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Germans plan to make 'synthetic natural' gas from CO2


I can agree to that..

Here in Canada, it's been the same way for some time, though just as soon as you actually manage to impliment something like this, you get simpletons going off the deep end about the damage it's doing. You know the lot; the people that bitch about wanting cleaner, more renewable resources and power measures, but then don't like them when they get them.. Tidal power has been a big one round' where I used to live. Despite tidal power being a vaible idea for years, suddenly someone gets the idea to stick a generator in the highest rising bay in the world, BRILLIANT. but then, the infrastructure derails it, it's gets toppled with people concerned the big bad tidal power will eat all the fish that incidently don't even live in that reigon, and the like..

It's funny that.

Adobe to sue Apple 'within weeks,' says report

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And not even any fanbois.....

This is little more than one company bitching that some other company wont let it play in it's tree house. It's not monopolistic, it's not vindictive, It's just preference.

Apple sure as hell isn't stopping you from buying another phone, one that uses flash.. but really, what are you missing by not using it? some shopping ads and Hulu. Whoop de do.

I'm not here to side with Apple because I like the iPhone, just because Adobe is crying over the club house.

Sexy is as sexy does: UK.gov struggles with sexualisation

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I like breasts.

Whats so bad about that?

Apple uncovers child workers in its plants



It's legal to work in MANY countries under the age of 16, and I mean developed industrial and technologically leading countires at that. I know even in "don't step on anyone's toes" canada, 14/15 is fine, so long as you have a note from the 'rents saying that it is OK.

Mind you, not all employers will hire you based on that alone, there are other considerations - type of job, risks involved, WCB coverage, etc. But if you want a simple retail or call center job, it's not hard to nab, as you're not covered for workplace injury anyways.

Apple prepping 'Explicit' App Store?


No different than the headphone fiasco

Do you people not remember the "sue iphone because my music is too loud" garbage from no more than a couple months back? This is no less than the same issue. It wasn't that the apps were inherintly good, bad, well made, poorly made, what have you. Enough people complained about something that they were not forced to buy, use, or allow themselves/children/family to access, that apple went "Well Shit, time to cover our asses people."

So they pull anyone that is small enough, and quiet enough not to stir up a major legal shitstorm - at least financially - because they can hold out against negative feedback, but having a major name go after their wallets is not taken as lightly. So SG's flip strip and Wobbly bits (WHICH I might add, can be used for just about anything, so get off the degrading troll-call) get pulled, while Playboy, which has been objectifying women under the same line of reasoning as the major critics, has been around for HOW long? I don't see you lined up at Hugh's homestead yelling at him, when the content has been available and in your homes for ages already. But This is a closed device, and one that (like many small electronic devices) your average consumer doesn't really understand how it works. So you get all the complaints about allowing something to be there, that's already there. Let the Dev's just make web-based apps, and download bookmarks to them on the phone - Who do you blame then? Go after the ISP? The Browser? Start pissing and moaning about the failure of society to prevent your children from seeing a nipple on google image search while you were busy watching As The World Turns?

Get. Over. It.

iPhone: The OS with big aspirations



You're right there.. because anyone can pick up a guitar and have it work great for them, where as guitar hero, you need real talet to...

wait, rewind, flip that.

I hope you're not setting Wonderwall or Smoke on the water as the scope of effective guitar use..


Par for the course, just a lot more bitching..

I don't really see why this has been such a big issue.. its ONE phone, ONE tablet, ONE OS... that's it..

it's not like there are not hundreds, albeit thousands of alternatives (in some cases) for you to chose from. You don't have to buy the phone, or the pad, if the software doesn't suit your fancy.

But, I don't get pissed that my PS3 wont play Wii Games, or that my Xbox360 play my PC installer disks.. I don't yell at people when a PAL disk doesn't play in my NSTC dvd player.. or when I can't put veg oil in my car to make it run.

I'm pretty sure the same goes for most of you too, so why all the belly-aching?

if you like the handset, buy it. If you don't like the apps, jail break. If you don't like the app store, don't use it. before a few years ago, nobody would have really cared if I told them that they couldn't install whatever facebook client on their Moto Razr or Sony flip phone of the day.

After all, It's just a phone.

Apple strips top shelf, leaves corporate smut in place


uh...Free Apps.

