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'I'm no visionary': Torvalds up for $1.3m life-changing gong


On GUI's and Truth

That someone would judge an operating system by it's user interface shows the depth of the understanding of an operating system and that someone would judge stem cell research to be more important that an operating system built by the people of the world for the people of the world shows the depth of the understanding of the world network we have before us in scope, ownership, and human understanding of our world.

Of course, the linux GUI is fantastic, I have worked with it and have, at one time, understood how it functioned. But let us not confuse the point with such facts. There will ever be those who do not understand, I'm ok with that because I can find out the truth, thanks in no small way to the man who started linux.

Steve Jobs biopic




I have no idea who should play the other roles, that's why I visit tech sites. But I will surely watch the film.

I'm still mad.

Robotics breakthrough blasts crud from that bit behind the lav


It's Not Just About the Toilet Crud

I know how to clean behind the toilet. Proper cleaning, however, is not a trivial job as I understand it. I think this new robot is really cool and I mean "a good thing" and I'm hoping that this company will continue with it's robot inventions.

What we need though is to have every high school in the U.S.A. administer a robot design class and it looks to me that having a specific design goal of a cleaning robot would be a good choice. Not even so much for the goal of building a working robot in itself but for the computer and mathematics model that would go into the control system. We need to be thinking of things like this because our education system needs to be overhauled.

Antimatter asymmetry: new results bring solution closer


My Concept on the two-sided universe

My concept on the two-sided universe, and I'm no physicist so this is naive, is that there are, well, two sides but the separation is inter-dimensional somehow rather than a 4-space separation like either side of a sphere. There would be a naturally occurring force or condition keeping the two sides separate. It would be easy here to say good and evil, but that would just be silly. Would make a foundation for a really cool science fiction/horror film though, if done well. How would you pass from one side to the other, you ask? Not a mirror, that's been done.

Quantum computing in our lifetime - IBM breakthrough


Quantum Computing will not be like we see it now

Since we are all being very funny here perhaps you can humor my conjecture. Since I can't think of anything funny right now.

If you consider the observations that quantum theory is based upon and if you look at the principles involved, I think you have to conclude that what is occurring at the quantum level is outside of time. Furthermore we interface with what is going on through our observations which have not so much led thus far to an understanding of the multidimensional aspects of our universe but rather some ways to model some of what is going on at that level and make some mechanical predictions.

What I'm saying is that quantum computing will not be done as we see it now. It will develop. I would like to think that in the least, however, once a problem was properly set up the answer would be instantaneous. Also if we can use the properties/anomalies of quantum level physics that arise from observation, that is, consciousness, this will lead to some very interesting capabilities, even a new kind of A.I.

I would like to see a quantum computing module, much like an HPC card, which can be used in a conventional computer for experimentation or advanced computing.

SanDisk daddy: Flash to 'checkmate' hard drives by 2020


Meh, not really.

I think saying that NAND will replace DRAM is kind of silly. DRAM will go through advances also. And to say that ten times more NAND memory, although slower, will be better than faster DRAM memory, ah no.

I do think that just maybe flash drives will replace disk drives but that depends on where disk drives go. Today, no way, my disk drives are at least as reliable as my SSD. Sorry to say.

NASA seeks cooks for Mars trip simulation


Where do I apply

I totally qualify for this job. You didn't mention how much it paid?

Laser boffins blast bits onto hard drive at 200Gb/sec


Long Live The Disk Drive

The disk drive will never die. That is all.

SOPA is dead. Are you happy now?


Put the sob's in jail

I don't believe in stealing, it can't work to have all this stuff being stolen. Not like we are talking about essential things btw. I would like to see individuals and groups hunted down and put in jail for stealing digital products they don't own. Don't think there is anything wrong with that if done well.

All these complex remarks. That's fine, everyone has a point to make that bears consideration. We need an international task force, that's my point. Good minds, good technology, it can be done.

Ex-Intel engineer now AMD strategy chief


Simple Win For AMD

I think since Bell Labs is involved, didn't someone mention Bell Labs? Since Bell Labs is involved I think Mr. Read should bring in a alien advisor so AMD can make a come back.

Boffins drill into human language by terrifying chimps with vipers

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Verizon retreats on ‘convenience fee’ for online bill payment


But what is it for

"While I'm glad the Internet payment fee was dropped, I wish that either a) they had kept the fee for phone payments or b) done away with phone payments altogether, and that every other non-essential utility would follow suit. They are a horribly inefficient payment processing method, usually contracted out to a third party, and subsidized by the bulk of the customers who neither need them nor would want them if they knew their price."

Now, I can understand this. The rest of it, not so much. What is the reasoning behind the processing fee? Does anyone actually know?


The cure for US job woes: More immigrants


I would say rather than education it's cultural differences. I think perhaps Mr. Combat Wombat provides an example of this. It's the attitude more than the education. Anyway, I disagree that more immigration will mean more jobs for Americans.

AMD CEO vows 'maniacal' chip-baking fix


AMD Forever

Meh. GO AMD!

I'm hoping Faildozer will turn into something big. But it won't be because of Mr. CEO. While I'm waiting I shall be enjoying my new Core i7-2600K.

PLCs a prison vulnerability: researchers


Physical security required

Interesting. I work in a prison and we have that. We have had inmates get the wires out from inside their cell and get their cell door open. If you don't have physical security for your control systems then you don't have security. I don't see, however, how any inmate would be able to get to the control systems without gaining access sufficient to open doors by merely pushing the buttons.

I'm afraid to say more here but what the article discussed is a concern in other ways.

It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers


You read raw HTML?

You, sir, are not statistically significant. It is clear, though, that IE users choose the blue pill.

New plan: Send humans into space, keep the robots on Earth


Can't see it any other way TBH

Using robots to explore while the humans remain in orbit, this seems to me a necessary method of space exploration and I can't see it happening any other way. I do believe in robotic exploration while the human team remains on Earth but really, it's time to send astronauts up again.

Google pits C++ against Java, Scala, and Go


C++ > The Rest

Hm, nearly irrelevant. The very few places where code must run fast must be coded to be fast, optimization done by way of intelligent design. All the rest of the code doesn't really matter.

Google demos image rec 'quantum computer'


The Multidimensional Universe Angle

Let's suppose that each of the possible values of each of the qubits and each possible combination can be thought of as a possible universe and let's suppose that the universe works like that and how a quantum computer can work is that two such quantum computers work together as a kind of differential comparator thus allowing the comparison to occur in 'quantum' space and the trick would be to achieve a comparison value that would have a rather high probability of being true so that while destroying the quantum states, the comparison was done in such a way that an answer of high probability would result.

It seems to me that this quantum computing could lead to an understanding of the multidimensionality of the universe, which I think is immensely cool. Because if this quantum stuff is real, isn't that what we are looking at?

Collisions at LHC! Tevatron record to be broken soon?


Books And Cars Are Affected By The Higgs Boson Also

Concerning the energy of collision, the kinetic energy of the particles would be (1/2) * (mass) * (velocity squared), see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy. I realize that their kinetic energy is but a part of their energy but just looking at an everyday example like pushing on a book or two cars bashing and talking about the force just doesn't cover it. And btw, the understanding of energy is what this experiment is about. They speak of finding the Higgs Boson as being the particle responsible for gravity because their Standard Model says it must exist but I'm hoping they have to make a new model.


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