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What the duck? Bloke keeps getting sent bathtime toys in the post – and Amazon won't say who's responsible


Re: As funny as this is...

You're lucky - round here the couriers don't even ring the bloody bell.

What does £55 get you in the noise-cancelling headphones world? Something like the Taotronics SoundSurge 85


Re: A+ would buy again

@muscleguy: " I’m usually making sure I’m well over before the warning bell these days."

You must be blessed with a bunch of considerate cyclists in your area. Most around here don't even have a bell. The 'lycra louts' are the worst.

The UK's Civil Aviation Authority asked drone orgs to email fliers' data in an Excel spreadsheet


250 grams !!!!

"The drone registration database is compulsory from 30 November for anyone wanting to fly a drone or _ model aeroplane _ that weighs more than 250 grams."

I've flown poxy little chuck gliders heavier than that. Are they going to chase down every aeromodeller in the country ?

Raiding party! UK's ICO drops in unannounced on couple of dodgy-dialling dirtbag outfits


Partial solution

New answerphone - on my old answerphone I had recorded my own greeting. This mostly resulted in the scum leaving some sort of message.

On the new machine (can I say Panasonic) there is a pre-recorded greeting by a nice sounding and apparently very well known young lady. Most of the sh1tbags seem to know it and rarely get beyond her first few words before hanging up.

Of course, anything not recognised on the caller display is left for my electronic ladyfriend to deal with.

Users shop cold-calling telco to ICO: 'She said she was from Openreach'


Answerphone helps

We just ignore any calls with number withheld and let the answerphone handle it.

On the old system I had recorded my own answering message and this resulted in all sorts of spam messages being left.

The new system (Panasonic I think) comes with a pre-recorded answering message which the shit-bags seem to recognise instantly.

Result - very few messages left for us. Result indeed !

UK energy minister rejects 'waste of money' smart meters claim



" I pointed out that there still wasn't a British Standard for Smart Meters so even if they installed one they might have to replace it with an approved on later"

Also different leccy suppliers use different meters, different software... so if you dance to that other favourite gubmint tune and SWITCH - then your spiffy new smart meter immediately becomes a good old-fashioned dumb meter.

NHS care.data leaflet shovage: Like a 'notice for Earth's demolition' posted to Alpha Centauri


Re: Douglas Adams

Them leopards are a damn nuisance..

Anyways - if, like me, you didn't get the appropriate piece of junk mail then take a look at


p.s. although this database idea is, in principle, a good idea for medical research etc.etc. the thought of me contributing anything to this dataminer's goldmine makes me shudder.

Top Gear isn't TV, not when it's on YouTube

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But Top Gear doesn't really qualify as TV - it's just a series of brainfarts from a bunch of untalented dickheads.

Stephen Fry's truly terrible mistake



..all the arguments about the (lack of) quality of DAB have been well rehearsed - and fallen on the dismally cloth-like ears of those in authority!

But what really pisses me off is the thought of scrapping about a thousand quids worth of good quality F.M. receivers.

And then this smug git keep telling me this new stuff is so much better when FACT it ain't.

OK they _may_ solve the problems with mobile reception in cars and the sound quality of sets currently on offer may be good enough for background listening etc. but what the F**K do I replace my HiFi systems with.


Penalty for silent calling goes sky high

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the problem is identifying the perps.

ISPA slams Mandy's copyright land grab

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Slimeball Mandleson's script..

could almost have been written by Murdock & Son.


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