Guys, do any of you know or even wonder how many of these taken down titles were free apps? I only came across this whole story due to a posting on SG, where their free flip-strip app (like the classic flip pens) was taken down, while their pay to purchase app was left behind, along side a few other pay to purchase ones. Many of the apps that I've heard getting the shaft were free to get (or at least demo), which means anyone with a net connection can just grab them.. I'm certainly not saying that Apple was in the clear with this call, but yah - if you're going to push something like the iPad for schools, you don't need 10 year old jimmy posting Wobble shots of his teacher on FB, and getting her fired, or using the "naked" app to post child porn pseudo images of his classmates and getting the whole school shut down.

after all, remember what happened when a kid last found Oral Sex in a dictonary. Webster was almost shot by a soccer mom.

WALL-E spaceliner smart hoverchairs debut in Japan

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I guess just the one powered by a Mac...

The Axion, Jewel of the Buy&Large fleet.. Maybe the other ones just had bad driving..

Apple bans iPhone hackers from App Store

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That's a bit harsh..

I don't get the constant harping on apple's app store.. I mean fair enough that the policies for getting apps out there are kind of vague, unless you jailbreak (which they just don't support, not block or prosecute as some people seem to think), but it is a fairly volumous app store, with plenty of them free. It'll be no better with this amalgomated app store, and even worse with a google one (you want to see control on a phone, try one which is powered by a company that controls the internet).

But to be honest, blocking a couple of known, admitted and publicized hackers from their registered ID's on the app store is perfectly reasonable. That's like saying two known offenders or shop lifters walk into a local store, and are asked to leave, then get black listed. ANY company reserves the right to refuse sale of products or enterance to their facilities, and apple is by no means any more in the wrong here.

That being said, as someone who has jailbroken, unlocked and modded many phones and laptops in my time, I think it's great work these guys are doing, but you can't expect things like this not to happen when you've got a very easy to find and outspoken blog about the 101 ways to hijack your phone away from it's propriatary pilot.

Researchers rip iPad apart to reveal Apple's profits

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This is usually where the PC arguement pops up...

It's all a trade off, and you hit the nail right on the head. LABOUR and ASSESMBLY does cost money, and for the people constantly harping about how much cheaper it is to maintain a PC = better product, they obviously equate their time to a fairly low dollar figure.

It's not like apple is the only company to mark up a product after all, I don't see why this is surprising when just about every retail product you purchase is upped about 300%.

Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival


wait.. I've seen you before!

What are we all getting so excited (and feather ruffled) for?

Folks, if you don't like Job's take on a tablet, don't buy the damn thing.. I've seen a variety of devices that ran Windows OS (take your pick), Linux, or even with a little prodding and EFI, Mac. They're honest-to-goodness 100% laptops, with touch screens, stylus and keyboard. THIS isn't new, it's not even that impressive, it just took away a 3mm thick keyboard component and trackpad.

I said this once already, and I'll say it again. The iPad isn't meant to be used as a desktop replacement - it's meant to replace an otherwise 4 times as heavy, twice as pricey and 3 times more complicated laptop for people who are just about only competant enough to go to facebook, email and youtube on their "computers." Give them a slimmed down idiot proof OS. Take away all sorts of control panel options for them to muck up (oh hell yes they will), let them simply play with this toy as God, or Jobs, or whomever, intended.

Now, I love tablets as much as the rest of you. They're a great tool in a host of many situtations, but one look at this thing and you can be almost certain, its going to fall along the same lines of cost, power, and features of 99% of it's predocessors. I'm sure it will be (as a laptop) on par with the rest of the pack, but will drive the cost up to match it. The one thing that might cut (a tiny bit) of the cost is the lack of input devices (aside from via touch) and the needed housing/swivel for the screen. wow, drop about 50$ of it's price.

The iPad is not meant to be your high end laptop. The iTablet is not meant to be your portable E-reader with high def video play back.



1) yes, you would have to be fairly careful with it, which is more than I can say for most of the trials with the ipad/iphone. Though, I do recall some decent marks for a few sony products in drop tests.

2) NTFS isn't bad, but could still use some improvements.

3) why would you hold up something the size of a dan brown publication to take low resolution photos? this is the part of the arguement where you remind me that generic phone brand X has a 8.0 mp camera in it, and is the size of a bluetooth travel mouse.

4) light enough, but no lighter than a fully functional laptop WITH touch support of the same size, which is still not exactly any more portable than a hardcover of War and Peace.

5) I doubt they'll do a version 2, they'll do a completely differently designed model, when they realize there is little advantage to doing a tablet like this in contrast to a traditional model :/

6) SD, being as highly used and integrated as it is, would have popped up there right after the USB. While I wasn't impressed that apple passed that up, that certainly doesn't make me suspect that X2 would keep it off the initial specs as some "Secret weapon." But, who knows.

