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Misty-eyed Ray Ozzie celebrates 25th birthday of Lotus Notes by tweeting about it ...

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Re: Great product... if you're a Notes administrator that is

Totally agree with your comments about Lotus Notes.

I was forced to use this unbelievable dinosaur not too long ago, and frankly couldn't believe it was ever sold as a product. In short, it's a parody of itself.

All you have to do is google "Lotus Notes Sucks" to see what I mean.

Competition crowdsources blisteringly-fast software

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The arrogance

"...what they thought would be an impossible goal..."

It never ceases to amaze me how arrogant scientists become. Simply because they are the expert in THEIR field, they automatically assume they're expert in every field.

Facebook value hits $100bn, to go public in Q1 2012

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Paris Hilton

Yeah, sure it is

Facebook worth $100B. What a joke. Users are de-registering in droves as they finally understand how stupidly worthless it is to let your universe of friends and acquaintances know you are using the toilet, or about to eat a ham sandwich.

Face it, Pr0n is the only money maker in the inter-tubes, the rest hang off its revenues.

Data-mining technique outs authors of anonymous email

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Too easy to circumvent

How hard can it be to pass a human written paragraph through an algorithm and replace like synonyms, reorder sentences, and modify clause order to obfuscate the origin.

Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail

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Oh Dear !

"The Register Effect" has struck again

iPad apps: the 10 smartest and 10 stupidest

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Missed one


Masturbation will never be the same again.

Windows 0day allows malicious code execution

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Can't you security weenies come up with a better term than 0-day. Also, why are security flaws in Windows newsworthy. This is a standard feature of Windows.

New sensitive space gloves: NASA spends wad freely

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"It is remarkable that two designers working on their own could create gloves that meet the requirements for spaceflight - a task that normally requires a large team of experts"

What's truly remarkable is how naive expert NASA engineer Kate Mitchell is with regards to the efficiency of individuals compared to "a large team of experts".

Perhaps a review of her High School science book would refresh her memory that the truly great discoveries and inventions were almost all made by individuals.


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