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Judge goes postal on Kim Dotcom extradition appeal

Mike 135

file lockers watch out...

Since the shutdown of MU it's good to see that no new file lockers have sprung up and that IP is being protected for all...oh wait

Music companies and film production studios struggling to generate enough revenue whilst free-loaders are 'paying' to access file lockers- shurely some sort of irony here

BBC apologises for Top Gear outrage

Mike 135

Is it even broadcast in Mexico?

I was there in December last year and for a country that loves, and manufactures, cars I was surprised to hear that Top Gear is not shown there. So I am not sure how much offence can really be taken seeing how few Mexicans speak English and that the program is not broadcast there anyway. I think the BBC is missing a massive market although seeing who owns the Mexican media I am not surprised they want to steer clear.

Gov decides not to have scientific advice on drugs any more

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real smart

and the next time there's a meow meow (or any other such ridiculous rubbish) epidemic who are we going to ask for advice?

Beware the blizzard of torrents of Starcraft 2

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I'd say....

if the sc/2 expansions are designed to split the community i will not be buying them.

that said I am extremely happy with this 'crap i'm' -supposedly(??)- due'. this is the first RTS since genz that's really bought a smile to my face.

First true submarine captured from American drug smugglers

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Black Helicopters

All i have in the world

is my balls and my word and I don't break them for no one. It seems he also now has a shiny new submarine, a monopoly worth billions and half a continents politcal system in his pocket too. Not bad for someone that started off with only a word and some stones.

Next they will be transporting in stealth bombers. 10tonnes per sub = 200million at 20k a kilo. Wikipedia says they used to be sold at $737million dollars a pop (1997 dollars) so Pablo only needs 4 runs with his sub before arming himself with a B2. Still, I'd rather a world cup trophy made of charlie fall on my house than a 500lb super bomb.

Chinese gadget maker sues HP and Toshiba

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Worse how?

"The problem is made worse because many Chinese firms do not bother to protect their own intellectual property"- they have their own IP?

Apple tablet profits could hit £309 per iPad

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free bandwidth and developers

I'm extemely happy with my new ipod touch- purchased last Sunday and the first Apple product I've ever bought. I do think macs are a rip off but will still be interested to see what Apple make next that is as revolutionary as the original ipod. My touch is being used as an ebook reader and games player- I have a sony walkman which is a better mp3 player.

Would it be better if Apple sold the units at a loss and then recovered the money with a royalty on all software and media sold? Would this be less of a 'rip off' as the true cost is hidden? This is the model other large device manufacturers have used and I would rather pay this chunk of profit upfront than gradually over the life of the device. Do we expect companies to provide goods and services for free now?

It's not just the software developers and bandwidth that cost, what about the chip designers, electronic engineers, research fab lines etc. These things cost a lot of money to get right and its only after all this is perfect that they can hammer them out for decent margins due to scale of production.

Hey, Mr Games Addict! Do you have a problem?

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bang on Lionel

Wasn't there an article a few years ago saying that addiction experts cannot classify gaming as an addiction?

No withdrawal = no addiction. It's that simple.

Maybe we should setup a new watchdog or agency and pay someone a six figure salary to watch-over this 'problem'. I propose a computer game czar with unlimited powers to arrest, detain and imprison anyone caught not spending enough in pubs and spending too much time on-line. We could then setup an A B C classification system based on how 'addictive' these games are.

We could then extend their powers to those 'addicted' to blogging and then web surfing in general. What about all those people addicted to reading? Maybe we should setup help centers for them too and confiscate their library cards. Surely more books out of the library = less time spent socialising.

Logitech claims 'first' three-year wireless keyboard battery life

Mike 135

Does it stop tea or beer?

My last 3 keyboards have died from excessive tea or beer drinking. There's no way I'd fork out 90 sheets for KB, my MS reclusa did survive an execessive beer binge after a week long hangover sitting on the radiator. Was chuffed to bits when it stopped spewing :@~FDSAHI!"*()!"£! istead of the faithful WASD.

Who's the world's largest tech firm?

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Watch out for Samsung

I heard they are developing watches with mini projectors and infrared type keyboard things. essentially a laptop in a watch. As well as this they will make watches that monitor your pulse and blood pressure. You can then upload this to a pc and turn your life into an excel graph.

I have been to Samsungs main research HQ in the Suwon disctrict south of Seoul. The place was cramed full of dudes running round with wafer FOUPs, they have 10 fab plants and 2 research fab lines in that facility alone. They also have their own university on site. The Korean government has spent incredible amounts on science education focusing on semiconductor and electronic materials engineering. I wouldn't be surprised if they are competing with Intel, AMD and NVIDIA very soon.

MPs to go clubbing in cocaine inquiry

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Gwyn Prosser- what an arse

"What struck me was that the young people seemed very happy to go through the scanners and that they wanted a night free of the problems you get with drugs,"

Surprised that young people don't want to get shot or stabbed?

problems you get with drugs- like not being able to get hold of them? or fending off sweaty cuddlers? or is he talking about alcohol fuelled agression ending in a trip to A&E?

Britain needs meat trimmers and boners, not techies

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Paris Hilton

boiler engineers?

I told a guy I was an installation engineer and he asked me if I installed boilers. I thought boilers were installed by plumbers. The conversation didn't go much further.

Paris cos the world needs more plumbing innuendo.