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Swartz suicide won't change computer crime policy, says prosecutor


I wouldn't dare visit America!

As a retired Englishman I would love to visit America but I dare not. My perception is that in America a person can be charged with almost any "crime" and even if innocent, is faced with an almost impossible choice; to admit guilt or, even if proved innocent, to have there life ruined, if only financially. It does not appear to be a justice system at all. Pehaps some American citizen can put me straight on any misconception I might have?

London Blitz bomb web map a hit-and-miss affair


Re: A gasometer is a meter

Wiki is correct in saying that a gasholder is commonly known as a gasometer by the same ignorant people who say "anythink" instead of anything and who presumably edit Wiki. Please please take my advice and never quote Wiki as an authority on anything except in proving that "ignorance is bliss"


Re: We were mislead by the authorities!

A gasometer is a meter and would not explode. A "gasHOLDER" now!

Arkansas cop tasers 10-year-old girl


A child is not!

A child is not a short adult. They are smaller than adults because there bodies are not fully developed. They are emotionally and behaviourly different from adults because these qualities are still under development. It is not abnormal for children to have screaming and kicking fits! Learning to control such emotions is a necessary and normal part of growing up and subjecting them to a modern torture device is clearly not going to help that process.

This mother and the state employed terrorist are clearly guilty of child abuse and the child, poor soul, is in the loop to become a dysfunctional adult because tasering is probably not the only abuse in her short life.


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