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iOS 6 maps can't find Sydney Apple Store

Paris Hilton

Tim Cook

Perhaps, he should obtain a baker's dozen of hand mirrors, so he can find where the sun don't shine from his IPOS5?

Holden considers electric Commodore


@ Half a million per car

An interesting form of ersatz mathematics?

With a genius like yours, please investigate why FORD, is selling an electric car of sorts, in the lower 48 States, for $40K, called the "FORD Focus Electric", when to date, it has cost them approximately seven point seven million to make, based on total current unit sales?

Climate change threatens to SHRINK FISH AND CHIP SUPPERS


@Darwin & @ According to Computer Models

Reality has a liberal bias.

Reading be a luxury and there is an old wise political saying or two created by the man who created the "American 'National Academy of Sciences' ".

They go like so :-

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt!."

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."

"You may deceive all the people part of the time, and part of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time."

Such is life!

Extreme weather blown away from unexpected direction



No matter how many cherries one picks, it still does not change or alter the body of evidence in the real world of reality.

"This above all — to thine ownself be true;

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man." Polonius(Hamlet Act 1 Scene #3)

Climate-change scepticism must be 'treated', says enviro-sociologist


Baloney Detector

Baloney Detector :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUB4j0n2UDU&hd=1

Greenland 'lurched upward' in 2010 as 100bn tons of ice melted



Ah, not heard of a satellite called GRACE, I take it?

"GRACE measurements show the Greenland ice sheet is also losing mass at an accelerating rate, doubling between 2002 and 2009. Earlier data obtained by a number of methods show that Greenland has been losing ice since the 1990s. (Prior to the 1990s, the trend varied up and down, but this was mostly down to changes in precipitation.) Greenland is contributing 0.7 mm/yr to sea level rise; its ice sheet contains enough water to raise sea levels by 7 m. (See Copenhagen Diagnosis, “Ice Sheets of Greenland and Antarctica”.)"

All ersatz skeptics, such as John Coleman, Marc Morano and Anthony Watts, keep telling me the globe is cooling every winter! Sadly, all the satellite and recorded temperature and proxy data dating back a million years says the exact opposite!

In addition:-

"In 2011 we’ve had various Arctic melting records, but for Earth’s climate system as a whole probably the year before that was more dramatic. Not only was 2010 the hottest year on record, it broke many other climate records too, like Caribbean coral bleaching, Amazon drought, and ice melting on the surface of the Greenland ice sheet – which led to an ice loss of 500 gigatonnes."

"Normally GPS measurement stations on southern Greenland show a rise of about 15mm (0.58 inches) on average per year. During the five month melting season of 2010 the tectonic uplift jumped to 20mm (0.79in). Little tectonic movement occurred at stations in the north of Greenland."

A true skeptic makes an informed decision based on fact based evidence from the real world!

Ersatz skeptics, living in denial la la science fiction land, provide no fact based evidence from the real world to support their fictional arguments of pure nonsense.

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." Winston Churchill

A cynical American saying :- "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!"

FOI request turns up Carrier IQ surprise



"Intelligence agencies keep things secret because they often violate the rule of law or of good behavior." Julian Assange

Why are Android anti-virus firms so slow to react on Carrier IQ?


De Ja Vue, 2005 all over again! Or, how soon we forget!

Sounds all too familiar, sounds like like the Sony-BMG rootkit affair of 2005!

This is where for the price of a legitimate legal purchase of an audio CD from Sony-BMG in 2005, your M$ Windoze XP computer was deliberately infected with a rootkit virus, without user intervention!

The story that emerged that year, was when F-Secure found the source and sent a legitimate inquiry to Sony Music New York HQ, to confirm or deny that the pressing plant was either infected with a virus, or it was a deliberate attempt to hijack end user computers! The reply they receive from Sony Music legal, was a DMC bugger-off take down threat on the lines of "Go public, we will sue you into the bankruptcy court!". The AV company F-Secure was forced to back off under pain of legal blackmail threats and told also not to tell no one outside the company at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One man wrote it up in his blog, exposing the evil rootkit for what it was, and the rest is now history, of how the outraged Internet blogosphere took down a then unassailable music giant and kicked them out of their ivory castle tower!

Sony by losing a class action US law suit, paid a few pennies in compensation to infected US users, ignored the rest of the world and allegedly withdrew the then unsold infected audio discs or so we were told!

