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30 years of Spam - and we ain't finished yet


Lovely Spam

I always open spam, even if the silly key breaks off. Just love the bits of jelly and the compressed meat in the tin.

West Yorks rolls out cop cams, ignoring plod nod probs


Salt 'n' vinegar please

Want to see all the plod-cam movies of PC49 parking his pedal, sorry, panda car on the pavement outside the local chippy and ordering his dinner, put on youtube. Oh yes they park on the pavement coz' its too far to walk from the roadside.

US Wi-Fi piggybacking won't put you in pokey

Black Helicopters

Invading my space

If their damn radio waves encroach onto my property then I am gonna use it. And bring back the off-shore pirate radio too.

HMRC data loss could be tip of iceberg


Give Away

Don't worry the discs will turn up as a free give away with The Mail on Sunday

BAE in South Coast mouse-click drone spy plan

Thumb Up


Bagging one of these will be more fun than clay pigeon shooting. How many pieces will they shatter into?

Helio, Samsung sculpt 11mm thick handset



For someone who can crunch a 20mm clamshell phone in one's pocket an 11 mm will probably last all of 5 minutes. Small is not always best as the actress said ....

First reviews find iPhone more than a pretty face



I always go by the old standard I used when reading film reviews. If the critic slated it - go watch it and it often turned into a cult classic. So if more than 50% of the iPhone reviewers rubbish it, it is probably a brilliant piece of kit.

Remember - critics, reviewers and consultants should be treated with extreme caution.

Virgin Trains's mysterious full-price ticket promotion


What's a train?

A train is far too expensive any way - With three people, sometimes two - it is cheaper to go by car even with riduculous parking fees. And you don't have to sit next to some Norbert on his damn phone talking crap or some 'soon to be deaf' youngster with kerching kerching emmanating from his his lug-holes - rant over

Gates predicts death of the office phone


Basket Case

Nothing like putting all your eggs in one basket. So when it all goes t*ts-up, as most Microsoft stuff does as some point, we'll be back to pigeon post. Humppphhh


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