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iFixit wants you to be legally able to break software locks to repair gizmos. Unsurprisingly, manufacturers are less keen


Re: Vote with your feet

I very much like the fair phone and I love the concept. But it’s not water proof and it runs Android. Now I don’t mind Android to much, but I do not trust play services from google.

To get a phone working, without any hassle without p,any services is just not possible. I would need to jump through to many hoops to get an experience on a daily base that is without frustration.

Google is updating Meet so at least you won't have to look at your hollow, careworn face


I tried it last Dec and compared to teams it looked like an alpha version of some startup company trying to hurry itself into the online meeting space. What a piece of cr*p it is, and not even a native version.. al in the browser and you must use chrome...

Wi-Fi slinger Ubiquiti hints at source code leak after claim of ‘catastrophic’ cloud intrusion emerges


Re: Just, why!?

For logging or inspecting your network. I have it running and it is nice... you can also setup guest networks and what not, with or without passwords any many other things. Control routers and switches firewalls, VPN of your own system... or including that of your parents and more...

Just the.’normal’ unify devices can also be configured without the extra cloud key from your phone, o extra software required, but I don’t think that is recommended. Get UniFi only if you are willing to run some cables from your switch to your devices in your house for optimal performance. I have it running for months and months at end and it just works, from IoT decides to iPads, Apple TV radios and it just runs....

No techies that want to use ubiqity should by amplifi instead of UniFi, that is stand alone, but still will use mesh technology.

First Python feature release under new governance model is here, complete with walrus operator (:=)


None of that code is really clear, of almost none of the variables I can see what type they are and how they are evaluated.

'OK, everyone. Stop typing, this software is DONE,' said no one ever


Re: "170v @ 40hz electricity"

While I'm here, uppercase 'V'."

Actually it's lower case v for Volt because it's alternating current and not constant current.

Oracle finally targets Java non-payers – six years after plucking Sun


Re: I'm glad I'm a perl / python / javascript programmer ...

Everytime I read that a JavaScript programmer saying that java is to verbose I have the laugh. Everytime I write JavaScript I find that JavaScript and the frameworks I have e to use are making everything way more verbose. Not to mention that about nothing in JavaScript works well together....

Want to make US$1.5m this weekend? Just jailbreak iOS


Does this mean that iOS is a harder nut to crack than Android?

Laser probers sniff more gravitational waves from mega black hole smash


"The force of attraction between the objects is gravity. It causes ripples in spacetime and the energy takes the form of gravitational waves." The force of attraction by itself doesn cause riples just like that the earth vs sun attraction causes any rimples.

It's the merging and thus moving that causes the riples. Everything that moves through space causes ripples, although only massive objects can be detected.

XCodeGhost iOS infection toll rises from 39 to a WHOPPING 4,000 apps


Re: Wasn't HTML5 supposed to fix all this?

HTML5 uses javascript... cool, but not if you need to have some performance out of a app, even if it's just for simple animations like next screen and all that.

I have tried some of the more famouse HTL5 app developer tools and they all don't give that nice native user experience you get when you code in the phone's 'native' language.

Each time you click something in a HTML5 app you just notice that slight delay, that little hickup.

Sure sure, it's possible to make very fluid HTML5 apps, but that's much harder to do then in it's native form. For one, if you program natively you can execute multiple threads by FAR easier then using HTML5 and javascript.

Feeling sweary? Don't tell Google Docs


No usage for the lady that wrote Fifty shades of gray.

Jailbreaking pirates popped in world's largest iCloud raid – 225,000 accounts hit


Re: You answered your own musings...

On a related note, I jailbreaked my Android phone (Xperia V) and I got down from 30h to 20h. My phone is now incredibly fast so I cannot complain. I am just saying that each side of a coin has a flip side or a other story.

I own both a iOS device and a Android device and I do notice that on a Android device I am much more baby sitting. Turning X on, Configuring Y, removing XYZ, checking battery status (was radio on, was WIFI on, who did consume the battery... ooo noooo, not again Google play services... check's GPS...)

Again, I am not complaining because now I can do a other year with this phone before I can by a new one, but I rather not baby sit a device..

The Great Windows Server 2003 migration: How to plan your trip


Is this upgrad BOFH worst nightmare? Or will he just answer the phone asking to 'turn it off and on' again?

At least, if I would have doen Windows it would have been my worst nightmare.

What a time to be alive ... hard and floppy disk drives play Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit


We used to do this with CNC machines many many moons ago.

Non-American nerds jam immigration pleading for right to live in the US


Re: Anyone in the Netherlands wanna swap citizenships?

Just like the US, here in holland you can come and work for a local company and if you are good (masters degree/doing something special), they are more then willing to support you.

A other route is the belgium/german route (search google for it) but I believe you gotta have a girlfriend/boyfriend that iw willing to support you.



Step 1 ) Turn yourself into pure energy.

