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The Nord N10 is OnePlus's cheapest 5G handset and, boy, does it show


Are 4GB...

... classified as "little" memory in a phone, these days?

Chr*st al-effin-mighty!

SW devs need to step back and... well, I would have said optimise, but if a phone needs 6GB of RAM to not be sluggish, it's beyond optimisation to fix, it's more like time to “unlearn what you have learned".

BBC Micro:bit with boosted specs and onboard mic to go on sale from next month


Re: Sadly

But you can have it scroll BOOBS across the 5x5 LEDS.

He was a skater boy. We said, 'see you later, boy' – and the VAX machine mysteriously began to work as intended


Rather than...

...reminding us that unlikely named "Ethan" is a pseudonym, why not use more natural names like "Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel"?

Better Java than Java: Kotlin 1.4 introduces new compilers for JVM and JavaScript


Kotlin itself is quite nice...

...but getting the exact incantations right for including some of the popular dependencies is pure hell.

Kotlin and even Java itself these days are actually pretty nice languages (Clojure is better, IMHO), but Gradle is a big no. Just No!

Even the C++ ecosystem's way of tracking down, downloading and building by hand each library feels less onerous.

Can AI-enhanced virtual sports presenters do the job? It's a big ask




How did I miss that phenomenon?

The only Ana Nova I remember, was an actress, the IMDb blurb on DuckDuckGo assures me starred in some health video involving colonic yoga.


Re: To be fair...

Underfloor heating takes a while to, well, heat up.

Snakes on a wane: Python 2 development is finally frozen in time, version 3 slithers on


'Tis but a scratch! ...

... Just a flesh wound.

We live so fast I can't even finish this sent...


>>>However, I think you might be missing the point<<<

Surely better than missing the bowl.

How do you ascertain user acceptability if you keep killing off the users?


Launching vegetables...

...at the missus?

Unlike self driving cars, you're aiming for that 100% assured fatality rate, I see.

BOFH: I'd like introduce you to a groovy little web log I call 'That's Boss'



... no balls?

'No more room for wars in the new world'? Who are you and what have you done with Microsoft?


I was...

...thinking more along the lines of the Borgias.

(Lovely people.)


With Oracle...

...doing everything they can to cast doubt on Java's future, Microsoft don't even need to play dirty anymore.

And .NET Core 3 is actually pretty good.

Also, my utter hatred of JavaScript means Blazor looks damn tempting.

The OS is 'no longer' important to Microsoft, and yet new Surface kit has 3 Windows flavours


If selling Windows licenses isn't important...

...then could they please throw their weight, and insider knowledge, behind Wine.

Rather than running Linux programs in WSL, I'd much rather want 99.9% of Windows programs running on Linux without too much faffing about.

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google told: If you could cough up a decade of your internal emails, that'd be great


Reminds me of Yes, Minister...


Sir Humphrey: "This file contains the complete set of papers, except for a number of secret documents, a few others which are part of still active files, some correspondence lost in the floods of 1967..."

Jim Hacker: Was 1967 a particularly bad winter?

Sir Humphrey: No, a marvelous winter. We lost no end of embarrassing files

Let's see what the sweet, kind, new Microsoft that everyone loves is up to. Ah yes, forcing more Office home users into annual subscriptions


It's still good value...

...IF you want cloud storage.

1TB OneDrive for you and 1TB each for 5 other family members.

I like DropBox' interface a lot more, but this price is damn hard to beat. And that's before adding in the Office pack for everyone, should they want it.

And with rclone, the Linux <-> OneDrive experience has been very nice for me too.

Could an AI android live forever? What, like your other IT devices?


>>>stay the hell away from me!<<<


Are you an android?

Windows 10 May 2019 Update thwarted by obscure tech known as 'external storage'


Re: Can we have a....

Have an upvote, but why the joke icon?

iOS 13 leaks suggest Apple is finally about to unleash the iPad as a computer for grownups



...I don't have an iPad, but when my son's Android tablet broke last year, some research revealed that the 2018 iPad was the best bang-for-the-€ gaming tablet around.

Apple's phones and, to a lesser extent, their OSX boxes are overpriced. Not so the non-pro iPad.

Surprisingly, to me anyway, I was able to actually open!!! the thing and fix it (so we still don't have an iPad), but not until I'd already done the research.

I used to be a dull John Doe. Thanks to Huawei, I'm now James Bond!


Have you seen a doctor...

...about that buzzing in your Wha-Hey?

Happy new year, readers. Yes, we have threaded comments, an image-lite mode, and more...


Re: Collapsible comment tree?

