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Apple to support reps: Don't confirm Mac infections

El Pollito

I'm a technician at an ASP and ...

I saw this about 10 times a week before it hit the headlines. It's not an 'infection' it's just a fake antivirus. Mac Defender (and it's aliases) is the first widespread fake antivirus to hit naive Mac users (i.e. amateur users) compared to 100s if not 1000s of Windows malware programs. The fact is that to remove this malware all you have to do is kill the process and drag it into the Trash Can unlike the Windows malware that disables the real antivirus and firewall, and hooks into the registry. You need an anti spyware utlity and a real antivirus to clear a lot of that - I've even come across some nasty Windows fake AV rootkits too. So Mac OS is still a far more stable and secure OS than Windows will ever be. Jog on, kitties!

Bummed-out users give anti-virus bloatware the boot

El Pollito
Gates Horns

Get a Mac ...

... problem solved!

Pirate Bay appeal finally drops anchor in court

El Pollito


I noticed they're trying to get money together to put a Pirate Bay documentary together. I wonder now many people will actually pay for it, and how many will 'pirate' it? ;)

'Completely useless' Windows 3.1 hits Google's Android

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So what's new?!

I've been running Windows 3.1 on DOSBox on my FreeBSD box for ages, just for nostalgia's sake (not because it's "really damn cool"). How is this any different? Sorry but I don't see how this is newsworthy.

Oh and as others have mentioned, Windows 3.1 did *not* have long file name support out of the box.

Hardware biggest cause of HDD failure, says Freecom

El Pollito

Hardware Failures

If hardware failures are the biggest cause of data loss and Freecom make the hardware wouldn't it be better if they just made their hard disks so that they didn't break in the first place?!

FreeBSD version 8.0 lands

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Upgraded okay

I just upgraded from FreeBSD 7.2 and the upgrade went okay. It didn't tell me that I needed to uninstall the 'usblib' port and I had problems upgrading 'hal', but apart from that I'm pleased with it.

Whatever anyone says FreeBSD *is* UNIX, unlike GNU/Linux. If you want to go down the whole 'modern BSD is a descendant of BSD4.3/4.4 which is a descendant of System V' path, Mac OS X is a bastardisation of FreeBSD, the Mach kernel and NextStep but Apple have the money to get it certified as 'proper' UNIX.


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