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Windows 10 grabbed about five per cent market share in August


Re: So What!

"Only real problem with Linux"

Oh FFS the real problem with Linux is the Windows applications it can't run. The people who don't care what OS runs their internet browser and 'office' now and then are the ones that never needed a PC and have or will make do with phones and tablets.

UK.gov claims 'success' over SME broadband scheme


claims 'success'

I would go along with that.

Managing to only piss away 26 of a possible 100 million £ budget on this utterly pointless scheme is a small success in my book.

Sony's 4King with us now: Xperia Z5 mobe has UltraHD screen, cam


Re: 800ppi

"to what Earthly purpose?"

To increase sales to fools the same as the HD audio and 4k camera.

Return of the Pocket PC: Acer shows off Jade Primo PC Phone


Behave like a PC

Arm processor so it will only run modern app crap. Like Windows RT and we know how popular that was.

So no it doesn't behave like a PC it behaves like a phone with a big screen and keyboard.

Slip-streaming Tesla, Oz battery-maker plots home-biz launch


grab hold of Batteriser

Wow Batteriser shills are searching the internet and spamming anything to do with batteries?

The Batteriser is a complete scam, personally I doubt it will ever ship because if it does it will promptly be shown to be complete rubbish. It isn't worth manufacturing, however, it has managed so far to extract $0.3 million from fools on the internet.

At least in this forum they can't delete every negative comment like they do on indiegogo and their youtube channel(s).

There is a reason when searching google for Batteriser "Batteriser scam" is top of the list of suggestions.


Re: "...$15,000 easily recoverable over ten years..."

Hogwash yep.

Australian electricity seems to be around 14 AU cents/kWh so 15,000 AUD would buy 107 MWh of mains electricity. Your battery would have to provide a bit more than 29kWh per day every day for 10 years. Presumably the 15,000 AUD was only for 2 x 10kWh batteries since that is all the Hackett bloke said he would be trialling.

Of course that would only be if the electricity you are charging with is free which it isn't when it comes from a large and expensive set of solar panels which will also be half knackered in 10 years.

I would also be very impressed if their batteries manage daily deep cycling every day for 10 years, presumably they loose capacity and would have to be oversized to maintain an average over their life.

"you need to load shift 45,000 kwh to pay for them."

If it were economical to time shift electricity with batteries why don't the electricity generators do it with much more economy of scale?

Google makes it official: Chrome will freeze Flash ads on sight from Sept 1


Re: Important malware...

"If your website doesn't work properly"

I tried to look at this one the other day www.olamef.com

Hard to believe a company still has a web site which does no more than tell you you don't have the latest version of flash installed (hard to believe a company ever had one really).

Win10 Insider build 10532: Avoid if you run Chrome 64-bit



"Microsoft does with your data is here and you will find similar statements from the likes of Facebook, Google and Apple. Microsoft"

Seriously stop making excuses pretending that what Microsoft is doing is OK because it isn't much worse than what other shits are doing.

I have never had a Facebook account, the sum of my interaction with Apple is having itunes installed on one of my PCs several years ago for the hour or so it took to see what an obnoxious pile of shit it was. I have 4 android devices and the appalling lack of privacy and security Google offers means I have never and won't ever put my real name or any valid personal information into any of them.

Windows 10 being no worse than android is reason enough to not use it.

Win10 PCs still stuck on slow boat from China, warehouses empty


Re: Microsoft refused to comment

"pushed the date back eight weeks to coincide with delivery"

But think of all the App store sales they would have missed out on (snigger).


Re: But... according to Microsoft

"He went to the internet and ordered the same Desktop with Windows 7"

At least he still bought Windows. Some friends replacing a dead PC which ran XP ended up with an expensive Mac in preference to buying a much cheaper (and still much better than they had) PC with Win 8.1.

Windows 10 now on 75 million devices, says Microsoft


So that'll be about

75 peta bytes of users data they have slurped so far then :)

BT commences trials of copper-to-the-home G.fast broadband tech


Re: Silly...

"and almost as cheap to install."

When the copper is already there installation costs are zero and fibre is infinitely more expensive.

