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Street View caught taking the piss - again


why not...

use street view to sell your car since there are probably photos of it from all angles and end up costing google for you to make money .

Street View captures traditional British Christmas


looks like

looks like is fairly common to make pavement pizzas there judging by the colour of the pavement to the left of the guy up-chucking. Perhaps the root cause is the local deep fried chicken and thats just how far you can walk before the poisoning kicks in.

World's first proper flying car makes debut flight



Its only a drivable plane (assuming it gets road saftey clearance) if it uses the airpropulsion system on the road, If there is a seperate drive train (maybe the same engine) to the wheels then it is a flying car.

Boffins finger reason for non-aligned cows


well its Paddys Day

so what does this mean later when I feel the need to push one of these over later.

I should take a compass and approach from the east unless there are overhead powerlines??

Visa yanks creds for payment card processing pair


Dont do business with WorldPay

From my knowledge dont worldpay host of the credit card processing for a certain El-Reg's "Cash & Carrion" ?

Will you still continue with them?

'World's Worst Banker' joins Lads from Lagos



...Poor Goldfish

Veteran F1 designer readies 'affordable' sportster


what I want to know is

How has the wight been kept so low if Lotus partnered Tesla cant do it with 389 bhp and 230 mile range. This seems to perform miricles in comparison... on paper at least.

Boeing sets (another) date for first Dreamliner flight


Air line Name

Is it me or does the name / logo on that air plane need adjusting given that its friday afternoon.

A N A |||||

Yes I know its silly .. but so am I

Doctor Who heads iPlayer hit list

Black Helicopters

stats and stats and more lies

So what happens when all top gear episodes are added together. Isnt a top gear season half the length of a doctor who season?

any one smell bias?

iPhone owners to help clean up vomit


Not to mention

A lot of councils have hotlines for fly tipping / pot holes etc.. if the problem hasnt been fixed then the council dont want to fix it , putting an app on my I/G phone wont give the council more funding or rethink its priorities.

apart from th 4 flaws so far its a great idea ,,, now I am off to invent the square wheel

S60 knows where you're at


could it be used

... for fleet drivers so head office know that one of their vehicles has gone through an ANPR toll / Congestion charge zone.

Malware authors play Mario on Daily Mail website


@Mark Duncan


They might infect your computer but at least they didn't support the Nazis in the 30's."

Apart from the pact between Stalin and you-know-who to carve up Poland 50/50 and not fight each other?

Under no circumstances am I defending the Daily Mail.

Windows internet share drops below 90 per cent


On the linux question

How were these stats correlated - I know plenty of linux geek, sorry, guys who have tweeked their browser to look like a windows based system so they can actually be given the html they requested. Linux may well be over 1% or maybe not ..

also is a windows user who does twice as much surfing as a linux user twice as prominant in the stats??

iPhone beer maker sues Carling over virtual suds


It wasnt copyrighted?

Reading the articale carefully: It seems as if that copyright holder had only copyrighted the Video of beer not the interactive stuff. Since iPint and iBeer were released at the same time (when the store first opened) then they must have done serperate R&D in order to make the interactive version (which is not copyrighted).

So there is no case to answer for ..

Gov: UK biofuel probably made of starvation, rainforests


@Stephen Harris

the food mountain rots because it can not be given away and the cost of shipping it costs too much.

This is only localised to europe whilst food shortages are in Asia and sub sarahan countries. its nota food shortage but more a food expense issue.

Attempts to reform this over production of non-wanted food (cabbage wheat etc) are being blocked (or were at least) mainly by the french, maybe rape seed oil will replace it when it becomed more econimcally viable than western wheat rather than more econimonically viable the rice

Webcam hacker-ogler jailed for four years


Some one contact Richard Blackwood

Didnt he make this revalation on brass eye back in 2003?

As usual the Reg is behind the curve

US Congress to vote on in-flight mobile ban

Black Helicopters

HANG UP Act???

Today is the first of August not the first of April right?

BOFH: The admin gene



I am going to get mine tomorrow before 5pm

Order Details


consumer:CDO:NEXTDAYDELIVERY 2008-07-08 before 5pm Any Day delivery option £0.00

consumer:Bundle iPhone 3G 16Gb Black Online 35 18 month £159.00

VAT Included: £23.68

Total: £159.00

You can easily check on the progress of your order by visiting www.o2.co.uk/trackyourorder

ASA slaps down Vodafone 'unlimited' data claims


@ Tom Watson

Nope your not being pedantic - as the power of handsets grows so does the need for data. No good having HTC or iPhone if you only get a kilobytes.

