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'Gossips' say Apple will acquire ARM



Yeah that's really takes a stupid comment. If ARM designs them and other build it. They wont be without ARM because they dont know how to/


Great Comment but wont hapen

Hi Great Sense of humor. Appreciate it.

Oracle charges $90 for Sun's free ODF plug-in

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Monetization is very important

As I said. Its about monetization. If you cannot do that then it is not going to work. If you employ and pay people to work on something that has to be given for free is simply not going to work, if you do you will be in loss.

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Good For New Sun

Sun had way too many freebies in fact almost everything was a freebie. Not only that it was also Open Source. Now, I do not have anything against Open Source, but it should be utilized properly to drive revenue and at the same time serve community. Sun projects were unable to achieve either, Where. if you look at IBM, which made sure that they not only foster the community but also had enough distinction between open source and commercial product so that they can charge USD 3000 per seat. (I am talking about Eclipse and Rational Studio). Another example is Apple, which have System Software of all Apple platforms Open Source they are probably the closest system built. Makes lot of money as well.

Oracle is trying to do the same. If they don't do it then probably they have to lay off lot of Sun employees to cut into the acquisition cost. And That nobody likes.

Beeb iPlayer blocked by Xbox velvet rope


Microsot is a giant Money Sucker

Microsoft always tries to make money where others are giving it for free. For XBOX 360 the list goes like this :

1. XBOX Live Gaming | Free on PS3

2. XBOX Social Networking Features | Free on PS3

3. Microsoft charges separately for Optical Audio Cable | In built on PS3

4. Microsoft charges for Play and Charge Kit | in built with PS3 Controller

They are simply a plague to video gaming industry.


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