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Games console 'killer' powers Avatar 3D power package


Lag only... Lag is a peanuts by comparison

Buy a single-player game with DRM and it will be worst than just lag...

Ubisoft undone by anti-DRM DDoS storm


"...I need no title"... ARE you SURE?

"...d stopped buying games with intrusive DRM before even Bioshock and its rootkit came out. However, I have many games on Steam. Why? Because Steam gives me, the paying customer some definite advantages..."

One of them is... it works while steam exists... if Steam shuts their doors or deem a game as old and unsupported them tought! your money goes away and your game disapears from the list.

So you are right, is all nice and tidy, steam/Impulse I use them both as well. But on the day they close the door I see "my money" and "my games" go away without a chance of claiming anything since have no physical media support.

So all benefits if non of them go under... otherwise physical media support beats all those benefits you mentioned.

'Curiosity' nuclear Mars tank passes key tech test


Doomed mission

Over complex landing system...

too many parts to malfunction on descent... and not taking into account Mars atmospheric conditions.

I reckon that will be another mission that tragically ends on descent without a single "bleep" back.

Also over complex multi-function analysis arm were everything will be depended on.

well nice concept and it works well on computer video... but on real... we will see if it just manage to land without break anything.

Mad Aus gov accuses Sydney hacks of hacking


is OZ.gov and its IT are retards?

What a bunch of retards... since when following links is considered a HACK!

if that is a HACK then all interent users are HACKERS from now on.

what a bunch of mentally unstable retards that seem unable to secure directories considered "top-secret"... and how easy is to secure them!

Either OZ.gov has another bunch of cluess IT staff or all of them need considerable training to get up to speed with securing webservices matter that has been stablished more than 20 years ago.

Anyway top-secret docs shouldn't be available on the internent unless IT is managed by retards which seem to be the case for OZ.gov.

BAA poo-poos Bollywood star's pervscan printout put-on



Paranoid and pathetic PR simply based on a comic stunt.

If they jump now on nothing then what jump they will do one day if scan images are somewhat leaked to the web. LOL

Iran launches rat, two turtles, some worms into space


nothing to fear?

"...In any case, what do we have to fear from an ICBM carrying a payload of rodents?..."

alot to fear indeed!... Just imagine a ICBM carrying a full load of highly infected rats (not to mention radioactive worms)... and happens that it lands right in the middle of London – just after 45 minutes flight!

I can see n10 running towards the bunker already...


We, westerns are so fortunate...

Fortunately for us... Bush and Blair aren't in power anymore otherwise we would have seen another invasion based on the shameful excuse of preventing them to use Weapons of Mass Distraction...

Now those poor weapons of mass turtles, rat and worms can strike any country within 45 minutes with their droppings.

I now wonder if we shouldn't be concerned of looking up...

DNA pioneer lambasts government database policy


dark times ahead...

The real danger of such DNA database, is that in the near future such DNA profile can also be used to other objectives rather than just catch criminals currently advocated by UK government.

The so discussed human cloning is much closer to reality than anyone expects, and it soon could happen under the nose of the government with or without their knowledge.

Further more it appears the sci movie "Gattaca" can soon become our reality where DNA dictates what a individual can be or not.


Microsoft wishes it could be a Google number two


number two? probably number two minus

What number two? Do searchers switch between searching on number one to number two ever?

Searching for a specific word on google... it takes 1 second and the link for correct site near the top of the 1st page

Searching for same specific word on Bin(g removed) ... it takes over 3 seconds and the link for correct site appears on 4th page.

It must have been my XPpro that doesn't like to search on Microsoft services or then is "Bin" that is too slow and shows what I'm not interested to see... So a fail to me with no return...

Google rules the search kingdom and M$ has to do better if they really want some credibility to become even number two.

UK suffers videogame 2009 sales blow


surprise? really?

Game consoles with so short lifespan and its overpriced monopolised games. It is no surprise for no one the low sales, especially at current times. What is a surprise is that they manage to do some sales by lowering their price.

But from the point of view of opening the wallet to buy a games console which would only last one or maximum 2 years until a new replacement comes into the market and where old games aren't compatible... it is a big step that people with bit of common sense aren’t keen on doing.