Unlimited should mean exactly that in 2 years we will be scoffing at 500mb a month. These so called fair usage terms are infact opaque contradictions to the adversited. I for one will support every move to force the word unlimited to be mutually exclusive to the phrase Subject to fair use. The only way your handset should be limted is if you provider thinks you've been compromised (say by a virus)

Welsh Darth Vader dodges jail

Black Helicopters

you tube

The important question is: Because it shows the internals of the Church of Jedi If that gets posted on you tube will it be taken down in the same way it would if it was the Church of Scientology?

Kiwi airliners converted into giant iPod docks


Change of License Agreements

I'm glad Apple changed the way they bill iPod Dock makers - previously it was 10% of the final retail price. Bad if you hae a £300 speaker system. Really bad if you produce 767s. now the meesly $4 they charge is fine - I wonder if its per plane or per seat?

ISP reporting network to pierce bandwidth smokescreens


its a sad state of affairs

its a bit sad

a.) that we have to resort to this

b.) some (to me) previously unknown web site is doing it and not ofcom or trading standards.

I hope this routes out all the bad isps whic adversise unlimited boardband at 8 mbps yet dont let you download more then a couple of gig a month between 4 pm and midnight (some one in sheffield might know who you are). I would be up for this to clean out the market my only question is will this go far enough?

BOFH: The Boss gets Grandpa Simpson syndrome



No wonder they keep needing to change the batteries - keeping it in a damp place like a toilet is abound to cause a certain amount of discharge.

mines the one with the tin foil hat and anti static strip trailing behind

Whitehats tackle The Great Botnet Dilemma


dont you guys watch startrek TNG

when picard got kidnapped - data sent a sleep command through-out the network.

Since the kraken network uses script si shouldnt be too hard to issue sleep command and repeat. in old basic it goes like this:

10 sleep

20 goto 10

with maybe a proliferate command to render the network dead - the question is will that then only take down 50% of the network.

the other option is to force the machines to send a tracer packet and then get any isp to shut down anyone sending that packet, they should be easy to automatically identify

BOFH: Building changes



I have trouble counting to 30 every time i try i end up getting lost and only noticing around about 5000

i go 28.. 29.. 31.. and never seem to stop when i get to 30

Im glad to see all the BOFH episodes are here though

Beeb reveals Kylie as Titanic waitress


Hang on a second

On the Titanic? wouldnt that mean that David Tennant would have to meet Christopher Eccelstone who was photographed before boarding the titanic after saving a families life (episode 1 series 1) ? Kylie - what a great choice!!

Geek Squader gets fruity with customer porn


Privicy is not just hiding porn

There are many things which whilst legitimate you would want to hide from a technitian, even though you may not want to hide it from say the government, the fact you work for huntington life science or GSK may lead you mobbing or physical attacks by (militant) activists. Just because you have nothing to hide doesnt mean to say you want your life broadcast.

In no way does you using your warrenty give the people at a repair shop permission to pick and choose what part of you life they can steal. I do not store passwords for my paypal (or similar) web site but there may many people who do so, which gives access to peoples cash. or more likley letters to the bank which usually contain enough imformation to identifiy the individual.

Its ok for the knowledgeable it prof to spout rightcous comments about needing to spend an extra 200 ukp on usb removable media and then configuring the OS to store everything on there rather than use your pc as its set up. But the point here is that the geeks should not be snooping. If they suspect a crime they should ask the police to investigate. This is like your neighbour breaking into your house and going through your stuff because you might be burring your wife in the back garden - or just adding a new flower bed - either way its worth going through your underwear.

Ryanair check-in site exposes data


Its mainly wireless

Whilst this is not a security risk from the likes of russian mafia or bored people in tailand or indonesia (due to the difficulty of packed snifffing) it is a problem to any one usng an wireless network. Sniffing packets on this will let you access passport data, and since the hacker will probably know where the target lives this gives them access to all sorts of data.

Gatwick gets iris recognition


A little bhind the curve

I'm sure I saw this system in use at gatwick south when I returned from a business trip on 18th dec last year. It took ages as people kept having to move to get their eye in the correct place. Is this something new I am missing here??