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Google gives its Voice to all Americans

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Great free service

This is an awesome service. With Google Voice I have a global voice mail with all of my phones (work mobile - blackberry, personal mobile - eris). Also free SMS...

Now that you can use your existing number, maybe I can sway my wifey to put it on her eris... and free up a few bucks Verizon was getting for her SMS addiction.

Google geek slammed over XP exploit


Missing information

He also stated he released the exploit early because it was actively being exploited in the wild... It would be tough to actively sit on that knowledge waiting on MS to do their thing.

Fanbois howl over 'hang a lot' Safari 5

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browser wars?

Why fight over which browser you use? Competition and freedom of choice are good for us. Forward looking all browsers get better because of it.

Fedora 13 – Linux for Applephobes

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Love me some Fedora

For some reason Fedora mostly feels right underneath the hood to me more than any other distro/OS. I actually use WindowMaker instead of Gnome mostly. Tried Étoilé, nice but has a way to go, really excited for when it matures. Thanks to all the Fedora/ Free Software devs out there busting their ass to make us all a better OS.

One thing I don't get is why any article mentions Fedora the Ubuntu trolls come out in full force? They're doing more to harm Ubuntu than they are to Fedora IMO, but what the hell do i Know...

(disclaimer: typed on Macbook pro)

Chocolate Factory eats crow on Googlephone

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The have achieved what they were after..

The market is diluted, carriers/manufacturers are now innovating using Android.

Google Buzz - Gmail mod for the Tweetbook set


People on facebook...

play Farmville or Yoville or some other lame wanna-be MMORPG. They bake fucking cupcakes to buy more shit for their digital fucking apartment. Life is boring, facebook proves it. Wake up you lazy fucking sheeple!

I'm working on a buzz now, you know the 'old fashioned' kind. Ale & other non mentionables.

Canonical scoops Alfresco man for operations


Groklaw's PJ has some thoughts...

[PJ: On a personal note, while I like Matt personally, he wrote to me not long ago that he couldn't see why people were so negative about Microsoft, so this is the end for Ubuntu being truly FOSS, as far as I'm concerned, and the beginning of it becoming fused mystery meat, if I may put it that way. They can be whatever they want, of course, but I think it would be foolish to expect anything now but a loss of the F in FOSS at Canonical now.]

Microsoft predicts Linux will fail mobile 'quality' test


Forgot one thing..

Windows mobile is the biggest pile of shite phone code out there, doesn't matter what some douche at MS is saying about QC. I'd rather use a land line than try accomplishing a phone call through Windows horse shite software. As soon as I hear a phone device has anything to do with Windows that device is and will continue arriving at /dev/null in the brain.

Users howl as Fedora 12 gives root to unwashed masses


Red Hat's game plan

Red Hat did this on purpose to expose more people to the wonders of PackageKit, it actually an awesome piece of software that could make admins lives much easier. I commend Red Hat/Fedora for thinking outside the box and making GNU/Linux better, they're willing to take heat if they think they're bettering the whole community. All these FotM Ubuntu tools smack talking Red Hat & Fedora need a history lesson in Linux development and research who maintains the majority of core packages.

/salute Fedora & Red Hat


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