Designer pitches iPad gaming wheel

Thumb Down

pain in the neck

what a pointless gadget...

Obama scraps Constellation moon mission



"...Apollo Application Programme that had designs to send men to venus..."

They shelf that mission coz wasn't that hard... they found that most men went to venus every single day without leaving this planet. :)

But good luck landing on venus planet...if they had attempted they wouldn’t last more than few minutes and probably wouldn't even survive the descent to the superfice..

Too much acid and extremely dense atmosphere with pressure’s surface near 100 times Earth’s… so you can imagine why they forgot the matter of sending men to venus... where more secure leaving the men alone with earthling venus. :)



"...knock over the flags placed by the Apollo missions..."

what flag? those flags added in recording studio? I reckon the Chinese wouldn't find any... if they really existed then are probably all rotten by moon bugs...

yeah China... go... go... go... but not in the studio please. :)

PS: I'm sorry i couldn't stop :)

Chinese tablet maven threatens iPad suit



for sure seems more useful than iPad

Airport scanners go live today, kids included


indeed you are right

Indeed I can see a hand of plane crazy in all this matter...

so soon we would get the news saying... HTW doesn't need of extra runaway since number of planes are down...


no quite...

That would be a good case for courts to answer and not the airliner. Since they provide the service which cannot be used because of local security arbitrary choices.

Nothing tells someone that 30 minutes later you get through the checks without being picked up again... so as passenger you have the right to fly since has a valid ticked if not barred.


this say it all

"...Brenner said that as with medical scans, the benefits of the scan need to outweigh the risks. "If the benefit means we're safer, then that probably outweighs the potential risk," he said..."

Therefore no scan outweighs the potential risk since a plane going down coz the risk of a bomber is is considerable less than a plane going down because of some mechanical failure.

Beside there is a major difference between airport scanner and a medical scan... medical scan is to detect a problem that otherwise would be discovered unless the person is open up. While a airport scanner doesn't add any extra security specially when is enough to padding down a person and with less problems.

"...Brenner..." needs to go back to the cave to find better excuses!


you missed one I think

I'm sorry, but I'm lesbian and I wouldn't like a hetero female to see my body unless she has introduced herself beforehand only this would at least make me more a ease for the photo shooting session.



"...And if you're against scanners then you must be in favour of terrorism..."

Its a fact that all those airport security nerds and their procedures were unable catch a single terrorist before boarding a plane. So why would that change?

Just because Mr Brown likes to indulge himself in front of a scanner and all his friends have a brain-orgasm by just looking at their leader showing up naked on the scanner's monitor?

Simply plane crazy? No! But government crazy... a big YES!

The probability of a plane not reaching its destination are higher, lower in case of plane crash due to mechanical failure and not significant for the cases of bombing.

So why all this unjustified panic beside of having paranoid people in places of power and to just please Obama?


fully refunded

Air companies (BA specifically) will love to have to refund passengers simply because of refusal to be submitted through X-Ray which no one knows has done enough studies on consequences.

Airport scanner lab-rat = no thanks


UK seem full of headless chickens

"...People chosen by security staff will not be allowed onto flights without going through the machine from now on..."

oh yeah no other option!?!?! what a bunch of DICTATORs


same sex

"...People chosen for scanning can ask for the images to be viewed by someone of the same sex..."


Same sex, same sex tendency and also same religion.... and by the way show him/her self to see if it can be belived.

What a joke UK is becoming...

UK.gov unmoved by Internet Explorer 6 security concerns



who said that? Some M$ sales person? :)

French mock British G-spot probe



Where are the pictures of those 1800 that have and don't have G-spots!

Bring the Pictures! But only if they are above 18 yo and with big breasts coz small breasts will be blocked to our OZ friends.


G-spot nutters

The all that matter for woman isn't existence of G-spot or not, but the feel of being complemented at all levels beside just sex. In sex terms, if she can achieve one or multiple climaxes then even better. But for that isn't even necessary to find where their G-spot is...

Too much focus on G-spot like if it was something like a mechanical ignition engine...