Step 2) Travel at the speed of light.

Step 3) When arrive at destination, turn yourself from energy back into mass.

Step 4) Profit.

From your your own point of view you 'jumped' from point A to point B.

The only difference is that the place you jumped into was 'shifted' in time by XX.

Google Glass NOT DEAD. We're just making it 'ready' says chief


First time I did see glass on a head was last Oct 2014 and to be honest I was less worried then I initially imagined I would have been.

I must admit, the guy I was talking to was sorta familiar in my interest area so I guess I was ok with it.

I do believe this has huge potential for work related items, even driving a car or whatever. Not just to put on your head and do gardening..

Scientists splice mammoth genes into unsuspecting elephant


Best excuse every to revive a mammoth which I support!

Man hauled before beak for using drone to film Premiership matches


Re: Not dangerous, Actually need *less* restriction and less paranoia

Yup, that happens : http://nypost.com/2013/09/05/man-decapitated-by-remote-controlled-toy-helicopter/

Gamers! Ransomware will scramble your save files unless you cough up $1,000


As a mac user, should i be worried about Teslacrypt?

Oi. APPLE fanboi! You with the $10k and pocket on fire! Fancy a WATCH?


As always, we need to see how well, or not so wel it will work. I like apple products, but i am not the type that really needs a watch and a mobile i just use once a day. So i have a android phone, and no watch, as i don't require ( and want to stay up to date every minute of my life). May be it's great, may be it's. Ot...we know in a couple of months..l

Call Gordon Freeman! Apple to build $2bn 'data command center' – BLACK MESA?



it always amazes me that the US folks still use sq/foot.

When you are above 1million, wouldn't it not mKe sense to use sq/meter?

Apple CEO: Fandroids are BINNING Android in favour of IPHONES


IOS to Android ratio

on the register can clearly be observed by averaging the up/downvotes.on each comment.

Quantum of Suspicion: Despite another $29m, D-Wave doubts remain


The fact that d-wave might or might not be a quantum computer tells me that the system is in a superposition, making it a quantum computer, right?

Fake Android The Interview app actually banking Trojan


Re: Installing an app from a random torrent is definitely smart

I agree on that title.

On the other hand why would the app have so much power, why would give the Android OS so much power to a application. Why is there even a option to give that much power?!?! It just baffles me. I know this is properly the end user's fault because it checked off the 'do whatever you want with my phone' checkbox during installation. On the other hand Android really should ask these questions in the first place and simply deny access.

An alleged 27GB Sony Pictures data dump. 65 PlayStation web servers. One baffling mystery


Re: Breaking News

I had a sysadmin here at work literally creating passwords like!

Win a year’s supply of chocolate (no tech knowledge required)


Re: "Everyone loves chocolate"?

I f you so much love Sour Dough, why go to Pump Street, simply make it yourself! Yes I do that myself, I know what I am talking about.. It's simple!


Re: A years supply?

To be honest, a lot of chocolate where Belgium is famous for is the "bon bon" type (Leonidas on every corner of every street). Unfortunately a lot of them of fillings (called ganache) less desirable for people that loves 'true' chocolate taste.

India vs America: Earthling invaders in race to MARS


In all honesty,

is it really 'just' 74Million? I wonder what part of this mission is 75 million, eg, what has been build and done for it... Start to Finnish, not counting re-usable items like launch platforms, of course including any modifications for this project for re-usable items...

Go home Google, you're drunk! Desktop Maps says The Shard's TWO MILES from actual loc


I usually don't see big mistakes on google maps, mostly little items where you are directed through a city and you find out the roads google thing's are free to drive through are just actually one way streets, or blocked. I know a least one city here where google claim's it's in the middle of a highway.

So far it did bring me close enough to the spot i needed to be. Nothing is perfect...

I’ve never paid for it in my life... we are talking Wi-Fi, right?


You guys did never hear of Skype WIFI? I have used that since many years now, imcannot even remember how long at that always worked on airports as long as I can remember. Just start the application, and you pay through Skype, very simple.

I Hotels in the US apparently i have been lucky, or I am a cheapskate but i always had free wifi, it's not the fastest, but good enough to make a call. I do use B&B's far more often ( it's better everything compared to a hotel) but always had fre wifi, without getting asked the size of my penis.

Surfing the web from Android? We KNEW it – sorry, iOS fanbois


So I guess that Google finally fixed the browser on Android so people actually use it?

Disclaimer: I have a xperia V and chrome browser is dog slow, my dolfin browser work's okay.

50,000 sites backdoored through shoddy WordPress plugin


"I run Wordpress because it seems one of the best available."

May be at the time it was easy for you to understand. However in reality, Wordpress is great for blogging, but that's all what Wordpress does well. I know it has CMS features with plugins but it's a laugh compared to wCMS systems that where from the ground up designed to be a (w)CMS.

May be it's time for you tome move on?

