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Government seeks chief procurement officer

Mr Mrr

Behind the Cabinet Sofa Deals

Minnow through the money press...turns into a paper-thick plaice, imprinted into the paper sheet. Tear it off the layer in a pub, and you have both beer and a snack, during some time.

Anglia defends Oxburgh's eco network ties

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Big Brother

Must Contain, Etc.

Feels like someone's gotta be a jawbreaker in this issue. What, Where, When?

The Pirate Party is the shape of things to come

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The Sorriest Ever @ Reg

Among Six honest, what's the place if ever intended by any1 abuv/blow to impress someone with, for the impression is an important assistant to those Six, so powerful/delightful that one Sunny-lifty day it becomes Seventh by a mutual agreement?

Not leaving, just for any case, 2get a mild newspaper...

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy

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Err... what does Scroogle use as a search engine, 2FishInATank, that's interesting... Any common dress with scroogle.com?

Gumtree comes over all queer in blocking 'offensive language'

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IT Angle

Vote for the Camel Balls here

AC, Monday 7th December 2009 10:21,

"If someone said "come meet my queer friends" I'd of thought they were talking about weird friends, much as whenever says anything about faggots I think they're talking about bundles of wood.

It takes a moment for it to process that they mean homosexual/gay/lesbian" -

This is a horrible case of sabotage against the language, and it's deployed in many countries. For example, in Russia, as appears, "a homosexual" translates in slang as "a blue one". Some people complain that since the slang meaning appeared (leaked from the special use some 20 yrs ago) in the lexicon, they answer "the sky is OK" if anyone asks smb to look out of the window and see what's the sky.

Also, yet less Russians give their male children a name "Sergei" (someone here would possibly fall down the floor laughing, drop me a line if so) as it sounds in English as "Sir Gay", for they make no difference between the soundings of "a" and "e". As reported, each time when the name is called, people immediately start imagining Elton John.

So why won't we try to stop the terror on innocent names and words, I mean, the English-speaking community could probably definitely change using the word "gay" for, let's say, "bill".

"Hey, waiter! Bring me the... err... ok, just open the gates".

Pig plague alert: Avoid missionary position

Mr Mrr

Definitely need a third party...

...because the virus spreads orally.

US Military cyber forces on the defensive in network battle

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Paris Hilton

Sure, And Why Bother, Nothing Really Changed... But...

It will take only a year 4 carts 2 get an eq of a zoomed stuff back to ports, perhaps> October 15th 2008 at 7:54 pm.

And any (just one, generally) request by notepad.exe dated by 2008 is just a sorry mystification and a response to the known actions, which, of course, were done just for doing a supposedly right thing.

Sun Tsu is nervously smoking aside.

Uni seeks 'research officer' for sex trade 'fieldwork'

Mr Mrr

Poor Unexperienced Gov...

Dude, is there a problem with the prior expirience in the Cabinet? They could took the data right from the Operative memory, and it would be more than correct then, and much less expensive. Form of expressing mistrust to the feds, perhaps.

Mr Mrr

31K Drill Bill?

Nine posts here vs zero at the moment in other topics.

Funny how the prostitution is masked under "lapdance". Leeds kinda needs men with a con-talk and rough-talk skills and ability to survive during a year of exploring the night economy. What a great coincidence that I'm thinking about switching to the social studies... is pistol allowed to carry along, or my pencil will be the only weapon while doing the magiq thing... for the uni?


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