I wonder if all these scientists are looking in the wrong place LOL

Soon the scientists will find out that the disapearence of G-spots is related to man made climate change. :)

Hong Kong Taoist masters still hard at it


Re: IT?

The Tech angle is the following

The computerised dildo gadget made the pour girl reach multiple climaxes which trigger the hallucinations. That’s why she is now suing the guru for damages.

Conclusion, don't mix computers, gadgets, binbos and religion within the same four walls or the court would land there too...

And don't even attempt to see any images/movies from above case, well if you live in OZ. Otherwise you will get a visit from local police 10 minutes after you open the browser.

EU damns scanners, Facebook, MySpace and Phorm


Its funny to think...

What would be of UK without EU sanity check!

Oracle sues support firm over 'massive theft'


Oracle support database

Oracle will soon be replacing their support database with Sybase

Aussie censor balks at bijou boobs



Last update on the ban list...

"...Australia bans woman's orgasm!..."

Only men are allow to do them self's in the middle of the desert

OZ laws are awful jokes!

Home Office spawns new unit to expand internet surveillance


Question too difficult for HO to understand :)

All this matter is another case of sink billions on taxpayer money on projects that don't finish or would provide near null results.

But hey we are leaded by intelligent people that are always right!

And if you all noticed, Mr BeenLad communications to the media are always via email (oops tape recorder) ... so good luck UK - democracy in ruins of so many excuses of gathering inteligence.

Apart from that... is probably the right time to consider using non-standard encryption on emails... just to keep them happy solving the puzzle and justify the money wasted.

Aussie man convicted for Simpsons smut


further more - puritanism

UK's about to review/add more prostitution laws

The pure Puritanism in action by the current law makers (probably heavy pressurised by lobby groups).

How many nations have tried to eradicate prostitution and failed? Does UK think that would be the 1st nation in mankind history to solve the problem by just punishing everyone involved?

Once again is easy for the judicial system to target those that search rather than those that provide, no disrespect for the woman involved doing a public service (and I'm not referring to those forced which is a total different matter).

Politicians rather than attack the real problem of prostitution (which in this country is the lack of control) they prefer punishing everyone involved, which for sure it will only make matters worst and it won't stop prostitution.

It would be nice if one day prostitution could be eradicated and forever. But I suppose that from that day the news would be the high increase of rape cases and divorces.

These are some of the dangers of social reengineer mainly based simple puritanical views.



I bet that majority of the registered sex offenders are victims of the draconian law. For sure that only a few minority of them have or could eventually molesting a child in reality.

I don’t think that exist or has been published enough evidence that point out that someone seeing porn of any kind does trigger a person the provoke such problem. From what I eared is enough for a “mental adviser” to point to that possible link in court and without any proof that in fact it has occurred or the chances of occurring are high to convict any person.

It seems to me that current judicial system prefers the easier path instead of cutting the root that causes that entire problem. It is easier to go after those that see rather than catch those that cause the real harm to produce such materials.

Based on this, the current draconian law is just an absurd … it’s the new era of Inquisition but this time it has not been created by the Vatican and Spain… and like 500 years ago people won’t be burned in public eyes but a bit worst, their life’s would always be linked to a stigma until they die.

Just a thought…it looks like the 500 year old Inquisition laws were more humane. At least the victims wouldn’t be seen alive much longer after receiving the guilty verdict.


OZ in the new inquisition era

OZ - from a British penal colony to a puritanical country of obscure inquisition values, sign of the new times.

Somehow looks a good title for a controversial book.

Which? warns on pirate letters


are UK laws breeding new type of mafia

What a nice business...

The new mafia family... pay us £500 and we won't be meeting you in court.

Suggestion - use that paper to wipe the bottom in one of those private moments, then send it back to its origin, with a reply...

- As you can see, at that time I think I was busy with something else in different department therefore far away from computers. Thank you.

Compulsory perv scanners upset everyone


question time for ...Mr GBrown

What would be next?

If next time a wannabe Mr Beenlad is found not with pants down but with a explosive liquid inside

his bladder would that mean...

Would it mean that all of us (man, woman and child) have to pee in front of the security bloke and showing the birds, bees and the balds?