So, whilst Carrier IQ, was fully aware of the abuse of it's software, the kept themselves in full denial of the evil and just took the money and went with the flow!

If, the so called Carrier IQ battery sucking/virus/rootkit/spyware, is as benign a research network tool as the company claims, why is there no 'off switch', user opt in/out clause, enduser EULA or removal tool provided since it went live from day one!

Who benefits?

Samsung gets a few days of Christmas



Ah, the standard Yankee "MBA" best business practices, sue the competition with frivolous patent law suits, in order to maintain the monopoly and the profits and screw the end users for every cent they own!

Mozambique menaced by flesh-eating bananas

Paris Hilton


Just goes to show how easy it is to spread the ignorance and deliberate misinformation "Fred Singer Style" around and have it propagated even further by stupid mononeurons, all of whom are far too lazy to think for themselves!

Carrier IQ VP: App on millions of phones not a privacy risk

Big Brother


So ?

Now we are told, well in excess of 140,000,000 smart phones have been infected with a Carrier IQ trojan keylogger/spyware virus app!

In addition, it is a known certainty that all Apple Ipones spy on their owners with the very same application.

Or, perhaps the real number of deliberate spy on me company infected smart phones, in use around the world, is in reality closer to the total number of smart phones sold to date?

In other news, Google recently removed 40 very flawed applications available from the Andriod App Store, as it was demonstrated, that they too were carriers of disguised trojans,keyloggers and other malware!

But then again, if Joseph Stalin were alive today, he would have a big smile on his lips, as all the so called freely elected western democracies rapidly adapt his older methods of spying, revised with modern technology to spy on their own citizens! Now tell me, who lost the cold war again?

Is there not a cynical Yankee saying:- "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!"

Or another saying goes "Pull the other one, it has bells!"


Joke Alert!

If this software is supposedly harmless, as you claim it is, why hasn't "Wanker IQ" provided a simple software removal tool to eliminate it, from all rooted smart phones, so infected from day one, when it first went live?

And the answer is.................................."pull the other one it has bells!"

Antarctic ice formed at CO2 levels much higher than today's

IT Angle


D'oh , some people will seek any straw context free comment in the land, to avoid facing the reality, the real world is warming, as man made fossil fuel CO2 levels climb above 393 ppm and O2 levels fall accordingly.

A Summary of the actual paper :-

"Antarctic glaciation occurred during a geologic period called the Eocene to Oligocene climate transition.

"It was a time of dramatic changes triggered during a cold orbital cycle when precession of the Earth's axis and changes in its orbit aligned to make southern hemisphere summers colder," says Sijp.

"This allowed ice sheets to survive year round and gradually increase in altitude as fresh snow and ice was added. As the altitude increased, the surrounding air got colder, which further aided in cooling, creating a positive feedback loop."

"At the same time continental drift ... allowed the creation of the Antarctic circumpolar current which also had a significant cooling effect on Antarctica."

Sijp says the growth of ice sheets also increased the Earth's albedo reflecting more of the Sun's energy back into space.

"But the main driver seems to be carbon dioxide, because that dropped 40 per cent over a three million year period as the planet cooled and Antarctica's ice sheets grew.""

In addition:- "At the end of the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum, cooling and the carbon dioxide draw down continued through the late Eocene and into the Eocene-Oligocene transition around 34 million years ago. Multiple proxies, such as oxygen isotopes and alkenones, indicate that at the Eocene-Oligocene transition the atmospheric the carbon dioxide concentration had decreased to around 750-800 ppm. "

In other words, the Antarctic ice sheets only grew in size, due to a number of cause and effect related events! The events that occurred 34 million years ago do not apply today.

Lest we forget, for the past million years, the maximum concentration of atmospheric CO2 did not exceed 300 ppm in the warm periods between glacial ages or epochs, until the industrial age commencing 1800! The last glacial age ended when the vast Laurentide Ice Sheet in North America which extended from the North Pole to latitude 38 degrees north, collapsed 20,000 years ago !

A nice try by the fake foolish head in sand ersatz skeptics, living in global warming/climate change denial la la never land! Most of whom, are being egged on by deliberate lies, science fiction disinformation and propaganda, all of which is freely supplied by artisans or shills working for the "Carbon Pollution Industry" !

