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US X-37B robot minishuttle: 'Secret space warplane'?


red-neck it

That's why they have the tow-hitch and the Git-R-Done sticker on the back. They can pull right up to "the Baddies" Sat and just toss a rope around her and drag it back on down to the United States of Jesus for us to cleanse it and learn.

Bulgarian airbag absorbs semi-automatic rifle round


squishy impact

Doesn't surprise me. Many of the people who have survived falling thousands of feet from a plane without a chute have survived because of minor objects reducing the force of their impact at the last moment i.e. moss, trees, a skylight, ...

Yanks floored by nail guns, computers and baseballs


you're still young

I don't think it's nailgun design so much as DIY people buying cheaper and cheaper products. Good nailguns still have safety features like you describe.

So really it all just points to people being cheap and stupid.

Outrageous new means of megastar demise spotted


More of a multi-part question

> > as to make a supernova seem like a beetle farting

> What sort of beetle are we talking about here?

And was it African or European?

Lawyers pursue banned Xbox Live gamers


Whine and Cheese on Friday

So let's pretend you sign up for a service, and in the action of signing up for that service you agree to certain conditions. Sound good? OK, now follow me here. Let's say the agreement states that if you step outside of the aforementioned conditions that the service provider can then cut off said service from you. OK, now let's say you break one of those conditions.

What is it that you deserve? To have your service cut-off. Period. Enjoy your service-less life.


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