7) Again, fair enough, but wait for the pricepoint.

8) I would argue that point (actually, all of those points) on a few levels. Yes, the windows OS can multitask. Nobody will argue that point to you. Win 7 on an 1.6 (Underclocked closer to 800 MHZ in many cases) is not exactly a speed demon. I've run it on a few netbooks, and nettops, and in all cases it was lucky to score a 2 on microsofts UI "experience" tests. Adobe has admitted multiple times that Flash does not work nearly as well on Apple products as it has for MS ones, not that processor seems to even come into that remark. The lack of "multi-tasking" as you put it, is a little... well, no, it's pure crap. The iphone/ipod and yes ipad does multitask. MADNESS YOU SAY. No, it's not. it just doesn't keep the front end for the applications open like windowed tabs, at least for third party apps. But to my knowlegde, neither did any of the android or google phones :/ If you have any sort of resource management (like the old iStat pro) you could see the running processes for yourself. Frankly, at the speed at which it opens the apps, third party or otherwise, "multi-tasking" that you've pedestal placed, is not that big a deal.

9) Why would you need a desktop or laptop OS to have support for that? I don't think calling out apple for using a custom os which supports that hardware is exactly fair when none of the winmobile ones do, let alone their desktop full-fledged counterparts.

10) unnnn.. a GPS dongle for the USB would be ... a little cumbersome, and defeat the point of a "portable" and contained device like this. 3G also would require a costly contract, which if was otherwise not the case, apple would have simply done the same. Hardly a myriad at 2 self-complicating alternatives.

11) Touch sensitivity is no the same as multi-touch, and yes, there have been touch windows machines for a long time. although on the same breath, you could do touch mods for the mac for almost as long, since a touch screen is just an input device with software to match it, no different than any other peripheral. I don't recall a single table that featured the same "touch" support as became mainstreamed after the host of iphone, HTC, Android, Google, Sony, ect ect that got on board with kind of input... at least none of the ones I've owned ever have.

12) That was a weak arguement in the first place, but fair enough. Yes, you need to get AV software, not that there arn't plenty of free open source projects just as capable. You fired off a market share rebuttle, I get that. I wont get into the market margins vs home consumer use discussion, and how those numbers, much like sales numbers are skewwed, and you'll pass up the chance to talk about how apple figures also include sale of iphones too. We'll ignore the IT and retail chains that all run old clunker towers by IBM which handle exactly what their jobs need, and nothing more at an easily replaceable price, which makes up the vast majority of the "PC user demographic" because really, that would be unnecessary. I'll even keep it to myself about the host of people using PC's that don't use MS products for office, email, the web, AV, or even their music... what is that tune program again... after all, there are again, plenty of easily downloadable alternatives.

It's nice to have a pleasant chat with someone about a new product and it's features. It should be an fine laptop, priced accordingly when it comes out

Kit cracks iPhone backup passwords

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Just their Pr0n..

but who knows..

Apple vs the iPad Bedwetters

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Not change the net.. but change something else..

Honestly, I don't intend to buy one of these. That being said, I don't see the device as being nearly as bad as the "fanbois" or likewise critics do. Here you have a multitouch device, running the iPhone OS, which here is not such a bad thing as well: I have seen quite a few "Custom" OS's for netbooks and small media devices.. and lets not get started on Chrome OS.

What I probably wont see, is people buying them, and putting them to a practical use. People who can't figure out how to use a computer, and want something even simpler to operate than a Mac, Preloaded Win7 configuration, or NetbookRemix by Ubuntu (or whomever), will probably take a bite. I mean really - lets look at the 15-25 year old market. Many of them use their machines for little more than 3 things:

1) Social networking (FB, Twitter, ect, ect)

2) Music

3) videos.

Yup, Throw that in my binder, and I'm ready for class.

And at a fraction of the price of a bigger laptop (or apple), it does have some appeal: after all, the same was true of the netbook market.


And here is the big but, They're going to be sold as a novelty gadget. A colourful ebook reader and media player. what they COULD be doing with these devices (and I'm not just talking about apple here. I'm talking about any company looking at the iPad and saying "hmmmm"), is marketing them to the industry, which apple wont.