Meanwhile, back in the real world of reality, all true cynics and real skeptics, will carefully seek out the correct information, to make an informed decision, based purely on real facts and evidence! Those very few who live in a denial head in the sand world, being totally irrational, can make no such rational judgment and will continue to live in their own creative make believe world irrational world in fear of change or a cocoon that ignores all forms of reality and truth in the real world where the majority live!

Who benefits, from posting context free disinformation, to encourage one to vote against ones own survival or self interest, or that of their future relatives living in a far harsher resource depleted world, in the year 2140?

"When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money" Native American saying

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps

Big Brother

Oh well

Oh well, shouldn't be too hard to track down where the spy cripplecrapware is hiding, since Android is officially open source copy left software!

Thus, one should by rights, get the complete source code listing from the phone makers and easily recompile, minus the spy crippleware back door code and turning off the update on the fly cycle too!!!!!!

As for Pwn2Own in Vancouver, in 2012, this could make for a possible backdoor open hack, to get oneself a nice brand new Smartphone?

As it stands, Smartphones are truly dumb!

According to a conspiracy youtube video, Carrier IQ spy crippleware has been deployed to well in excess of 140 million smart phones. Now Gartner said by April 2011, world wide sales of smart phones was 468 million units, a 57% increase on 2010 sales figures, so I would say 140 million claimed on youtube video is a very conservative number, lol!

But then again, how soon we forget, how easy it was, for the mainland Chinese Central Spy Agency hackers, to break into and compromise Gmail accounts of many US Government Agencies, by the very same back door crafted by the foolish fools at NSA, when it went viral, on June 1st, 2011!

Samsung gets a win in Oz patent battle

Big Brother


Federal Appeals Court equals three to five judges!

The only avenue left for Apple Computers is the full Australian High Court, full bench, the very same group who normally give miscreant tax dodgers the thumbs down! .

Interestingly, Apple Computers is also being sued by the Australian Government funded research organization the "C.S.I.R.O." over WiFi wireless communication patent technology infringement too!

Oh, the irony!

Down under climate messages get more strident


Watt me worry, about Hendra Virus?

Actually , I am curious, why the author of this article actually wrote about the possible threat to humans from a specific virus called "Hendra" which is part of the "Paramyxoviridae" family of viruses?

In a period from 1994 until 2011, the death toll from this virus called "Hendra" stands at four humans and thirty five horses, in total, in Australia. Not a particularly contagious cross species virus one could say, unlike SIV/HIV or even the annual outbreaks of Influenza, since 1917.

Hendra Virus Source Information(pdf) :- http://www1.abcrc.org.au/uploads/8aee9ac0-1355-4339-b5b6-5772a4ee6cf7/docs/HeV_Review_updated170909.pdf

Now in addition, C.S.I.R.O. Victorian Werribee research team of ten people, complete with a number of foreign collaborators, in 2011, is now field testing a preliminary equine Hendra anti-virus vaccine for use on horses living in the infectious zone of this virus. Should the need arise, using very simple technology, a generic human anti "Hendra" virus vaccine could be rapidly developed and deployed, if needed.

Source:- http://www.csiro.au/Outcomes/Food-and-Agriculture/Hendra-Virus.aspx

Ironically, the death toll from flash flooding, in Queensland since 1848, can be far more lethal to the populace at large, when compared to the Hendra Virus, as the Brisbane twin flash floods of 2010/11 show......................

Cracked emails again deployed against climate researchers


Did anyone actually read all these emails in full?


Did anyone actually read these emails in full, or did the foolish mononeurons simply believe that James Delingpole had obtained a fresh batch?

Reality check, he merely served up the same old recycled long debunked crap from 2009 yet again!

Ironically, since the original hacked emails from 2009, are still available in a database format that can be searched!

Sadly, me like potholer54 on youtube, have found that these emails are the same old same old context free furphies that first surfaced in 2009!

Youtube link:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OB2prBtVFo

There is a cynical American saying; "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!"

Or, one could say to the foolish mononeurons, it is foolish to repeat after me meaningless context free quotes deliberately designed by propaganda writers paid by special interest groups complete with hidden agendas without reading the full text first!

DeJaVue : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7NHCy13ZLk

Parliament misled over Climategate report, says MP



A satellite called G.R.A..C.E. , tells all with icy cold precision of large numbers and that one should not confuse floating seasonal sea ice with that which is on land.