Where and when this nonsense security panic stops?


Spanish town to reward good drivers


that reminds me of one council in London

Can someone drop this bit bad news at Westminister.gov.uk council door step...

Instead of that council robbing motorists while they sleep at night and while there are no traffic problems on their roads - at least the council would far more useful serving the people that they are meant to look after.

Science czar calls for openness on climate questions


Rajendra Pachauri

I do agree with Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, if I was him I wouldn't resign either... after all, its a job and most probably with a good pay so why should someone resign because of simple mistakes.

"He dismissed the mistake as human error"

Of course we all would be saying the same... beside some might not know but all the wars in this World start with human error(s).

After all the alarmism we can confirm that glaciers are indeed melting and UK got weeks of polar winder, also due to "human error" for not accurately knowing the future of the weather in weeks of advance.

For those that do some guess work inventing the future such what IPCC seem doing...

"...nor would it undermine confidence in climate science as a whole..."

Indeed it wouldn't undermine the confidence in climate science as a whole...

IPCC alone has done good job discrediting the new science which is based on less factual values but more on empiric observations and fixes. IPCC has been an excellent mass communicator discrediting them selfs, by simply shooting their own foot a couple times.

That Czar (not russian) should be calling Merlin back from Arthur's land because he would probably have guess better what the future will be.

The entire glacier topic was meant to support the unproved "man-made" theory that IPCC dearly advocates. Now if isn't that relevant by a simple "human error" then what is relevant... melting of course...

Glaciars are melting - we don’t need to be climate scientists to see that… even a 5 year old kid can see that on the telly

But what about the theory that is man-made causing that melting where are the links and proofs... well all were probably lost by "human errors" during guess work as well.

IPCC needs a reform from top to bottom and passed to the history as complete failure.

Spanish towns vie for nuclear dump prize


Re: Are environmentalists bad for the planet?

Every couple thousand years a new religion pops out from nothing... ok there are exceptions such as the states which a cult appears from nothing every couple hours... but let’s ignore the exception...

Today, the greenies aren't more than a new cult tending to be religion...

In the next decade or so some of the evangelical greens would become fundamentalists... Soon after that humanity will see a new generation of green terror against all not-that-greenies.

So in the next century society will be divided in 3 branches...

The greenies

The technocrats

The religious

Since consensuses between these groups aren’t possible, WW3 is ignited by one of the parties...

All will perish in the war... so no one will judge who was right or wrong...

This was written by Nostradamus, just need to read it between his lines.


easy solution... for that waste

store radioactive material?

just send those containers towards the sun... radioactive waste recycled in a solar system scale plus with a clean return :)

Entire UK will be on ID database sometime in next 3 millennia


Re: What if?

Not being funny but existed a case of someone without fingerprints due to genetic disease... but even so it wasn't a problem and had an ID card.

Because the fingerprint is only useful for authorities to confirm that is your identity and not from someone else... but that would only be used in criminal cases. Apart from that no one will be asking to see your fingerprint.

In today's times DNA is more accurate but fingerprint or even ears could still be used as form of identification since tend to be unique between individuals even between twins.

BTW even if you bring the finger from someone else it won't work unless the authority is drunk or blind. :)

you could try a sandpaper and erase the fingerprints but unfortunatly you would have to do that every single day :)

Australia leaves the internet



The dangers of a government imposing such censorship, plays a serious danger of becoming uncontrolled censorship, therefore can be easy taken into extreme.

Such extreme censorship, was the case of Germany prior the beginning of WWII; which meant burning books, restricting speech, dispersion of groups of people, etc… and as result individual persecution. So I'm in agreement that "Nazis took the word of fascism and twisted beyond believe".... wich censorship played a vital role setting up what followed next, the complete mistrust.


@Field Marshal Von Krakenfart Well

Yes, guess those countries could be added into the list. But none of them wouldn't give enough impact because their history isn't that well known worldwide compared with Germany pre war2 where extreme censorship were applied.

Heavy censorship is a well known characteristic of fascism regime where those in power think that know best, stopping those that think differently.

