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Only Sky can save digital TV

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More to do

I have a digital TV (I splashed out on a nice HD one this year) and I do receive DTV broadcasts. But the signal is so shoddy that I usually watch on analogue, just because it's acceptable. I know my parents are in the same position in an different part of the country. OK, I may need a new aerial, but there are still hurdles besides rufuseniks before DSO.

BMW helps nail 105mph V-sign biker

Daniel Ebeck

Another anti-bike stitch up

I've had a bike for 3 years and it's been my only form of transport. I can tell you that *no* biker will travel in situations that they do not feel safe. Yes, this bloke was speeding and breaking the law. And a V sign probably wasn't particularly smart. But this does not mean that he was driving unsafely.

If it's blowing a gale or tipping it down, we slow down, just like anyone else. If it's fine, then we can go faster, as bikes are more agile and controllable than a car. But every biker will match their speed to the conditions, cos if we screw up, we're DEAD. We don't have the comfort of the cage that make car drivers feel invincible.

It's actually easier, and therefore safer, to travel at appropriate speeds for the conditions than it is sticking to the speed limit. This is because we can concentrate on the road and what others are doing, rather than constantly watching the speedo.

There was a recent analysis (look it up on MCN if you want), that stated that speed was the major factor in an accident in only 5% of cases. The vast majority were caused by poor observation and error on the part of the non-biker.


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