health records get clean bill of health


Health records

Not in Wales, lol

Lightning bolt smites 60ft Jesus statue



Zeus rules.



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