It is unfortunatly for OZ goes at that length to restrict freedom and options to their citizens, the only hope is that their government don't step into extreme which means restrict all websites which the government consider going against their ideology/mission/believes/etc... and that means their citizens can only read what the government allows them to see.

So in that way the analogy to China isn't that far away, the danger is OZ becoming another country where citizens are controlled and can only see what the government allows them to see.

History tell us that countless times simple censorship are taken to extreme by those in power... so isn't that difficult to extrapolate what the possible consequences are...


Australia’s de-evolution!

When a democratic country creates any type of censorship to free expression to cut citizens liberty of choice.

Its message clear means one thing “de-evolution” into a fascist regime only dictated by those in power.... I wonder if China will anex Australia soon into the motherland! :)

Perhaps today’s politicians have forgot what Hitler stand for well before WWII and the censorship created leading up to the war.

Different times, different basis but same begining.

UK.gov uses booze to lure London kids into ID scheme


ID card is peanuts by comparison

if you think that is bad then look away now...

Let me tell you that citizenship card that some EU countries (like mine) are implementing is even worst than UK's ID card...

Citizenship card (or eID) contains 5 cards

Bio-metric ID card (chip-based) plus fingerprint

Voting card,


social security card,

taxpayer card.

So if someone loses one of these eID cards he/she will be stuffed apart from their claims that is highly secured card... which for me is plain bollocks

I guess the only benefit is its size is same as a debit card in comparison to my current ID card that I've been using for last 42 years.


Of course UK's ID card does seem just the percursor for this crappy citizan card...

I supose that is time to think on changing the nationality... :)

Full-body scanner blind to bomb parts



So let me guess... medical X-Ray is bad... but looks like airport X-Ray are good...

Just let me tell NHS to move their hospital X-Ray departments to the airports since yours X-Ray might cause less damage to who gets scanned or to who works within X-Ray area.

No X-Ray thanks!

so what would be next? heavy sedatives?

So that all passangers sleep before boarding and only wake up after landing? (ooops is better not say this laudly otherwise UK.GOV adopts this idea)


buy 1 get 2 not that free

Thanks to the Germans, it seems that these scanners don't work at all... Of course no system is perfect but why then wasting millions on an imperfect system which won't stop simple thing...

If it can't detect flammable liquids neither other substances, nor the format of objects that contain such substances, then what’s its purpose?

But of course for UK.GOV, this scanner is a panacea and all that money which UK.GOV don't have, will be wasted in such scanners that "aren't perfect"... then wannabe Mr Beenlads will carry on transporting undetected explosives or flamable liquids while we all get toasted and our nice "bio-metric photo scans" photos get exposed in some pfrono-site on the internet... this is what is called a good deal... buy one and get two not that free.

but of course nothing is perfect :)

I just wonder who from UK.GOV purchases these scanners have ever tested them properly or would be like the bomb-detector hand-scanner that doesn’t work but was purchased anyway for the sake of that it might work one day outside the shop detectors :)

Cisco trials 'internet in space'


what bad idea it is!

Is like it wasn't enough....

having hackers from US, Brazil, China, Russia and Germany… Now the human race will be allowing those green Martians to hacker our World beside deploying green virus bugs!

Now with this, we are completely doomed… we will be all dead, before climate change been able to kill us all. :S

Crusty fireball space mango wrecks US doctor's office


The IT angle?

"...The IT angle?..."

prior the impact, it has been established that metiorite had a little crack o, caused by the spacebar when it tilted on the keyboard.

The couple are happy because it just damaged the keyboard and not their Mac desktop, otherwise they would have lost their lifetime pictures.

Airport scanner staff object to vetting


@Lionel Baden

“...How do i write bomb on my chest so that this scanner will detect it ???..."

A little metal piece hanging from your neck with inscriptions... "WARNING - This bomb detonates if scanned"

I'm sure he/she who saw your physical attributes before looking at metal piece will jump from the chair just to meet and congratulate you for closing down an airport for several hours.

in panic times... all chicken runs around in panic...

10-0, the terrorists are winning the game and laughing to all these inabilities and legislation changes put in place to make lifes of common people more interesting and stressed.