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React team observes that running everything on the client can be costly, aims to fix it with Server Components


Re: Server side = not in user control?

Great more node.js


Re: Client / server architectures

Every time..

The point of containers is they aren't VMs, yet Microsoft licenses SQL Server in containers as if they were VMs


Re: Like Oracle....

The minute I read the headline I thought Oracle, VM’s.. charge the price of the underlying hardware so people don’t get any clever ideas of stealing RAM and Processor when the auditors ain’t around..

If you don't cover your Docker daemon API port you'll have a hell of a time... because cryptocreeps are hunting for it


Re: Pinged? Really?

Haha little do the kids know we was using ping on IRC 30 years ago, not so cool now is it, people on duct.tape.hamster said it all day long...... we wazzzz kings

Amazon: Trump photon-torpedoed our $10bn JEDI dream because he hates CEO Jeff Bezos


Re: How To Win Friends And Influence

Impeachment in the house is a political process, that’s why trump will be impeached as the democrats have the magic 50+ 1 majority, it will of course be overturned in the senate when facts are needed and the whole scam is shown for what it is...

Sure, we made your Wi-Fi routers phone home with telemetry, says Ubiquiti. What of it?


Re: A lot of pissed-off people

Was looking at Ubiquiti devices just this week, who do you suggest instead?

UK culture sec hints at replacing TV licence fee, defends encryption ban proposals and her boss in Hacker House inquiry


Re: More clueless rambling from people who don't know what socialism is

They are capitalist first, you cannot have socialism without capitalism, socialism is a parasite on the capitalist host...

Safe, staffers? We'll let you know

Thumb Down

a dedicated HR support team

5 words to put the fear into any corporate drone...

Scientists to IPCC: Yes, solar quiet spells like the one now looming can mean Ice Ages


Re: Once again I cannot understand why the IPCC claims their confidence has *risen*

mmmm nope, I believe they grew grapes in the South of England and a human population moved to greenland during the 1600 medieval warming period, something we have yet to do in this warming period (which now seems to be over for almost 2 decades now)....

US insurer punts 'bestiality' to wide-eyed kiddies, gasp 'mums'



Were the offended by the muppets, cause Miss Piggy used to get all freaky with almost every male presence on the show, or does beastiality only work one way ?

Lame Stuxnet worm 'full of errors', says security consultant


Please god don't let Ban affleck play Ryan again.....

just dig up Hans Solo again


my imaginary rootkitted botnet with all the trimmings that I have never written

is better than your real one that almost took down a nuclear reactor .....

maybe they are trying to get the real creators to honour their manhood by challenging them to go up a water tower with a bucket......

Brits left cold by mobile internet


just sitting here with nothing to do

Thats cause 75% of the public toilets in britain don't have good 3G coverage....

Windows 7 saves Dixons

Gates Horns

Its only fair

Windows Vista pretty much helped sink them, took them years to move the stock with that cr@p on it.....