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This 125mph train is fitted with LASERS. Sadly no sharks, though

Paris Hilton

half an inch precision tech?

in best "4 Yorkshire men voice" But back in 1935 the Great Western works in Swindon had tools capable of operating to thousandths of an inch. subnote - And yes I know not whilst moving at these speeds for the pedants :-)

Paris - well that's measured in inches too.

TV transport tech, part 2: From sofa to server at the touch of a button

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Porn for Geeks part 2

Maybe a bit more nudity in the next one? - Maybe some kit with the lid off showing the *bare* bones....

Beeb rescues old Who episodes


good news

one of the better april fools


Cost of tapes

It was not the cot of the tapes that was to expensive, but the cost of the storage. The BBC and other production companies at the time just didn't have the spare space to store the hundreds of thousands of tapes from all productions in a secure controlled environment.

Siri gets Android rival as Cluzee goes live


Orange Wildfire

Did you ever find the Easter egg "Do me a favour"?

The sarcastic responses to the "I'm depressed" command were brilliant - sounded just like an ex of mine

Boffins fear killer gamma death blasts from space


A short burst of Gamma Radiation?


Osborne proffers £150m for mobile not spots


This telco got there first and wont share

Perhaps what we need, is a nationalised (or Not For Profit Organisation) that managed and ran all transmitters that any provider could use, you could call it the national gridamathingy

Anonymous Twitter alternative developed for rioters


"So what's to stop all the officers in charge at a protest having a copy of this app running on their phones?" - AC has a point.

Just imagine the disinformation the police could then send - "South Street is Kettle free, head in that direction"

It's the perfect entrapment tool as who can then prove who sent the message?

German docs develop remote-control stomach submarine


Well it's kind of obvious where it comes out but

But single use going to be kind of expensive and not on the green wagon.

So which poor smuck do they give the job of sorting it out from the rest of the cr@p (literally) Will they have special toilets like at customs that allow them to sort and look for swallowed drugs after the laxative?

'Spacetime cloak' could act as 'Star Trek transporter'


Re thats one fast chicken

I think it would have made much more sense if they had used a frog rather than a chicken and had some alligators on screen as well.

I can relate to that and to giant monkeys throwing barrels that you have to jump over

BBC One HD launch date revealed



I'm surprised sky haven't already done it. There are probably a few like me who have the HD box but only get the free HD channels - I don't think its worth paying extra for. But even I might get fed up and cough up if i got the "upgrade your subscription" every time I went to 106 as they'd swapped HD & SD over.

Coalition promises to kill three-quarters of its websites


eggs one basket cheaper???

Whilst it would be cheaper for central government sites...

it would then work out a lot more expensive for museums/charities and other organisations that have a partial funder remit.

The costs of setting up secure network links to meet HMG standards to manage the site are far more than having some standalone website in rackspace , some other hosting provider or even in the organisations own data centers.

HP pays to end fraud probe

Big Brother


So they are paying a kickback in order to stop the investigation into kickbacks?

Doro 334gsm HandlePlus IUP

Thumb Up

No Keypad - Great Idea

My grandfather would find this idea for an emergency beside the bed phone.

When his old BT one died we really struggled to find one that was a) cordless b) large buttons and c) had multiple memory buttons (rather than a combination memory and address book lookup)

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles




Not after all this time since his early days in the newsgroups.

This has got to be smoe sneaky bofh ish plan

Mind you did I in fact didnt I recall a B.O In Hell a very long time ago or was that just my alchohol hazed student days playing tricks on me.

WTF because it's now bugging me where Ifirst read BOFH (Nutworks rings a bell)

TomTom iPhone Car Kit


Repeat the trial without the external GPS

I've already got a good ipod holder in my car that plugs directly into the back of my radio and also charges it. I'd like to see the review done again withouit the external GPS. Oh and in Blighty.