>>>So feature request logged<<<

And upvoted.

Tumblr resorts to AI in attempt to scrub itself clean from filth


Re: But I'm Canadian!

>>>Many years ago a woman named Gwen Jacobs fought all the way to the Supreme Court for the right to walk topless on Canadian streets during warm summer days.

She won, enshrining the principle that male and female nipples should be treated equally.<<<<

Truly, not all heroes wear capes.

Sorry friends, I'm afraid I just can't quite afford the Bitcoin to stop that vid from leaking everywhere


You must have vanilla tastes...

...in carnal entertainment, Mr. Dabbs.

My blackmailer wrote: "I am in shock of your fantasies! I've never seen anything like this!"

What's Big and Blue – and makes its veteran staff sue? Yep, it's IBM


Here's a thought...

...if IBM youngins are "more innovative and receptive to technology than baby boomers", it might have something to do with the IBM of yore, that your older minions persevered through, having had somewhat of a reputation for not exactly encouraging thinking outside the box, blue or otherwise.

You know, back when young-and-hip Microsoft (how times have changed) were having your lunch.

You know all those movies you bought from Apple? Um, well, think different: You didn't


You pretty much have to approach iTunes, Google Play, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, …

... as you would Netflix and Spotify: You’re only renting the stuff.

When buying apps on Google Play, I do so in the full knowledge they may (and some do) stop working at any time.

But the prices have to match.

That’s also why I only buy heavily discounted games for my son’s Xbox. Luckily, like me, he’s not into the latest multi-player FPS, so that’s never been an issue.

Similarly, PC games I only buy from GOG.com. They don’t have the latest AAA titles, but I can find what *I* want to play. And I don’t have time to fit in on-line multi-player anyway, so DRM-free single player (or LAN/off-line multi-player) titles fit my needs perfectly.

Funnily enough, when games are removed for sale from GOG, they’re still left in the libraries of those who bought them when GOG did have them for sale.

No, seriously, why are you holding your phone like that?

Paris Hilton

Say Mr. Dabbsy, anyone ever tell you...

...your stubbly self looks a wee bit like Detective Miller from The Expanse?

GitHub given Windows 9x's awesome and so very modern look


It looks old fashioned and...

...quite frankly a bit ugly.

But, at the same time much more easily navigated than the current everything-must-be-flat-and-indistinguishable design language.

The "commits, branches, ..." bit needs to be tabs too, though.

Personally, my idea of peak pretty AND functional desktop GUI design was one of the KDE 3.x themes (can't remember the name).

IBM fired me because I'm not a millennial, says axed cloud sales star in age discrim court row


"Our leaders wear jeans"...


>>>"IBM has devoted countless millions of dollars to its effort to rebrand as a hip, millennial-centric tech company,"<<<

Those guys are so unhip, it's a wonder their bums don't fall off.

(With apologies to President Beeblebrox.)

Git365. Git for Teams. Quatermass and the Git Pit. GitHub simply won't do now Microsoft has it


I'm just waiting for...

...SharePoint to be renamed to GitHub for Business.

MSDN unleashes a fresh round of unintentional innuendo bingo


I particularly liked...

... >>>The performance power slider controls knobs <snip> <<<

Microsoft loves Linux so much its R Open install script rm'd /bin/sh


Still better than...



Microsoft tries cutting the Ribbon in Office UI upgrade


Re: Stop complaining

Give me WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS, updated with support for the clipboard, arbitrary console window dimensions and long file names.

GNOMEs beat Microsoft: Git Virtual File System to get a new name




Electron patches patch after security researcher bypassed said patch


Re: What is Electron?

>>>yet has very little actual functionality.<<<

Little functionality, you say?

But with Atom, your syntax highlighting theme can easily make parts of your source (e.g. TODO comments) gently fade between different background colours.

And all that essential functionality for only an installed size of 715MB!

Tesla inches toward GPL compliance in low gear: Source code forcibly ejected into public


Re: That'll scare them off

So be it.

If they willfully break the GPL, better to sue if need be, and scare them and their likes off in future, IMHO.

Otherwise, what's the point of the GPL?

Commercial vendors expect money for their product.

Contributors to GPL projects have a right to expect reciprocity in the form of source code.

That's the deal.


Except BSD, perhaps, but they didn't choose that for whatever reason.

Can't log into your TSB account? Well, it's your own fault for trying


I’m with you...

...on Baron Munchausen. Gilliam’s best, IMHO.

As for French flicks, few seem to know about, but should, may I nominate quirky action comedy “Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec“ and arty-farty “Le Scaphandre et le papillon”?