HIDDEN packet sniffer spy tech in MILLIONS of iPhones, iPads – expert


if apple had something to hide they wouldn't have put pcap in it's name.

So it's:

1) honeypot

2) nothing to be worried about

make your pick

Europe: Apple could NOT care less about kids' in-app cash sprees


I have a option in iOS to disable in-app purchases, is there anything else the EU want's?

Chromebook Pixel owners' promised free data plans being prematurely axed


Re: front loaded deals

It happened before, on a different scale. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2012/05/07/american-airlines-used-to-offer-unlimited-first-class-tickets-for-life-and-then-people-started-using-them/

Users folder vanished after OS X 10.9.3 update? Here's a fix


Re: I find Apple hardware extremelly good...

I understand why you want to install linux, but please, don't talk about ubuntu that's just far more buggy then any other linux distro.

Let me search your files, ooo here are also some amazon ads for you, wtf!

Apple tips Shiraz down all its techies' throats (that's the rumoured name for OS X 10.10)


Re: Translation Make it look like windows

Apple came first with this design period. History has been re-written as of now.

Battle of the Linux clouds! Linode DOUBLES RAM to take on Digital Ocean


I have been using Linode for a few years now having a 40usd/mth and a 80usd/mth plan I can honestly say I am super happy with the service.

Compared to rackspace which I use for professional use, the linode servers do have much more bang for the bug.

What took you so long Apple? 26 remote exec bugs die in OS X Safari


Re: Yet no updates for many working apples

It was released 9 years ago, and last update was 6 years ago. Tim, stop complaining!

That XP is still maintained is not because MS wanted it, but because MS was stupid enough to release vista with it's new driver architecture that nobody supported, so customers where forced to stick to XP, it really not comparable with the lifecycle of OS/X.

Report: Apple flushes 12.9-inch MaxiPad plan down the drain


Re: This is the excuse of the "analysts"

I was reading somewhere that phablets are just 10% or for word wide sales, so I think apple was kinda right there. I do believe apple was wrong with smaller tablets. I am not sure myself if that because of price or that people really love smaller tablet sizes.

Bloke rattles tin for giant 3D two-headed beast


I always wondered why kickstarter projects need so little money, if you cannot get in 35k yourself, 3 blokes at 12k each. Then it still screams hobby to me.

I also wonder, if the project is really such a good idea surly you can hookup iwth a company close to you? How many of these kickstarter companies do still exists today?

Who wants to start a Kickstarter for a more secure Kickstarter? Account data hacked


I hope the passowrds hashed, and not encrypted..

Apple prevails in Siri marketing lawsuit


For one, i have seen at least in some advertisement's that the answer is from siri, but not in the same time.

I personally feel that although with my dutch/english accent siri does understand me well enough. I can set appointments, move them, set timer and all the simple stuff. I also dont't understand the analogy of the 'when you buy a car', at least at that time siri was beta, so people could knew it wasn't perfect.

So i strongly believe this wasn't false advertising based on what has been said in the ads's and that siri was in beta.

So, chill out everybody!

Apple pushes back release date for 'dustbin chic' Mac Pro


10bit color is still very flaky, Apple will support it when it's stable. At this moment it not yet stable enough for professional use.

Google hefts MySQL service into cloud


Re: re. MySQL cf. MariaDB

I always wondered why they didn't use PostgreSQL.

Then again, I think that MySQL is where the pass is, even though it's the lesser good relational DB of the two, it's a shame really that they don't want to improve PG...

Nvidia slips love letter to open source driver devs


What? Linus is happy, that means party time, right?

Dart 1.1 bullseyes JavaScript performance in latest benchmarks


Re: JS is the new ASM?

Ac, exacly what i am thinking. I really miss a strong typed language here. Just yesterday i was doing some simple JS and my IDE cannot even suggest proper variable or function names.

Dart might be great for the people invented it, or for the people really using it day to day today, and be experts. But for there mere mortals it's just a other language to learn..

Dropbox is most pleasurable storage cloud for the old in-out


It would be nice to know which cloud drivers are subject to the patriot act, and see them tested.

SR-71 Blackbird follow-up: A new TERRIFYING Mach 6 spy-drone bomber


Can anybody explain why it takes so long to build? All technology they are planning touse already exists nowadays, so why the additional time?

Here's what YOU WON'T be able to do with your PlayStation 4


Re: Storefront Technology

I down-voted you post only because you did bring Apple into the mix.

This trend didn't really start with Apple. I remember a time that i had Cd's i could play anywhere in the world, until Hollywood decided that its a good idea to add regions to dvd. So, a DVD bought in the US couldn't be played in Europe, which is a huge restriction as far as i can see it the start of 'restrictions'.

Just saying that its not fair to point fingers to apple here.

Besides that, the game and software industry in general have been doing this already for year, way before Apple came with the iphone. Mac os/x doesn't have any of the restrictions, added so people won't forget.