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The UK's super duper 1,000mph car is being tested in Cornwall


Re: Beware break failure.

That joke would have worked much better if you'd have spelled "brake" correctly

D minus - must try harder

X-IO: Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated


Re: Who the hell is X-IO?

My cat said it might be wise to hit the search box on the top right and type "x-io" -


Nope - that's X-10. This is x-io (io, not 10)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise shifts the deck chairs


Joined HP's grad program in 1988?

So Isherwood has never worked anywhere else?

Hmmm, I'm sure that will work out well for HP understanding the market.

X-IO spinning off Axellio line into new biz


Re: A move that makes tremendous strategic sense from a true visionary

Well someone didn't read the article

They're STOPPING growth in the AFA market due to the ridiculous spending by the companies you listed and focussing on the OEM NVMe array market (which none of those listed play in)

Sounds like your post was purely a personal gripe between you and Miller.

Pure Storage's 'disingenuous' financial figures still out there


Re: Don't blame Vaughn Stewart!

I agree, it's unfair how the father of mine and Vaughn Stewart's children isn't mentioned enough in this article about Vaughn Stewart's company and how wonderful a person (and lover) Vaughn Stewart is.


Vaughn Stewart

Tintri adds tincture of all-flash array to its range


Re: Why no performance stats?

Ok, so that's SPC-1 out but what about another real-life workload's numbers

Always a little suspicious when vendors either don't publish real-world tests or avoid independent stuff (such as Nutanix with StorageReview)


Why no performance stats?

Nothing other than a brief latency mention?

Why nothing such as SPC numbers?

NetApp sees IBM/Cisco VersaStack as 'huge' threat to FlexPod


Re: This wouldn't have happened if Vaughn Stewart were still at NetApp

You really shouldn't talk about yourself in the third person Vaughn, it's a little disturbing

Violin Memory thinks it'll boost sales by copying face cream giants


* usable

Be nice if Amy could spell the word "usable" correctly

Startups face logjam as the trickle towards the exit turns into flood


Re: By 2017

PLEASE READ http://www.idiotsguides.com/education/grammar-and-punctuation/how-to-use-an-apostrophe/

Invicta saddles up for another tilt at the 'acceleration' market


Did Cisco seriously just release a product that will be pronounced "Isis"


EMC on XtremIO SSD brickup ballsup: Its lifetime downtime is under 3 minutes


"Expected" downtime.......... not "Proven"

Unless EMC can show us a box that's had zero downtime in the field then this is a pointless statement.

I'm expecting Kelly Brook to sleep with me - sadly it doesn't mean it's reality !

Pure says two of the four tiers of storage are set to disappear


Consumer grade flash ?

Don't Pure use consumer grade MLC ?

There's no way I'm putting enterprise apps on consumer based crap, no matter what software surrounds it - way too much risk for me.

Also, claiming the death of HDDs is almost childish. It's well known that there's not enough fabrication plants in existence to produce enough flash for Tier 1 & 2 - and with no new plants being built, it's impossible for flash to take over the HDD future installs.

No Dell, no EMC? Well, HP's storage champ then


1TB usable ?

1TB usable storage for $148k ?

Bloody hell, even a Violin box looks cheap at that price and that's saying something !!!

Price per IOP is an interesting figure but without Price per GB alongside it, then it's meaningless. BOTH should be balanced.

Indian IT consultant becomes idol to legions of football fans


Can't be Man Utd fans

"He has now become something of a Twitter star, with a suspiciously large number of followers from Manchester."

Hang on, all the Man U fans live in Surrey and Asia !

Gartner magicians mumble, fling bones, scrawl new disk pentacle

Thumb Up

I think the Gartner title speaks for itself - they don't consider all-flash-arrays as "General Purpose" and more niche. This contradicts much of their marketing as they say that general purpose markets such as VDI and OLTP are best suited to Flash arrays.

Good to see Gartner see through the marketing hype.

X-IO builds million-dollar brick tower for Big Data players


It's a STORAGE array

@ Kevil - what do you think was running the ESX5i - little mice on wheels?

At the TechEd demo X-IO did, they pointed out that they'd used HP commodity servers to run the OS.

Microsoft picks October 26 for Windows 8 launch



Can I install it on my HP Touchpad ?


EMC blows benchmark away - again


@Marc 1

Absolutely agree - which is why I'm not criticising EMC for playing a blatant marketing game

What is dissapointing is the blatant pro-EMC way in which this article has been written. Chuck must have got a new bottle of single malt ready at the bar in Cork ! ;-)


How can you compare the two ?

"Once more an almost all-flash system has shown the door to disk-based competitors on a SPEC benchmark"

In other news, a Ferrari 360 beat a Ford Mondeo in a 1 mile race.

Funny how the cost isn't mentioned ?

CEOP renews attack on Facebook


Facebook are a UK company as well as US

Facebook have had a UK office for the past 3 years.

HP at storage crossroads


@ David Halko's blatant Sun advert

Great idea but when exactly would we get the time to actually get the S7000 working?

You can spout techie features all you want but with 1 hour+ failover and hardly an Active Directory installs working then it'll just be marketing noise.

Oh yeah, that's all you have right now isn't it?

Scott McNealy signs off in style


@ George of the Jungle

The funny thing about your story is that it contrasts the "old school" Sun with the one that f*cked itself up.

The most recent VP of UK & Ireland actually BOASTED to staff that she'd never travelled on public transport nor been in a Supermarket in her life.

Exactly why Sun sadly dissapeared up its own backside with clowns like that running the show (or attempting to).

Oracle to detail delayed Sun roadmap


@ Ivan Hallworth

Huh ?

Why did you write a comment that was basically regurgutating everything that's been written already ? (Yet still managing to make no sense)

That was the most bizarre piece of "look, I'm the new Chris Mellor" advertising I've ever read.


Vodafone to start selling iPhone on 14 January



Is this the 3G or the 3GS ?

The article writer seems to flip between the two.

Sun's Open Storage roadmap revealed


@AC (giving away)

To be fair to Sun, from what I can tell and what I've seen, the vast majority are fully paid for.

There were some early seeds but the majority of customers have followed those up with additional purchases.

It's a bit clutching at straws to say they've given away 48PB of storage (which is the current shipped number)

Oracle talking turkey to Eurocrats


@ AC (delay change)

The two are intrinsicly linked - the reason for the ultimate deadline being changed is because the meeting was moved from November 25th to December 10th.

The EU's novel comedy idea of inviting a US based company to Brussels on Thanksgiving day being the reason for the move.