Climate change 'no excuse' for failure to beat malaria



Sadly for all the supporters trumpeting support for DDT as an effective insecticide, one suggests you look up and learn about the following words or phrases "Insect Forced Evolution" , "Endocrinology" and 'Efficacy".

Global warming dirt-carbon peril models are wrong, say boffins

IT Angle

Asymetric Arguments of different standards and accountability and money

There are standards , double standards and asymetric arguments and Lewis uses them all .

As to which garden path he wants us all to follow only he knows .

Need one ask just where is the IT angle yet again ?

Who benefits ?

Oh by the way Lewis nice double standards .

Foreign Office changes tourist advice after Israeli inquiry

Big Brother

Quid Pro Quo

Watt goes around comes around .

Oops: Chief Climategate investigator failed to declare eco directorship


Friday December 5th , 1952

Friday December 5th 1952 , a black day over old London Town need one say more about the adverse aspects of free range carbon pollution ?

Watt ever happened to choosing the right man qualified for the job irrespective of party or political affiliations or do the minority prefer to hire overpaid mononeuron adherents of the Peter Principle from their artificial self created comfort zone not connected to reality in the real world ?

Watt price the truth in three generations time , should we choose to ignore the inconvenient truth in the real world and thus follow the wrong garden path to bury ourselves in our own mountain of garbage and pollute ourselves of the face of environment ?

Watt will the last surviving children still alive say then ?

Ad industry OKs climate porn


So sad

Go live in Mammoth Mountain Volcano Ski Resort in California and watch this so claimed beneficial gas kill all local flora and fauna with absolute ease , where in fact USGS actively maintain a number of which gas monitoring stations for what reason again ?

The science set in concrete on this greenhouse gas is as follows :-

1/ 1% concentration = drowsiness !

2/ 2% concentration = mild narcotic sympton !

3/ 5% concentration = dizziness , confusion and headaches !

4/ 8% concentration = severe headache , loss of consciousness and ultimately death

US health regulations stipulate that a normal healthy person shall not be exposed to this beneficial gas in concentrations exceeding 0.5% or 5000ppm and maximum exposure level shall not exceed 3% or 30,000 ppm in a normal eight hour working day !

How soon you conveniently forget about the unfortunate Lake Nyos tragedy in 1988 when a CO2 burp killed 1700 villagers and all the livestock surrounding this valley lake .

Such inconvenient real world truth is it not .




So many bold statements and so little proof , not very scientific one could say !

IT Angle


LMAO , "et tu brute"

say where is the real meat in the heartland institute sandwich again ?

Global warming worst case = Only slight misery increase

Paris Hilton

Computer models

Watt , me worry ?

Feds open school spycam probe

Big Brother

Sherlock is on the Job

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Bikini atoll residents now get less radiation than Euros, Yanks

Big Brother

ER not quite the Whole Truth

Er , not quite the whole truth and or full disclosure as both Baker and Able were of the Plutonium Implosion type weapon as per "FATMAN" used on the port of Nagasaki in 1945 . Now Physics tells us two things one only a very small percentage of the fissile plutonium core is actually consumed to make the big wanger banger mushroom cloud and the remaining large bulk of the fissile material is flash core heat vaporized along with entire bomb casing and components into heavily contaminated radiation products of a wide variety of types dependent on the dosage and type of radiation from the initial core double flash . Now since Able was an air burst weapon the both the vaporized casing and core were free to move in three dimensions along with alpha/beta/gamma radiation burst (a tethered goat inside the USS Nevada Aft Gun Turret some 710 yards away from the blast point died within four days from a lethal dose of Gamma/Neutron Radiation ) . So there is still a considerable amount of plutonium micro dust spread all over the atoll and a few milligrams plutonium Pu 239 is deemed to be a lethal dose . Baker was detonated under water on the bottom of the lagoon on July 25th , 1946

Would the scientists making these claims that it is safe for human habitation , want to live on the Atoll ? For some obscure reason "NBL" would be the basic answer ! To them it is just another long term test with non consenting human guinea pigs just like all the residents in Washington State surrounding Hanford Nuclear Bomb Making Facility , who were subject to a very large number of evil very questionable nuclear contamination experiments as 80,000 plus pages of government declassified documents show (UNIT 731 still lives on in the US military even today , in a variety of disguises all covered by the official secrecy acts to hide the stupidity of those that condone this evil at every level within the military science weapon design complex) .

