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Don't bother with that degree, say IT pros


Two sides to every coin...

I have been a self-taught programmer for many, many years (and I mean a lot), and to be honest I feel that I have missed out on many opportunities because of not having that degree on my CV.

I have a ton of experience in numerous languages but without the formal training my work was somewhat sloppy, but always worked as expected. I really needed some direction, so I recently decided to pay my dues and go to University, and while yes there is a lot of rubbish being taught such as "Personal & Professional Development" rubbish that you have to do (government-mandated self-reflection bullshit), there are some important programming concepts being taught.

For example, I never fully understood classes and objects until I began at university, my algorithms were virtually non-existent, and many other concepts were missing from my "skillset" (gawd I hate that word).

So, I am not at University because the money in IT is great (it isn't, but it should be), I'm there to sharpen up my programming. I highly recommend it to any budding programmer, if you love programming, a degree will give you a greater power behind the console. Just watch out for the fees these days, yikes!!

Total Recall rehash – exit Martians, enter Jessica Biel

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How original

Running out of ideas again. Hollywood?

Legal goons threaten researcher for reporting security bug


Further flaws will not be reported

It would seem that this company is asking for trouble. If one hole has been advised to them and this is how they react, then would in their right mind would inform them of further holes in their obviously flawed software? No one.

Anonymous hacktivists fire ion cannons at Zimbabwe


Aw those poor mega-corporations

They have had to spend millions to counter DDoS attacks? Show me the study that shows this. If you can't then you are simply blowing smoke.

Why should the people care about the poor corporations when they don't care one jot about the people, other than whether we love or hate Marmite?

Mozilla takes on web data miners with privacy icon release

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It also allows you to send an invoice to said company for $500. They won't pay, but they will most likely remove your email address from their sell lists.

RIAA and Anonymous sites both downed by DDoS assaults


Because DDoS Attack lead to Nuclear War?

How preposterous.

One side has always been willing to talk, and the other side wasn't.

Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the Internet Copyright Wars know which side refused to talk.

First official HTML5 tests topped by...Microsoft

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Hmm, let's see shall we?

Oh yes that's right, the cost of the Operating System on which it runs? The fact that it is still insecure because of it's very nature of being integrated into the OS? The fact that it will not install on other OS's? I could go on.

Obama consults Steve Jobs on making America great again

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Oh I see

Don't consult the people, consult a rich man.

Wikileaks outs 400,000 classified Iraq War docs


Documents are more dangerous than guns

Or at least that's the impression the US Gov seems to want to give. I am ashamed that my government (UK) continues to support this madness.

Ryanair wins ihateryanair.co.uk because of £322 ad revenue


Oh Nominet

I'm sure I mentioned Nominet and their propensity for caviar and champagne lunches before somewhere in this place. Now they can have truffles too.

Notorious Anonymous hacktivists launch fresh attacks


Lame joke alert

He should get himself a T-Shirt, "I was attacked by 4chan, and I still had to pay for this lousy t-shirt"

Men sentenced to prison for Comcast hijack



Now that's what you call justice with bludgeon.

Did Comcast sack the employee? If not, why not?

Also, they should have given these "hackers" a job. Looks like Comcast are in serious need of some technical skills.

Twitter joke appeal adjourned


Is there software to do this?

Yes, it's called Twitter, you may have heard of it. It comes with a gid big search box at the top where you can enter something called "search terms".

Nothing personal, I just thought it was dumb question number one for today. :D

419ers take council for £100k


How dumb are these people?

Would they do the same with their own money?

"I am rifling through your pockets"

Second piracy threat lawyers withstand DDoS attack


Vast improvement on the Crossley response.

I note the lack of cockiness in their response to the non-attack.

Sex, lies, and botnets: the saga of Perverted Justice



Raisley should have taken the legal route, and it would be Von wossiname in jail now.

Boris bikes for tourists delayed till year end


RAD without checks and balances...

...creates software that is over-priced and incorrect.

Robot talk - "Must. Use. Computers. For. Everything."

New iPod crew: 'Phoney, futuristic, retro, doomed'


Packaging from hell

Well, if you going to sell an expensive toy, you may as well increase your environmental costs by having huge clear plastic boxes in which to hold the tiny plastic boxes.

StreetView passed by Kiwi cops

Gates Horns

But hang on...

-- But they did say it was a timely reminder for people to switch on their Wi-Fi security in order to stop data being slurped "either inadvertently or for more sinister purposes". --

I thought it had already been found that wireless security does nothing to protect you from StreetViews evil clammy hands?

Symantec and Snoop Dogg launch cybercrime rap contest


Being a hiphop fan myself...

I used to consider "rap" to be what hiphop was called in the late '70's and early 80's, before the term hiphop was coined.

However, nowadays I consider "rap" to be the speech element in a Hiphop track. Again, this is not quite sufficient though, as there are many tunes outside the genre oif Hiphop that contains "rap"

Anyway, do Symantec really think that teaming up with Snoop Dogg will get all the Hiphop fans to purchase their insecure, bloaty, and buggy software?

Maybe I will actually, I like Snoop Dogg that much. <---- lie

Police force more suspects to give up crypto keys


Oh that's really clever isn't it?

Throw a schizophrenic software developer into jail for refusing to hand his private data? This country is the pits.

iPad alert: Are you a selfish elite or an independent geek?


Jake Humphrey has an iPad

He carries it around with him during every Formula 1 race, although he never seems to use it...

Pakistani lawyer petitions for death of Mark Zuckerberg


I always hated Zuckerburg

Will the execution be shown on Facebook?

Facebook's critics 'unrealistic', says US privacy law expert


Advertisers should perhaps change their business model?

