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Who are the biggest electric car liars - the BBC, or Tesla Motors?

Peter 76

Peter 76

Yes a little unfair test of BMWs knee jeck cobbled together design.

The Tesla is better, but still based on what could be done, when it was first designed. Todays traction batteries are far better.

The Prius is such old technology its a joke. The most advance electric car at the moment is the GM Volt on so many levels. The battery thermal management is key to range and longlife.

The transmision is very clever with 2 electric motors that mainly move the car and a petrol IC engine that can drive the small electric motor as a generator or drive through it, to assist in moving the car. Can do 25/50 miles on electric, with full performance to 70mph 0 to 60 mph 8.5 sec on electric only. 4 seats plus a boot. 300 mile range on petrol, 9 usgal tank. Cost about $42000 dollars. GM expects to build 25,000 in 2011, on sale now.

This is what can really be achieved in a BMW Mini shell.

Not built by a car company, but a little inovative electric motor manufacture.



A lot of rubbish written about charging sockets.

In the UK the sockets are rated at 100% so a 32amp,

which is a standard ring main rating can deliver this 100% of the time.

Not a big deal. All UK plugs are rated at 100% duty cycle. US are 80%

so must be derated when used for long term loads, so example a 20 amp is only 16amp

40 is 32.

Also the US has bi phase power on 240 volts, so need double pole ganged breakers similar

to continental Europe . Also the breakers are there only to protect the wiring not the charger, it should have its on breakers built in.

What other rubbish has been mentioned.

Hydrogen, what a dead duck, do the energy audit, 12.5% overall well to wheel.

Low power density, difficult to store/transport and so much clean water would be needed

to make it there would be none to make tea with. Very poor way to transport energy about.

Electrons down a piece of wire is better with low energy losses.

So what is needed to make electric cars 100% main stream.

Petrol/Diesel is about 12 kw/kg but ICE is only 20/25% so realy means 3kw/kg.

So a battery is needed that can store about 2.5 to 3.5kw/kg as

electric motors are at least 90% efficent.

Enter the Lithium Air battery at 10kw/kg, achievable 2.5kw/kg.

This is the holy grail of batteries, low cost fast charge or casset change of Lithium for instant charge. About 15 years away.

So why do we need to go electric, what would happen if there was no oil tomorrow.

Everything would come to a stop, people would starve to death, look at the last

fuel depot blockade that was getting serious at the end.

Once we are all electric and Lithium is not a rare metal, power can come

from many sources and with a Europe wide High voltage DC super grid being planned. Electricity could be moved long distances with low losses, so will come from solar stations from around the Med. Iceland will generate from volcanic heat sources and export on under sea cables plus Nuclear from around Europe and we may have cracked nuclear fusion by 2020. See Focused Nuclear Fusion. 2050 will be a whole new world you never dreamed of, but we have to get off oil to do it.

So its not about MPG its about energy security and being masters of our own future and not being controled or dictated to by the Middle East or Russia.

Nissan super-battery to 'double' e-car range

Peter 76


There so many new battery technologies coming, that this wil be obsolete by the time it comes out. Nickel is a bad metal from a polution point refining proccess is drity you dont want to use lots of it.

Lithium Carbon air batteries look very promising or Lithium nano Silicon wire.

The grid can easily handle the over night load of battery charging and will keep nuclear plants running flat out, which is the best way to run them. The chargers will be smart and will be shut down by the grid if needed, to reduce load.

The great thing about EVs is changing fuel sources, just build a different power station

not build 10 million new re-designed cars. We need EVs, so we can get out of oil, its not about doing more miles to the gallon. As we go to large Solar power stations, the cars will still work. The 21 century looks good and it will be Electic not based on Hydrogen, the Earth has insufficient Platinum to build all the fuel cells that would be needed. All that is needed now it to perfect the electric smelting of Titanium and we will have, light weight long range EV vehicles.


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