Most people are using wireless networks that can't keep up with 80Mb vDSL. Give them 300Mb and they won't notice the difference and they won't pay a premium for something they can't even notice.

I don't know where they are trying to go with G.fast. People close to cabinets will get more speed but I don't see them being willing to pay much for it. I don't see people who live too far from cabinets to get any benefit from G.fast will be willing to pay enough to have new cabinets installed close to them.

Twenty years since Windows 95, and we still love our Start buttons


Re: YOU feel, old, I'm cattle-trucked then...

"I remember the 'joy' of using Windows 286"

My first PC came with MSDOS 1.1



Shit I feel old.

B) "The question of why the public accepted a substantial user interface change in Windows 95, but not in Windows 8, would make a nice topic for someone to research."

People are quite prepared to accept change when it is for the better.

Win 8 UI changes were only better on hardware most people didn't have or want.

More deaths linked to Ashley Madison hack as scammers move in


Suicide rates

US suicide rates are around 130 per million per year so you would expect around 11 suicides per day from 33 million people selected randomly.

The good burghers of Palo Alto are entirely insane


Re: The Greater Good

"So how does one act in the common good without ripping off the individual?"

You were ripped off when you paid too much money in the first place. You argue that we should carry on ripping off everyone so you can pretend that you weren't ripped off - common good my arse.

I wish my house was worth £20 because I would go out tomorrow and spend £40 to get a much nicer one.

Samsung smart fridge leaves Gmail logins open to attack


I thought...

Internet connected fridges were only a joke and didn't exist.

Seems I was half wrong.

Suffering a comms blackout in the loo? Now you don't have to


Do I give a shit about someone having a shit?

It can't tell if you are really sitting on the throne so it will be full of cheaters who are not really having a shit.

That would be terrible because, errm, errm, oh just forget it OK?

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: El Reg on the hydrogen highway



"In his January 2003 State of the Union address, President Bush announced a $1.2 billion research initiative, “so that the first car driven by a child born today could be powered by hydrogen, and pollution-free.”

And in the next 12 years the DOE did indeed spend $1.4 billion on hydrogen production and fuel cell research. This poxy Hyundai and no economical or pollution-free hydrogen supply is the best that and the rest of the spending across the globe has achieved.


Re: hydrogen as a fuel is absolutely rubbish.

"1kg of H2 (and thus 4kg of CO2 from the steam reformation process)"

How could you possibly get more energy from a given amount of natural gas (and so given amount of carbon emission) by extracting and only using the hydrogen? You are limited to a fuel cell and electric motor being more efficient than an ICE burning the gas and they are but not enough to overcome inefficiency of hydrogen production, storage, and transport.

The reforming process produces 4 x H2 and 1 x CO2 with molecular weights of 2 and 44 which makes 5.5kg of CO2 per kg of H. Additionally you need burn about half as much natural gas again to provide heat for the reaction bringing it up to 8.25kg/kg.

Then compression or liquefaction (which is probably how it would be moved around) needs about another 3 kWh of energy per kg and another 1.5kg of CO2 emission if you do with with UK generated electricity.


hydrogen as a fuel is absolutely rubbish.

It isn't green, it isn't practical, it isn't efficient, it isn't cheap.

95% of hydrogen is obtained by reforming natural gas, the other 5% from coal gas. It requires additional energy (almost certainly obtained by burning more fossil fuel) and produces more waste carbon than burning the natural gas. That isn't going to change for decades if not centuries.

When we are eventually forced to use electricity to synthesise chemical fuels it won't be hydrogen to put in fuel cells to turn it back into electricity. Gees I have moaned enough here about how rubbish batteries are but if you want portable electricity from electricity they are way more sensible and economical than making hydrogen for fuel cells.

Microsoft will explain only 'significant' Windows 10 updates


Win 10 reminds me

of a line from The Wire, something about

"I wouldn't touch that skank wid yo dick".

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England


Re: nonsense..

"forbid any form of enjoyment they don't personally approve"

Yes because they feel much better about the enjoyment they choose not to have when no one else is having it either. Sadly it is a very common attitude, the selfish prick bastards with it really need a whack round the head with a large bit of wood.


Re: nonsense..