Are they telling the whole truth and proving full disclosure , and the answer as all those conspiracy people would say at every turn of the screw is "NBL" !

CardersMarket hacking kingpin jailed for 13 years

Paris Hilton


Hmmm , sang like a yellow canary , providing all the good dirt on his fellow conspirators undoubtedly ! The Secret Service will be knocking on quite a few more doors come midnight at the oasis .

US lab births flexy, stingy solar cells

Paris Hilton

Darwin to Adelaide Solar Car Race Event 2011

Would make for an interesting ultra light weight exterior construction material for the annual Darwin to Adelaide Solar Car Race in 2011 and an excellent competition advantage at the same time .

Car-stopping electropulse cannon to demo 'next month'



So , what happens if I am driving a good old fashioned diesel engined car or truck with mechanical fuel pump and fuel injectors , no emp will kill that engine .

MPs frozen out of super-secret copyright talks

Big Brother

Scratches head

You have a closed session of parliament , you are not allowed to read the document you are voting on , you are not allowed to amend it and/or change any wording , you are not even allowed to make a copy of it and you are required to make an informed decision for yourself ,and all your constituents ,

This is not law this is total insanity worthy of 1984 and by doing so if you vote yes , you are in the end voting for the end of real Parliamentary Democracy , the return of warlords and dictators and the literal end of freedom and rights of self determination that was fought for in a trans global conflict over half a century ago ..

Welkome to the new Corporate Era as was outlined in "Robocop" , wher the only rights you had was what the corporation permitted , no more , no less .

Absolute Insanity in 5, 4, 3, ...........

Apple's iPad - the tablet with the data center soul


Latest Uncool device is it ?

Replete with the usual APPLE up your posterior DRM , only tools and Apple Fan boys will buy one to appear to look cool , never mind the fact that all the real cool people are using Android instead .

Apple promises MacBook Pro drive bug fix

Jobs Horns

What Apple is really saying


Intel fixes flash and flashes 3-bit NAND


Ho Ho Ho

Well Kiryat Gat is Philistine for wine press , enough said , Hic !

MyDoom dabs spotted on mega cyberassault

Big Brother

Reminded me of another story

Reminded me of another story or fantasy we were told first in 2001 and was repeated again in 2002 but this time it allowed for an uncounted multi trillion dollar fraud and double a certain countries national debt and then ultimately crashed Wall Street .

What price the truth or is it a cover story by NSA or "cui bono" ?

US websites buckle under sustained DDoS attacks


Cui bono ?

Or who benefits from disinformation and propaganda ?

Is it a thinly disguised NSA attack , to allow them time to cut over the new data mining centre ?

Say what ever did happen to you know who , was she too a victim ?

US feds subpoena names of anonymous web commenters

Black Helicopters

My , My !

My , my , the FED's have become a tad sensitive since the so called ongoing scandal of epic proportions by the FBI in it's local terrorist round up in New York City to help a certain corrupt politician/ mayor of that hole win a few more votes from his compatriots of the same faith .

Strange times indeed !

Hiding secret messages in internet traffic: a new how-to



And I thought one could be sneaky by creating a variant of live Linux and hide the messages within a number of picture folders marked say Desktop real estate or some other innocuous name within the ISO itself so that when you boot it up it behaves like a normal like Knoppix or the even more common M$ Windows such as 98SE XXXXXXX variant but however if you decompress the ISO there they be run a picture extracting key text thus .

For after all what spy organization will bother downloading a p2p torrent for computer software they already have any way ?

Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology


Oh no

Oh no duck and cover flame war coming and it won't be pretty .

BNP DDoS 'mega-assault' not actually mega in the least


So what we have here is

So what we have here is a failure to communicate the real truth , what a corrupt bunch of "Black Shirkers' that would have Sir Oswald Mosley laughing in his grave at their apathetic antics .

Yes sir , a true failure to communicate , useless silly pommy halfwits and expelled schoolyard bullies with an IQ to low to even join the London MET Police Force as a flat foot beat cop .

