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And you thought that $999 Mac stand was dear: Steve Wozniak's Apple II doodles fetch $630,272 at auction

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It belongs in a museum!

Go home Indiana, you're drunk :D

Stallman's final interview as FSF president: Last week we quizzed him over Microsoft visit. Now he quits top roles amid rape remarks outcry

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Is there something like FSF used to be, not bent on mind control?

FSF wasn't about censorship and mind control before, there has to be an engineer-friendly replacement

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed

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Guns in the hands of stupid people

And why are we shouting "gun control" instead of "stupid control"?

Why are stupid rights more important than gun rights?

Same stupid can drive a car, quite legally!

Android flaw lets attack code slip into signed apps

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Extreme trainspotting on Britain's highest (and windiest) railway

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Restrictions to protect wild life

You can walk up along the rails and on to the summit - no problem.

But that same person making half way up by the train can't :-/

Also, that rule doesn't allow paragliders and hanggliders use the train to get up and take off from the top station. And these guys won't even touch the nature after they take off.

Remake, remodel: Toshiba Chromebook 2

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Paris Hilton

Full HD

What's that in pixels? Don't puzzle us with buzzwords, puh-leeeeaseee!

Microsoft cuts Facebook Messenger, Google Talk from Outlook.com

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What is that Outlook.com anyway?

is anybody using *that*?

Seagate's spinning rust most likely to crash, claims backup biz

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No more Seagate for me

Being used to decent drives, I haven't RAIDed the family photo collection, and now it's 0xDEAD

Now WD NAS keeps everything, but it's a little too late :-/

Ex-Microsoft Bug Bounty dev forced to decrypt laptop for Paris airport official

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Though that's what they do to a percentage of passengers flying westbound across the Atlantic.

Happened to me in the UK.

Looks like nothing to do with France, it's the US that requests this measure.

Another lick of Lollipop: Google updates latest Android to 5.0.1

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Re: 2012 Nexus models to stay at KitKat perrmanently?

Wish my N5 stayed at 4.4.4

- new bug in Canvas text rendering

- Contacts/People thing is trying to be too clever and does things I wish it didn't - recents/favourites/etc

- Phone calls sometimes don't light up the screen, requiring you to unlock it with your method of choice before you can answer the call

I can live with the updated gmail client, that's not a problem

British cops cuff 660 suspected paedophiles

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Totally against kiddie porn, but...

Paedophobia in the UK has gone way to far, in my opinion. People get scared of the most innocent things - like taking someone else's child in the car out of rain, unless a parent/guardian has authorised it. In writing. And you must have TheDisclosure. Or going round every parent in an archery club, asking consent for taking photos of targets in a building where children are present. Fook sake people, stop weing wackos, not everyone is a paedo.

Speaking of paedos, wasn't a paediatrician killed by an angry mob in Wales for being a paedo... atrician?

IMO govt needs a scary spaghetti monster to channel your hates and worries away from itself and it's own actions, so paedos are a handy target. Not saying they are unreal or forgivable, but they certainly get too much attention, and public agitated by hysterical media bends the rules of living way out of proportion.

ARRRRR. Half world's techies are software PIRATES – survey

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Yeah, right

if 43% of software is pirated, and the other half(?) is freeware/GNU/Linux/Mac, WTF do the BSA sponsors sell to pay for their surveys?

...sent for a M$-free machine, as always ;o)

Powershell Terminals

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Re: Powershell Terminals

Oooh, didn't realise the author was trying to use a shell without an OS, just in a game launcher

FBI offers $10,000 bounty for arrest of laser-wielding idiots

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Raise the stakes, lift the 60-day limit - and people will start building drones with an IR cam to track the suspect from laser beam detection until reaching proximity, and a regular flash-equipped cam to take the the bastards' picture. And these would obviously fly below 200', and well clear of runway extended centerline.

Reg reader crafts 3-axis GoPro 'Stubilizer' for skull-mounted cameras

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Thumb Up

Want one!

you should have seen my un-stabilized hanggliding helmet-cam at 30x speed - sickening!

Rogue Android: We show you how BlackBerry's pain can be your gain

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Lack of native BB apps

is probably their own fault entirely.

Tried to register as a dev on their website, so I could port and upload the apps I have written for Android.

So many personal questions, that after umpteen screens and 2 days I just gave up and developed a bit of paranoia for a month.

Shame, as it's a lovely OS and a joy to develop on.

Dodgy Kaspersky update borks THOUSANDS of NHS computers

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Using our tax to buy windows?

Serves them right...

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid: Eco, economy and diesel power

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"More info" link to Volvo website - Error 401 NOT AUTHORIZED


Review: The ultimate Chromebook challenge

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So, when do we get a decent ARM-based linux laptop with a usable size screen?

Samsung chromebook could be close, but resolution isn't great, and neither is native linux support...

...suffered an Atom-based netbook for a while - oh joy...

Want a quad core 1.7 GHz ARM with 4G RAM and 1600x1080 screen please!

The GPL self-destruct mechanism that is killing Linux

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It's been GPL for years, and ended up in a bunch of fantastic OSes. Where's doom and gloom?

Google rolls out new, cheaper Chromebooks 'for everyone'

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ARM's fine, now it needs a full OS

I'd choose quad-core ARM over any Atom flavour - better performance per watts or dollars.

It's easy to build software or install it from repos, unless one wants to download some funny binary stuff.

But the thing should have GCC toolchain installed, mature Linux distro with all bits and bobs, and enough RAM/HDD space to make use of that all!

Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows

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Re: burning a coaster while running Quake3

Baby Gates runs up to Bill:

- Daddy, daddy, what's multitasking?

- Hold on a minute dear, I'll show you once the floppy has finished formatting

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OMG not again

Used to waste a hundred hours each month on CStrike - coz Steam worked in WINE. And CStrike ran better than on everybody else's windows ;)

Then Steam gradually evolved to work sh!te in WINE, and I eventually got free! No sleep deprivation, no spinal problems, no red eyes. The sprog grows up and becomes interesting in Quake3...

And now they are after me again! GRRRR!!!

I need to multitask, but Windows 8's Metro won't let me

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What did you expect from a mutated CP/M ?

Russian upstart claims BitTorrent-killer

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Would I be the first to spot a car reflection at 1:56?

Ubuntu republic riven by damaging civil wars

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Tried Unity for half a year

I can work it, but it's association of running apps and launcher icons still drives me crazy sometimes. I don't want to switch to Term on Workspace2, I want a new one in the current Workspace3 !!!

And how do I switch Term tabs without reaching for the mouse?

And 4 workspaces aren't enough, clearly

And they want to move away from synaptic, replacing it with whatever "software manager" thing. Back to apt-get times?! okay, can do apt-get too...

I'd be really pleased if they concentrated on adding new stuff rather than replacing things that worked perfectly


Strap-on jetwing birdman does an Icarus into Straits of Gibraltar

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He sustains flight, i.e. speed and altitude, for considerable time

Crossing the Channel with a hangglider has been done way before Rossy, and landed without a parachute