For a year now, I've convinced a few friends of mine to use iPods/iPhones for various other tasks than *gasp* games and watching podcasts. Lets imagine your pharmacist had a hand held database that crossreferenced your medication against other symptoms and meds, health care plans, and looked for cost alternatives, and even conflicts that could cause you harm. "There's an app for that"... and there was before the iPhone, which ran on palm platforms, amoung other things. what this touch device did was allow barcode scanning (camera) to quickly add new drug inventory to the database, show your clients the pills (if they couldn't remember the name - I've worked with a few older individuals from time to time), sign for things, etc etc. But only an incredible minority of the people owning devices like these, actually used them above and beyond their intended capabilities.

I'd love to see the iPad have a bit of success. Why? simple - drives inovation. Script to text recognition, image comparative software, incomming gesture sensors... start adding these to a device and you've got a highly versatile clipboard for hospitals, medical centers, delivery companies, you name it. and I don't care who provides it. But I think apple has the right idea for a device like this. Keep it simple, keep it app based, remove unnecessary system management access for a tool that isn't going to be maintained on the user level, make it adaptive to different roles, but above all, make it enjoyable and intuitive to use.

Would I trade up my notebook for one? not hardly. But would I use one in a business environment, in a generation or so when these changes are made? Why not.

Google reveals nonexistent Chrome tablet

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On that note:

How about an OS which is not as closed, and limited as Google's Chrome?

I mean, apple may be a kettle to this pot, but at least you can download third party apps.

A google tablet will be Google's machine, running Google's OS, backing up Google's data (formerly YOUR data) to Google's servers, running Google's apps with Google's adds. no third party necessary (or allowed).

Yah, I'll take anything that allows me some local and remote controll over my files, kthxbye.

Spiderman Beetleman wall-crawl glove/boot tech invented

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what about a canuck?

..I could handle that..

Steve Jobs dubs Google's 'don't be evil' motto 'bulls**t'

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It is hitting the nail on the head alright.

Don't get me wrong, I use Google services, and I use Apple products (I also use a host of other competing goods and services here, thats not the point). I think what people are missing here, and falling short in making the comparision with, is not that Apple is any more inherintly "Good" than Google (although I have been getting a little antsy with google's growing hunger for handling all your data over the last 12 months). However, I think what is really a dig here, is that unlike MS vs Apple, where they have been competing with each other for quite some time now, made small invasions with each other via software that was compatibile for the others OS, there was never a sense of working partner ship, simply competition (unlike the fanbois, which flamed like they lived on 4chan). Nor was this really the case when Apple moved into the phone market (though they may have indeed poached some patent technology from other phones makers). Here, Google and Apple have been obvious bed fellows, all the while Google, gaining apple support and advertising, suddenly springs out a competing browser, OS, phone OS, and then Phone in a short span of how many months?

It's a fair cop; Google has taken a good advantage where it could, and snagged a pretty nice free ride to an entry position in the smart phone market. I don't think it's about Apple being less threatened by an MS phone than a Google phone - diversity drives innovation (which never sucks), I think it's more a question of how much Apple really got out of the deal, and how long Google had this plan in mind.

Not that of course, Apple, or most other companies are free of stones for this kind of tactic.

New music file aims to sink piracy using blogs and Twitter


This reminds me of another file...

Files that dial out from your machine whenever you're connected to the internet, to broadcast information from your machine to the home server?

my outbound firewall is going to LOVE you.

Can the iSlate kill off Web 2.0?


I'm not convinced..

I find the first statement a bit .. misleading..

regardless of what you take away, a computer is still a device which requires input.. and while I can see the arguement you're making in regards to the trend of people watching content more than creating it, I can't fully agree - Granted, compared to 10, 15, 20 years ago, the types of content, and the way we view it have.

look at it this way; there are far more machines available, and being used in homes, work, schools, factories, stores, ect ect today than ever, and in most aspects, the type of work they do hasn't changed, just the way they acomplish them. Sure, kids and university students will waste their 1000$-2000$ machines to FB and play farmville, but just as many of those students will be blogging, trolling forums, and finding new ways to make absolute rubish hilarious on the internet. Look at the exponential increase in meme's on the internet over the last decade, look at sites like 4chan (shudders)... this stuff isn't going the way of the T-Rex, it's just getting started.

at my apartment, we have 3 lappy's, 4 desktops and 2 ipod touches/iphones. each device gets used alot each day, and all for different things, but it doesn't take away from any of the individual devices.

Bah, this is almost turning into a rant, but to summize; so long as there is a medium, content and commentary will be created - it may not always be the same as it's predocessors, but it will be there.

On my iPhone 3GS

Steve Ballmer defaces fanboi MacBook


... I don't get it

.. Why would you want a sweaty, middle-aged man to sign your computer.. regardless of what it was running?