If the only way to do business is to spy on customers, then I don't want to do business with them.

Advertising is bunk anyway, it's going the way of the dinosaur.

ID cards poster girl laments her £30



Thankfully I deleted my Facebook account a few days ago, I'll never have to hear about this again.

World Cup streaming to choke corporate networks, doomsayers predict


Thank goodness for traffic-shaping.

If anything goes wrong, it's okay your ISP can just shape your traffic and ruin your enjoyment of the game.

They should have embraced the BitTorrent protocol years ago and saved themselves millions in bandwidth costs, but no.

Aus gov shakes up cyberdefence strategy


Subsidise the rich!

So basically, the Australian tax-payer is subsidising the "cyber-security" of privately-owned banks, and utility companies.

Is your office World Cup sweepstake legal?

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We want our cut!

Typical scare-mongering. "Hey! You there! Stop that illegal poker night you're running amongst your friends. We are supposed to get our cut of the winnings."

Salacious smut soaks 12% of web

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Love it.

The stats, not the porn. Okay maybe the porn too.

Although stat #11 is very disturbing.

6Music: Dead man walking?


Close it down

As long as they give Adam & Joe a show somewhere else, I don't mind what they do.

'Draw Mohammed' page removed from Facebook


Funny but...

They didn't censor Muhammad at all in a 2005 episode (I believe). It was the Super Friends episode or something.

But that was before the Danish cartoonist incident.

So why the uproar again?

Copernicus reburied with full Catholic honours


500 years too late

Who are the Church trying to kid? I for on, am not fooled by their outdated "respect"

Newzbin code leak could lead to return of Usenet indexer


But you don't, do you?

You say you always pay for copyrighted content, but then go on to admit watching Hulu via a proxy.

So you don't always pay for copyrighted content, do you?

Anyway, the DEB is a dead duck, don't worry about it.

City Police still using Terror Act to bother photographers



So just because the police have a tough job, we need to allow for such minor indiscretions? You need to spend some time on the striking end of a police baton.

And invoking words such as "Keyboard Warrior" should earn you little more than ridicule.

Mafia Wars dons deprived of pit bulls


Oh class!

That is just brilliant! I wonder how and who came up with this over at PETA? Did they find some staff playing Mafia Wars during work time?

PETA Boss: "What is this they are playing? Mafia Wars? And they have attack pitbulls?! This is a disgrace, they should be working! I mean, they shouldn't use animals like that in a game! Yes, this has nothing to do with our workers/volunteers slacking off during working hours."

Let's hope their computers won't be able to run Read Dead Redemption when it comes out on PC.

Opera alerts EU to hidden Windows browser-ballot


If this is highly unlikely?

Then why has it happened to me on both XP, Vista, and 7?

The reason, Mr. MS Spokesperson, that someone would install IE8 and not configure it, is rather obvious to anyone that has even an inkling about Windows Security (or lack thereof).

I install IE8 and never configure it because if I have the latest IE, I am more secure than with earlier versions.

So this is extremely common MS, don't kid yourselves.

Nominet to release super-short domain names


Oh Nominet

"The non-profit body"

Really? So why do they suspend domain names and charge £80 to unsuspend each one, and you still have to pay for renewal on top?

They must have champagne and oysters for lunch every day.

I try to avoid .uk domains, .com's are best always will be, no stupid Paper Certificate sent out for every registered domain. They really must be milking it if they can afford to send out these fancy, but ultimately worthless certs.

Young people are lazy, think world owes them a living - prof


What do you expect?

This is how our education system works. Don't actually instill any kind of work ethic in the new generations, instead just make the exams easier and easier in an effort to improve grades across the board.

Mind you, if I were a kid just out of school, I certainly wouldn't be bloody working if I could get away with it. You're supposed to have fun when you're a young adult, go travel, see the world, live from bins, not bow to the pressure of your older peers.

Anyway, with the amount of money our ancestors have paid out to all these international mega-corporations, I think it's about time they started spreading the love (and cash) a bit more. :D

UK pol touts canine chip implants


My dog will never be chipped.

I don't care how hard you try to demonise all canines, I ain't paying you any money.

UK is safer from al-Qaeda 'bastards', says security minister


Maybe not, but...

Just because it ain't that Stasi, don't be getting any ideas about "freedom," "rights"and "justice" they don't exist. Never have.

If the government, dressed in police uniforms decide that they are going to smash down your door, search through all your possesions, kick the livng daylights out of you, and then get dragged to a police cell where you will be left to rot for a minimum of 24hrs regardless of whether any supporting evidence was found.

You cannot have rights if they can take them away from you.

Clearly you have never been on the shitty end of the stick, but don't worry, keep your blinders on, and it won't be long now.

Hull Daily Mail exposes depraved local porncoder



Hey I know they're only trying to sell papers and make a living in the tough new digital world of shared media, but to try and destroy the small guys customer base for something completly legal? Oh if this wasn't moderated I'd be...

Doesn't matter, they're on the losing side, maybe they can apply for a position at the dear ol' reg?

Google says desktop PC is three years from 'irrelevance'



I seriously doubt that PC manufacturers and OS manufacturers are going to stop what they're doing in three years, oh you'd like that wouldn't you, Google?

I don't have a "dumphone" now, and I won't in three years, some of us have big fingers and broken eyes you know!

Govt promises unemployed free laptops, net access, websites


I see a sneaky plan afoot.

Give the unemployed free computers and Internet access.

Then accuse of them of copyright infringement.

Take away their computer and internet connection, and blame the whole file-sharing fiasco on the unemployed.

Good plan.

I think it might just work.