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Why Apple had to craft a pocket-busting 5.5in Plus-sized iPhone 6 (thank LG, Samsung etc)


NFC? . . . .

Is this the same NFC tech that created an industry of "protective" wallets that prevents a person with the right gear from walking past you and capturing all your info? We got issued Chase NFC credit cards when they first came out. Called Chase, shredded the cards and ordered new standard cards. Chase said they understood and it was no problem. Guess they have had a lot of rejection on these cards. Also have noticed a lot of retailers that openly rejected this system to a point I thought it was dead or at least the analysts said it was. Even got a couple of inserts with my bills stating that those retailers would never use NFC, so I wouldn't worry. Hmmm, curious . . . .

Vatican shrugs off apocalypse, fiddles with accounts dept


What happened was that the guy that made the Mayan Calendar went with the rest of his people when the aliens offered to take them to their planet. So he just wasn't around to finish the calendar. That's all. He might be back on Friday though.

TiVo spits out monster 6-way Pace box for US eyes only


They're just trying to one-up DISH.

Wake up, small biz: Learn to speak internet


I have been fighting Google Maps for ever. O have several clients that their street views are, the newest, 4 years old and positioning pins miles away. The areas they are in have change so dynamically it's scary. I have submitted change requests and wrong info tickets and still nothing. Even when they answer back that there is a problem, Google for all it's professed "up-to-dateness", isn't and not really worth the time and trouble. So I can see why everyone you think should be listed or accounted of, isn't and it's a pain to do so.

Doctor Who girl Amy Pond axed in 'heartbreaking' exit



What's going to happen to the Amy & Rory Show?!!! Matt Smith is a dud and the worst Dr ever (I have been watching since the mid 70's) and it's clear since the supporting staff glaringly outshines the lead. Thus the ax of the more powerful characters. But River . . . I want you to have my baby. Oh Baby!!!!

Apple seeks product security boss after iPhone loss


Apples never loses things . . .

. . . they're just "PreLeaked".

Seagate-Steve trash for Apple-Steve flash pash


So long Seagate . . .

The only reason Seagate would be concerned is that in recent years their products have become crap. I have had all my Seagate drives swapped out for WD. I used to swear by Seagate until they started failing sooner and on a grander scale and saw it increasingly noted in the trades that Seagate build quality dropping more and more in recent years.

Bye Bye, Seagate.

Firefox 4 beta 7 hits 'spectacular list of crashes' roadblock

Thumb Down

Down, down, down . . .

. . . the drain. Each 4bx release I have used is worse than the previous. AND it has left some of its maladies when I go back to 3.6.x (11). But as of the past couple of days I can now view YouTube video outside of YouTube.

I once swore by FF. Now I swear at it. Any other browser is looking better and better every day.

Please step it up and make FF at least as usable as early 3.6.x releases.

Apple wants halt to $600m patent case


And on the three suckiest things in OSX.

They could pull all three and no one would really notice. It'd be like the good ol' stable days of OS9 when these types of "glamor" weren't as necessary as Apple thinks they are.

Apple TV stripdown reveals mystery solder pads


. . . but what is . . .


Oh, by the way it's "Kool-Aid".

Mozilla puts brakes on auto Firefox updates


All kinds of craziness . . .

I just looked to see what version of FF that I have, thinking that the last I remember seeing was 3.6.9, since having to flee back to since the FF4bX releases are pure garbage, and mine is 3.6.10. I am usually asked or told that what I am running is being or can be updated. This did not happen here contrary to what seems to be discussed in the article. So there is a 3.6.10 version out here. Which since I started testing the 4 series has become the worst browser that I have ever used. It loads very slowly, Flash fails repeatedly, their add-ons are failing right and left. Operation of the 3.6.x versions get worse after I install a new 4b version.

I thought, especially with Firefox, that progressive OpenSource development such as with Mozilla the new toys are suppose to be great. In this case the new Firefox is pure crap. And getting worse with each new release. It's impossible to test with all that goes missing with each release and with what is left that does not work. And they blow horns of all kinds of new stuff. Where?! One would think it were v1.0 at best. I'm mean worst.

Apple delays white iPhone 4 - again


And I see you drank all your KoolAid.

What flavor was it, "Blackberry"?

iPhone 4 fever takes hold. Again

Jobs Horns

One would think Apple had a clue . . .

. . . before they set a launch date. You would think by now, Apple would know how much stock that they will need for their roll outs. Granted they want to create a frenzy, but I think it would make more sense to have enough to feed the frenzy and keep everyone happy. It just make me think they are fools not to have enough stock. Here Steve is not smart nor cute. What other company than Apple would pull a stunt like this?

Palin puts paid to Boob-gate


It's the real thing baby . . .

At least now we know there is one thing that is real about her.

Blu-ray Players

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How about a comparison with real gear and dump the junk?

Samsung is no longer a real consideration/contender (especially that farce 4600 model) since they dumped the Silicon Optix Reon video chip (part of the TOL/IS series of video chips) for their own chip (junk) that you hear a fraction of the horn blowing than there was with the Reon and can not get a real performance explanation of either. Their advertising is almost devoid of any informative mention. And what about the LG BD-390. That's the new golden boy BD player with tons of amazing options. The 370 is a toy.

The extent and amount of info was great. But the subject matter was severely lacking. I'll be looking forward to a real review. Until then . . . .


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