.. I thought they signed your tits or something.. maybe I'm just getting old.

Singapore nightclub offers booze for boobs


You know, the double works both ways...

I'm by no means against fair play, equating female to male rights as best we can, but sometimes I just stop and have to say "... really? this is a big deal to you?"

If a guy suggests something like this, a wet tshirt contest, a women's night, or in this case, Tat for tit, and women openly and enjoyably agree to participating, then it's chauvinism and degrading to women (who had no problem and volunteered). Now, take that same initiative by a female, which might not be exactly the same venue, but none the less similar in outcome, and it's suddenly acceptable, infact often treated as clever, because they're minipulating the system to their advantage (their advantage being able to get something for being, well, a women).

Frankly, I think thats great. I honestly think we've built up a pedistal for the female body, and there is nothing wrong with admiring it as a thing of beauty. But, it is neither feminist, nor anti feminist/degrading to make use of that. In all fairness, its pitching to the converted.

I'm waiting for the upset females who disagree, but frankly, that's all there is to it. I don't take off my pants for hamburgers, wether it's a guy or a girl who suggests it at a pub, but that's my M.O., I certainly don't call it an attack on my gender, and neither should you.

Avatards rush to name sprogs Pandora



I know alot of north american kids to which the name TITANIC would apply. a'thank you.

Yanks floored by nail guns, computers and baseballs


You're not getting old, people are getting dumber..

Actually, I used to do alot of contracting work with my old man, still do in fact, and they used alot of Hilti gear (both airnailers and ramsets). Never underestimate an employee on how clever they can be at being stupid. I've seen people fire airguns through brand new windows, and you'll look over to see that they've got it up in the air. you spend the rest of the day trying to figure out HOW they managed to fire off something with so many saftey's, but frankly.. they just do. Maybe they'll sit it on their foot (still hooked into the air line), to change a nail roll, they'll somehow manage to push down on it with the safe's off, set the clip, and pull up with the trigger.

honestly, even with bumping being possible, it still takes all kinds of stupid, and poor practice to get hurt.

Kodak strikes at Apple in iPhone, Mac patent dispute


not necessarily a prototype...

but in most cases I believe you are required to outline how the system/technology will function, at least in some base way. I remember we had to design something in grade 5, and apply for a patent.. the shit we came up with was absolutely absurd, but all required detailed explanations of what it was we were trying to patent, and how it was supposed to work, regardless of how sound it was from an engineering/physics standpoint. like "I'm patenting a giant robot with eye lasers. The lasers are in the eye, and fire based on the press of a button" - Sure, you can patent that.

and yes, you can be cynical about patent claims. while it doesn't always happen this way, it certainly can, and has in the past. Remember the Year 2000 guy.


Pystar =/= Nokia/Kodak

while yes, all three of the cases did involve copywrite infringement (while the pystar case was pretty open and shut in the sense of them violating what all apple users have handed to them in paper to agree to, so to speak).. the dynamics are not. On the one hand, you have a vendor who sells a GUI to only function with a certain blend of hardware, they're mix - they sue another company for building hacks and custom rigs at a percentage of their cost, but still making decent overhead of the hardware (you could build your own for nearly half the cost of the pystar rigs, wiki it.) Pystar started selling something open source, rebranded as its own to emulate EFI and slap the OS on generic equipment. The case here was really more about pystars practices coupled with the question of how legitimate apples rights to their "only use when this logo is present" claims were.

on the other hand, these new patent infringement claims are a little.. vague. We have two companies which are not front runners at the moment, who have after a few years with these products out in the market, vocalized their complaints; quite possiblity after having their wants not resolved behind closed doors. What gets me is that in both these cases, as reported by media at least, the claims to patent rights never seem to get validated. It is quite likely/possible that many of the technologies that apple, RIM, or any major player in the electronics company today, is "borrowing" IPR's from it's competition.. to get caught up and ahead of it. This is what I find makes Kodak, Nokia and the like look like they're fishing for revenue - its not like they're the bottom of the barrel, just not top of the hill - and with their patent claims highly ambiguous by report, any pay outs I think are going to look like a purchased "Shut up."

Fem-rage shocker: Woman zaps ex-boyf with pink taser


Oh America..

should people be allowed to own and (in necessary cases) operate personal defensive equipment? sure.. should the grose american public? welllllll.....

Not that I want to imply that women act irrationally with guns, knives, stun guns, mace, tasers... men do just as dumb things with them, only when the boys use them, its to reinact jackass. women - reinacting bad self defense class videos.

