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T-Mobile backtracks on retrospective mobe data caps

Mark Powell


They were taking the proverbial! I complained, quoting the detriment clause and was told by email reply that it wasn't a detriment as it is considered an 'additional service' They also say that they aren't increasing prices and I'll always be able to browse the internet..and never get charged more than I agreet to.'

They then go on to tell me that I can buy a booster for £12.77/month if I want to get unlimited internet!!

Boss frogmarches bound employee to cop shop

Mark Powell
Paris Hilton

This is news?

This happened ages ago. The news is that the boss got sentenced yesterday.

Paris 'cos it's a dumb thing. :)

AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic

Mark Powell
IT Angle

Just remove the component

There's an option during the install to get AVG without the linkscanner:

Run the installation with the parameters :


Second-gen O2 XDA Orbit goes on sale

Mark Powell

Too late

Now if only they'd released this to the public before the iPhone, I'd have saved myself a lot of money!

False positives run amok in Vista anti-virus tests

Mark Powell

AVG & Vista

AVG works well on Vista, and got the approval of PC Pro earlier this year.

BOFH: The revenge

Mark Powell


Revenge!! Good to see the BOFH back on top.


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