Airbus ditches Microsoft, flies off to Google


Wait for the rebellion...

...of the Excel Abusers!

Surprising move, really, that they've found themselves to be able to make do with Google's much sparser feature set compared to MS Office.

But if the missing features are no big deal for them, and on-line sync and collaboration is important, I can understand it.

MS Office is MUCH more powerful, but every time on-line access is involved, it's slow as mollasses.

Google, OTOH, does the snappy web experience well.

Completely ignoring the issues with going cloudy, of course.

Good news: Apple designs a notebook keyboard that doesn't suck


Re: A keyboard that doesn't suck

>>>would be called a mechanical keyboard.<<<

And have an orthogonal layout.

Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'


Re: Mess

>>>I've never had ANY issue with Mint.<<<

I have. Also with .?Ubuntu. And Red Hat | Fedora. And Mandrake | Mandriva, SuSE | openSUSE, ...

But I'm with you on Debian.

Debian and Slackware are the only OS's that never caused me any grief at one time or another.

A smartphone recession is coming and animated poo emojis can't stop it


Re: I'll go with that.

What do you dislike about the X (apart from the hideous price tag, natch) when compared with non-X's?

Just curious. Never held an iPhone X myself.

Remember those holy tech wars we used to have? Heh, good times


Re: Sarcasm...

Hence 'erstwhile'.


>>>Does anybody know if KDE still better than Gnome?<<<

Since anything would be better than Gnome, by default it has to be.


Penguin botherer since before either KDE or Gnome were a thing.


Re: Floyd reference

>>>I love 'The Final Cut' but I'm aware that is not a sentiment universally shared.<<<

Well, I'm certainly not fond of the whole suggesting Deckard was a replicant thing.

Online outrage makes Logitech drop a brick: Now it will replace slain Harmony Link gizmos


I was lucky...

...to dodge that bullet.

I thought about buying their Harmony stuff years ago, but remembered that there was a reason I hadn't bought a Logitech device in donkey's years: Hardware's OK, but they can't write software worth faeces. (SetPoint, anyone?)

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps


Sort of on the fence...

...about the Store thingy.

On the one hand, I recognise all the downsides everyone here has already mentioned, and agree with most of them.

On the other hand, running Debian (or a derivative), it's always been fantastically convenient to have almost every piece of software I need ready, pre-packaged and compatible in my distro's AppStore^W repositories.

OK, they're not completely equivalent. For one, Windows Store's apps are limited in ways DEB packages aren't.

But there are a lot of similarities too.

Horsemen of the disk-drive apocalypse will ride upon 256TB SSDs


So for personal backup...

...of up to 5TB, what would you guys recommend?

* Buy a couple of USB3 HDDs?

* Get a tape drive and media (which tech)?

* Get a Blu-ray burner and some discs?

* Encrypt the stuff and push it to Amazon Glacier?

Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'


Re: And ther rest...

>>>You'd only notice that it is a woman doing the hugging if you notice the earrings.<<<


Considering the many earring-wearing males around, that buttons on her jacket are on the left would probably be a better indicator.


Anyhu, I'd forgotten I wanted to get my hands on that deliciously cheap Zero W for some LG^H^HBLE-tomfoolery.

Now, where's that credit card at?

Windows 10 S forces Bing, Edge on your kids. If you don't like it, get Win10 Pro – Microsoft


Re: A few thoughts of mine.

Exactly! I can only upvote once (and I tried).

The only Windows Store apps I have are a few casual games (e.g. Lara Croft GO).

Mostly just out of curiosity to compare them against the Android versions.

How has Win10S been made to run on low-spec anyway? I couldn’t find any concrete info.

When Windows 10 slowed to a crawl on my Celeron box with a spinning rust drive, and I couldn’t re-install the old W8 (with Bing) again, I had to put Debian on it. Flies like ****.

And at least with Wine and DOSbox, that runs the few old Win32 and DOS games I still like.

Need the toilet? Wanna watch a video ad about erectile dysfunction?

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Talk of tech innovation is bullsh*t. Shut up and get the work done – says Linus Torvalds


Git command line

>>> Lots of the advanced command and option combinations are incredibly complex and don't make that much sense, so I tend to cut and paste them from SO. <<<

Not done battle with ClearCase much then? >:-)

CES 2017 roundup: The good, the bad, and the frankly bonkers


Re: Project Valerie

>>>The Predator keyboard has correctly-shaped keys<<<

But look at the horribly offset space bar. *yuck*

So close to perfection...still so far.



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