USAF slammed for pranging Predators on manual



Or , how soon we forget as in any war once the shooting match is over bar the shouting , all the smartest best and brightest are the first and fastest out the door because they already know that all career wankers remaining above them are virtual idiots and morons the enemy through only sheer luck failed to eliminate and are normally unable to wipe their own asses without a batman assisting them when the proverbial crap hits the fan , they have better things to do with their valuable time and lives and they never intended or meant to be career military either as playing officer boot licking suck up for promotion just sucks big time .

Or perhaps as one said of the first man to land on the moon , he crashed the computer simulator every time but pulled off the miracle when the time came , all because he was missing one little factor in his co-ordination senses , very much like all X-box jockeys working in Las Vegas .

Need one say more ? "SNAFU"

2060: Humvee-sized, bulletproof meat-eating spiders attack

Paris Hilton

Oh well

Oh well , thankfully there is no Antarctic variant is there ?

Or the boys from Oz , will be able to do a "Crocodile Dundee" arm wrestle the beastie to the ground , break of all it's legs and pick it up on their shoulder and take it home to toss it on the barbie with the shrimps and drink a keg of Fosters( a real man's beer not that watered down Bud imitation carbonated lolly water the Belgium rubbish they now sell) whilst waiting for it to cook and invite all the friends from overseas to partake in the resultant feast .

For after all , if an irate Finn can stop a tank with a simple crowbar the boys from Oz should be able to use their little finger to do the same , should they not ?

Missile data, medical records found on discarded hard disks


Crikey !

Crikey !

Silly people , but I believe that since the evil 2% of netizins now easily exert total control tens of millions of virus and trojan infected machines in a similar almost identical manner to the popular "SETI Screensaver" distributed computer processing power for signal analysis . It can thus be summed up as one old veteran once said "There are so very few secure operators in the computer industry that it has become almost a pointless exercise in futility to stop the same dumb user to infect his or her computer in the same identical manner times 1000X ! They are that dumb and stupid it beggars belief and yet these self same idiots will lock their front door when they leave for work but put them in front of any computer what ever brain cell they had in regard to security is switched off at the same time they switch the computer on" .

Obama inaugurates YouTube-side chats



Neato !

However , beware though given the power of all the mini me mobiles , latops and desktops complete video mashing and reworking is now in the hands of any end user , so one can do everything from a simple hatchet job to a full reverse of both video and audio true mash up style(and yes Virginia somewhere on youtube exists "A reverse "rick roll" " too ).

In the US state of Georgia , some one took one of Saxby Chambliss's Senate TV political attack slime and smear ad and then added subtitles with a twist in the tail .


You can see the scope for mischief making with any video uploaded to youtube can be infinite in the ways of the users imagination .

Back in the bad old days before youtube was around to allow all an infinite continuous review and access to political gaffes and mistakes , it was a sort of hit or miss affair of gone never to be seen again and now those errors can no longer be swept under the carpet anymore .

Choices or parody rules ?

Sweden judges back Pirate Hunter Act


Bad statistics 101

The biggest problem is that entertainment media industry has plucked all their mysterious so called piracy losses data out of thin air quite literally and will not admit to releasing huge volumes of crap be it video or audio of hear or see once and say "my god that was biggest crap load of shinola , I wish I never hear it or see it again 80% of the time like the new bloodfest yiccky sucky Bond movie" .

This in turn explains much since the year 2000 , why the audio music industry has fallen to 20% in sales volume since those halcyon days when Joe Punter(who is now broke due to over taxing burdens imposed on him by the politicians) bought up everything that was fed to him. Now in the internet age post 2000, Joe Computer samples everything before selectively buying avoiding the shinola like the bubonic plague that it is and always will remain.

The problem lies with your average greedy dysfunctional mostly less then honest lying scumbag idiot politician we elect to represent us , who despite controlling their own pay packets/gold lined pensions , for the most part consider themselves underpaid to the corporate sector and always want more. Even though we know , they will tell outrageous lies every election season , like suckers we still vote for this lot of slimy pondscum , so they know that short of being a total moron they won't be punished for their trangressions and dishonesty come election time .

Now the media PR wankers from the Multimedia entertainment industry run a combination of evil shrink shock factor 101 of exageration and lies(they know most politicians are not computer savvy and are far too lazy or stupid to even check up on the basic facts told to them anyway), plus assorted bribes which run from free lunches, free overseas trips to outright illegal cash bribes "Abramoff Style" , although the ones they have little or no impact on are the ever alert "George Galloway's " of this world asking why is this idiot scamming me ? As for Joe the Voter who cares he is next election term away problem and has the memory retention level of a gold fish in their minds.

