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Nashville cops trade fire with leprechaun

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the play mobile recreation???

Delta aims Wi-Fi at American planes

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I can see it now...


American auto dealer offers free handguns

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Just a few comments

@this article

The auto dealer wasn't selling the guns, he was providing a certificate for the purchase of one...presumably redeemable with a local FFL dealer. It becomes the responsibility of the Federal Firearms Licensed dealer to ensure that the firearms sale complies with the appropriate State and federal firearms laws.

@the Aussies

Interesting sentiments. I happen to know that it is not shared by all of your fellow countrymen and women. I just spent the last several days as a range officer at the NRA Bianchi Cup National Action Pistol Championship, ironically held just a few miles north of Columbia, Missouri. There were a dozen plus Australian competitors that do not share your happiness with the state of firearms laws down under. And you can be proud at how well your fellow Aussies performed - several trophies and plaques are on their way to Australia today.

For the record, there were also contingents from Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand this year, and I'm probably forgetting a couple.

@Gun Control in general...

In the US, law enforcement agents and agencies have a moral and ethical obligation to, they do in fact have NO LEGAL OBLIGATION TO PROTECT YOUR OR YOUR PROPERTY. That is case law, look it up. There was a case back in the '80's involving two women that were raped in Central Park in New York City within ear and eyesight of two NYPD officers. The women lost the case. I don't like it, but that is they way the law is.

@Gun buying in general...

Not everyone can purchase firearms in the US. When you go to buy from a dealer, you fill out a BATF form and the dealer then calls the FBI to verify the information on the form. Your identifying information is compared against federal and state criminal databases. That's federal law, some States are more restrictive.

Radiohead diss freetards

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@ The Plant by BKB

Sorry, that argument doesn't hold water. Check out the Baen Free Library at Baen Books. Read some of the things that Eric Flint (successful sci-fi author for those that don't know & the guy in charge of the library) has written there regarding this very topic. In one of the posts, Mr. Flint wrote that Mercedes Lackey saw her royalties substantially increase on books that had been published several years before by a previous publishing firm shortly AFTER adding a recent release, DRM-free book to the Free Library. As I recall, prior to adding the book to the library, royalties for both books discussed were either in a decline or had not changed in a while. These changes in royalties occured within a couple of months of adding the book to the library. BTW, it is not unusual for the Baen authors to post "snippets," sometimes totaling the first 1/3 of an unfinished book to Baen's Bar. Some of the fans love them, some hate them (I hate them - I get to read part of a great story and then I have to wait several months for the book to be released...or I have to buy the advanced reader copy...). Quite frankly, I have purchased books from a lot of authors I wouldn't have because of the books given away for FREE.

Dell unveils Big Mike for iSCSI storage box party

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Idiot Proof

As a programmer I once worked with liked to say: "It's idiot resistant, not idiot proof. If you make it idiot proof, someone will make a better idiot."

Southern Ocean calls time on carbon sinking

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Dodgy Science?

Amazingly enough, Wikipedia agrees with what I remember of my 2nd or 3rd grade science class. From Wikipedia: Photosynthesis...is the production of glucose from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water, with oxygen as a waste product.

"Oxygen isn't part of carbon dioxide, it's a separate gas."

I'm not even sure I want to start tearing that statement apart...


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