Is it art or is it pr0n? Australia decides it's ALL filth


retroactive censor bars?

I wonder if they're going to have to cover up fawns and saytres as well? fictional child like reproductions count under child pron too.. what about cherybs? I can see a lot of chiseled off genitals after this...

Apple vanishes multi-touch ancestor

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It's quite true.

I've heard alot of hype about Dvorak, and frankly, thats what it is. urban myths and nay say for conventional layouts. the imput limitations are going to be persistant regardless of what order you set the keys in, because frankly THERE IS ONLY SO FAST THAT A HUMAN CAN REACT AND ACT TO INPUT.

but oh well, it does sell nifty stickers for my keys.

Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless


Well, at least it's not Twilight.

I really used to bother me that people got that wrapped up in an obviously superficial film, aimed to simply punt CGI and tape it to a mildly engaging story. but hey, its the ADHD generation, and whatever keeps them going for more than 30 seconds at a time has it's merits.

Honestly though, Every year there is a film that makes us look completely stupid as a society. when it wasn't potter, it was star wars, when it wasn't star wars, it was narnia, when it wasn't narnia, it was twilight, and now its avatar. It'll be something else in a few months ( like WoW.. which at least will be easily ruined by Ewe Bole).

Avatar = Ferngully + CGI + blue tits


Paramount prepares to scale Dune



That movie was scripted well?

watch them all together, and then try to remain with that stand point.

the story was like a midgets version of brokeback mountain, in new zealand. oh yes, and walking.

12 solid hours of bloody walking.

ISPs slam Digital Economy Bill's multi-million pound price tag


hey, have you heard of this thing called streaming media?

Seriously. I don't understand why people view file sharing all that differently, the vast majority of it out there, if we somehow woke up tomorrow and all the torrenting and p2p programs in the world went belly up, we'd just go back to the way we used to do it. Rip it from the radio, pull it from streaming transmission, rent copies and burn them. In Canada, and the US, an unlimited Game/Video rental account at blockbuster is CHEAPER than a decent internet connection. I'll just go rent/rip 1080p across the street. No different than taping from the old VHS.

Honestly folks, if the powers that be came to me and said "Jeff, we're thinking charging a little more each month, from all our providers, but in exchange, do whatever you want with your connection. download movies, games, music, what have you. We're going to take that money (that little extra) and hand it right over to the Artists and producers that created that content for you." I'd say sure, why the fuck not. It's not like the content isn't going to be moved in that direction eventually anyways. All a bill like this does is validate piracy (if you can call it that), by moral balance - This extra 25$ on my bill is for file sharing, so damn it, I'm going to go get my 25$ worth of media out of it. after all, IVE ALREADY PAID FOR IT.

Put your content online, make it more accessible, make it free. Free, in case you missed the memo, is the new $9.95.

2009's Top Netbooks

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Still more than happy with my U90

Runs OSX like a dream, Native with EFI, and essentially only needs graphics and audio drivers to work out of the box.. did replace the mini wifi for an N ready card though..

Dell intros 'smallest' desktop PC made with desktop parts

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Looks like a brick...

It looks like what "desktop" components it was able to use it just crammed in the box with a crowbar.. frankly, I'd rather get ahold of Acer's new nettop.. smaller, better specs, better price. Oh woe.. no optical drive.. New's flash folks, you can get a slim DVD RW drive for the damn same price as an internal one. but frankly, if you're going with something this small, I would doubt it's a full desktop replacement, and more a media center .


Acer Aspire 5738DZG 3D 15.6in notebook


Whats the deal?

I've wondered for some time now what the big fuss was with 3D.. I mean, I guess I can see it for home TV in some film aspects, but frankly I think constant use (especially due to the fact that 1 - you need to wear the glasses and 2 - you do need to sit still with almost all of the available 3d methods) would get tiresome, and in some cases even result in major headaches..

whats all the hype?.. why not just panoramic or 3d goggles?

Hackintosher Psystar to pay Apple $2.7m in settlement

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On the Nose

I laughed so hard when I saw the end of this... 10 internets for you good sir!

But really though, I'm fairly disapointed with Pystar.. I mean Rebel EFI? bah.. repackaged Chameleon EFI loader.. worse than console emulators being sold to customer who never own the roms they're porting.. but thats another day's discussion.

Company's like this are giving hackintoshers a bad name..

Acer to be 'first' with Chrome OS netbook



Packard Bell STILL makes computers???