After all most politicians don't really care so long as some else pays all their bills for their rich and opulent famous life style they reckon goes with the job as peoples representative Norm Coleman style.

As for those evil p2p media stealing pirates "Sandvine" of the evil Comcast bandwidth choker fame quantitised their usage at around a mere 22% of the total daily internet traffic which equates to a very small percentage of the data traffic required to transmit this so called pirated media across the world of ours .

Numbers ?

Circuit City cutting jobs, stores, inventory for the holidays



So , it is a standard given when all US based companies and corporations commence the death spiral dive , the first thing the ailing top echelon management steal is the staff pension funds drawing off upwards of eighty percent as their own salaries and bonuses (how the corporate thieves of ENRON stole the pension funds to feather their own nest eggs and deliberately paid off the unlamented crooked Arthur Andersen auditors is a classic standard textbook sample of how it is normally done , it is also helps to have a bribe-a-president as a friend too ).

Those that left the firm early would have come out ahead , those that remain look out , altough since the Democrats are by nature a combination of tax increase , reduce national debt(it stops stagflation) and spend to fix the problems that the Republicans always leave behind(Bill Clinton had to fix Bushwacker snr S&L thrift thievery , Obama gets to fix the Bushwacker jnr's entire Financial sector meltdown of circa 50 trillion dollars worst case scenario cost and approximately about as much to fix the entire countries rotten infrastructure as well on top). The republicans on the other hand basically hate all laws and regulations but are forever demanding tax cuts , borrow monies and stick that bill on the Democrats to repay , whilst they line their pockets repairs and infrastructure upgrades are deemed to be unessential items , and corporate thievery is a national sport to them , so they allow corrupt US businessmen to steal the staff pension funds without penalty.

The new election will place the democrats in full control of both houses absolutely(reason why all the greedy piggy republicans with lipstick are so upset , is they lose absolute control of the free money press) so a whole new swathe of banking, audit accounting accountability rules , pollution control and consumer regulations will undoubtedly eliminate the current Bush every man for himself and the last workers standing get the empty piggy bank will die on January 21st , 2009 .

I would not be surprised that the CC senior echelon have not only lined their back pockets from the available cash from it's pension fund , but also use the Wall Street melt down to explain why it has declined a twice the rate Wall Street funny wallpaper monies have declined.

As for honest corporate accounting firms , suggest you google two words together "KPMG" and "fines" and see how many google/yahoo hits you see .

Oxford don offered $10,000 for proof terrorist penned Obama memoir


What a Joke

What a joke .

But then again , if the other party wins ...............


Spooks foils fictional Russian plot



So why would they bother , when a standard sea launched ICBM warhead detonated at an altitude of approximately thirty (30) miles or forty five (45) kilometres (below the Kaman line) up high over the Irish Sea would cause minimal property damage but would quite literally fry most modern micro processors for a minimum of one hundred and eighty (180) miles or approximately two hundred and eighty (280) kilometres radius from blast centre and even fuse overhead telephone cables all over Cardiff as well , nice one !

Wiki with references


As Sting would say there is no thing as a winnable war and Joshua would comment in the film War Games "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess? " .

On youtube are the declassified films and much more


Top aero boffin: Green planes will be noisy planes

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So how soon we forget that the Concord SST powered by four Bristol Siddley Olympus jet engines on full power with reheat take off , generated noise levels of well in excess of 137db at the airport boundary fence and a slower moving fully laden Boeing 747-100 peaked at around 128db at the same spot.

The biggest problem with the so called turbo props is the amount of waste energy generated noise by the blade tips vortex breaking the sound barrier , some have forgotten much about a Canadian Dehaviland design called the Dash-8 which was a very good cruising fuel miser by using very big slow turning props , great STOL and the boundary fence noise for the aircraft was far lower then most smaller gas turbine and petrol engined multi's or equivalent sized commercial jets , alas the plane was sold before it's time and due to low production eventually cancelled.

Now just think , if one fool were to invent a Star Trek matter transporter , think of all the problems that it would solve in one go , like fuel savings and direct transport to your destination hotel bathroom etc