"smokers outside the cancer treatment centre lighting up"

At least they are getting some enjoyment. Everyone gets old, bodies get knackered and require expensive medical care before they die anyway. Spend a few months in any hospital ward where people are dying and see plenty of pitiful sights. Smokers just draw a year or two less pension before they get there.

My mother recently had a minor stroke. She can put together one sentence and almost always bursts into tears when she fails to construct a second - that's pitiful. I'm pretty sure she wishes she was dead or would if her brain wasn't fucked. If she had been smoker maybe she would be. When smokers die early they are sacrificing the worst years of their life.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 rolls out, but progress is sloooow


"To proclaim the imminent death of Windows phone based on"

In 5 hours we have 10 comments and 5 votes. It seems hardly anyone here cares about windows on mobiles - same as the rest of the world and that is why it is dead.

Windows 10 PC sales boost? Don't hold your breath, say analysts


Pile of shit confirmed

I actually installed Win 10 on a virtual machine today to take a quick look.

Grats Microsoft on bringing to my PC all the shit I hate about Android which stops me using it for anything serious, stops me ever putting my real name in Android device and stops me ever buying anything from their store which would establish a money trail to my personal details.

Additionally like Win 8 it had me reaching for a hammer because after inserting a CD it tells me to tap on the screen. Constant in my face reminders that I'm using something designed for hardware I don't have.

The only sales Win 10 is going to boost is books on linux.

Windows 10 growth flattens out to 30 per cent per week


Re: Thoughts

"Going from 8.1 to 10 makes sense because really, what do you have to lose?"

I initially thought that but the difficulty/impossibility of maintaining your privacy with Win 10 and the possibility of anything you do to mitigate the downsides of Win 10 being undone by an automatic update means something I thought can't be worse than Win 8.1 actually is.

Gazan medico team 3D-prints world-leading stethoscope for 30c


More 3D printing bollocks makes this news?

Nothing about this stethoscope needs to be 3D printed, no one in their right minds would use 3D printing to produce this stethoscope in even moderate volume.

The guy designed a simple stethoscope which appears to work well, he gives away the design - great.

He used 3D printing to make prototypes during development - the same as thousands of other designers do every day - they don't call their products 3D printed.

Budget UHD TVs arrive – but were the 4Kasts worth listening to?


4k is ridiculous for video at current frame rates

4k has 3840 pixels across the screen. Panning an image across the screen one pixel per displayed frame at 50Hz will take 77 seconds. Anything moving on the screen at a rate faster the one minute per screen width is just a blur with multiple adjacent pixels changing on every frame and all those in-between pixels may as well not be there.

It is OK for stills although at normal viewing distances few people will be able to notice the difference from 1080p, my old eyes can't, I don't generally bother going past 720p for video.

I guess TV is going through the same more pixels is better bollocks that cameras went through despite the source (and in the case of cameras lens) not being able to support those pixels.

Drone racing sells robot soul to Mammon with launch of racing league


"The hitherto sexy underground world of drone racing"

Really that is a thing?

For spectators sounds about as exciting as watching scalextric racing.

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?


Re: The shell is not the OS

In the incestuous mess Microsoft spews they are inseparable.


“Windows as a service”

"concept combined with a more open feedback process should deliver the best Windows yet"

and the most expensive and privacy violating Windows yet.

You may be suckered now with your free upgrade and it's not as bad as Win 8.1 shit but if 10 is the last version of Windows which will be made less (or as likely more) shit over time you will be on a meter while it happens.

Personally when Win 7 support runs out I expect I'll be running Linux with Win 7 on a virtual machines or two for the Windows applications I can't do without.

Take THAT, Tesla: Another Oz energy utility will ship home batteries


"managed to secure government funding for a trial"

What a surprise. The taxpayer funds uneconomic green bollocks as usual - another trick taken from Musk's book :)

IWF shares 'hash list' with web giants to flush out child sex abuse images online


"The view of society is to vilify those that do get aroused by images naked children."

Yes because we are no longer allowed to vilify or hate anyone else.

Peedyfiles are the only race/creed/sexual orientation we are allowed to hate with full blessing of the authorities.

Just look at how much time and money the authorities expend finding new peedyfiles for us to hate, even dead ones.


"You know, the pictures of children being raped and whatnot."

