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Spanish politicos slug it out in Second Life


The three years that changed Spain (forever?)

I'm writing this from my homeland, Spain. Can't avoid writing this after reading the post named "Huge Rallies".

Terrrorrist attack striked spain 11M. Government was elected 14M. From there on, all has changed terribly. Although it reminds more and more the time right before Spain Civil War.

Currently, *all* TV channels are under the government control. PSOE controls each and every word spoken there, pretty much in the same way it happens in Cuba.

Most of the press follows also the same line.

This can happen becouse a huge amount of media is owned by a single holding: PRISA. The owner of PRISA, Mr. Polanco, promised on its last annual shareholders meeting, his holding would do its best to avoid PP ever reaching government.

Most probably, PSOE & PRISA (also known as "PRISOE") will achieve their goals, wich goes though the balcanization of Spain, to slices easier to handle. And to decades of control.

We never thought things could come to the point we are nowadays. But we are.