Or maybe just album covers.

You say "You know" but he doesn't know, hardly anyone does because we are not allowed to.

Want to download free AV software? Don't have a Muslim name


Re: yeah, that'll stop thum pesky terr'ists

"Utterly absurd and almost as depressing"

Yep almost as silly as providing a real name to someone on the internet for a free software download.

Testing Motorola's Moto G third-gen mobe: Is it still king of the hill?


Re: The nice thing about my older G

" it politely asks me every time whether I would like google to know all my movements"

That isn't what they want you to turn it on for, they want to use your battery and bandwidth to help them maintain their map of every WiFi node in the world.

The lies about what Google location services needs to be turned on for in that nagging dialogue annoy the hell out of me and gives me zero confidence about their claim of the occasional data being anonymous.

Sengled lightbulb speakers: The best worst stereo on Earth


Loudspeakers in your lightbulbs sound crap

WTF did you expect?

Another idea for internet thing with no real use and bloody expensive.

General Electric: Come here, cloud, and get in my IoT belly


"50 billion machines estimated"

There is that 50 billion crap again.

Pull a number out of thin air and keep repeating it and one day it will become true? I don't think so.

MORE Windows 10 bugs! Too many Start menu apps BREAK it


Re: I have 600

"start screen/menu has to be scrolled for an hour"

I use classic shell on Win 7 and the top level of the start menu is about 110 items and occupies one and a half vertical columns of my 2560x1600 screen.


I have 600

I have 520 in all users start menu and 80 in the user start menu and I'm rather careful about not installing crap I don't use on this PC. I also don't much use links to documents in the start menu.

What kind of idiot coded a 512 limit, and coded an ugly fail when the limit is exceeded?

How the did this not show up in testing or is it a new fail?

Windows 10: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to Microsoft's long apology for Windows 8


"is no such distaste for a Google account or an Apple"

Speak for your self. Personally I have no problem with a Google account - I have probably 70 of them.

Are smart safes secure? Not after we've USB'd them, say infosec bods


I wish I could say

I find this unbelievable but I don't. When it comes to embedded computers idiocy of monumental proportions is not uncommon.

Samsung emits mobe charging monitor. For your 'active lifestyle'


Re: marketing much?

"Surely non-AMD cards can also synchronize"

Presumably this is the AMD equivalent of nVidia's Gsync where the screen refresh syncs with the graphics card having rendered a new frame.

So the 'Active Lifestyle' is apparently sitting on your arse in front of a screen playing games.

Contactless card fraud? Easy. All you need is an off-the-shelf scanner


Re: banks

"will not give me the choice of having cards without it"

The cards have an antenna coil which can be disabled with a small cut. On my cards it has been on the same side as the mag stripe. Some cards are transparent enough to see the coil when held to a very bright light (a phone flash LED can work).

Google, Adobe barricade Flash against hacker hordes – we peek inside


Re: Have we just proven that Flash is a pile of crap yet again?

"There's a missing bounds check on the buffer," = "Pile of crap yet again".

Google robo-car in rear-end smash – but cack-handed human blamed


Re: What do the statistics tell us?

"What is different about the behaviour of these vehicles"

They probably dawdle but the biggest difference is they are small and look like something Noddy should be driving.

In a momentary brain fart they look less like something you shouldn't drive into.

Microsoft to Windows 10 consumers: You'll get updates LIKE IT or NOT


Re: A non-issue

"taking the course that will benefit the majority"

How arse about face can you get?

Forcing updates unconditionally benefits the minority who would turn off automatic updates when they actually wanted them on.


Just amother indication that

Windows 10 (like 8) is all about what Microsoft wants and not about what the customer wants.

If customers wanted it Microsoft wouldn't feel the need to give away upgrades.

And when you are locked into this Windows 10 everywhere crap what else is Microsoft going to foist on you like it or not?

IMO Microsoft wanting you to run Windows 10 so bad is a pretty good reason to keep well away from it.

Run Windows 10 on your existing PC you say, Microsoft? Hmmm.


"any machine running Windows 8.1 should be capable of running Windows 10"

Why wouldn't a machine run a polished version of the same turd?

If you are running Win 7 why would you care?